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10 Ways To Recover Mental Health Without Drugs

Updated on July 11, 2016

mental health

Mental Health Without Drugs

Your mind is as different from your body as chalk is to cheese. Sure, you realize the symptoms when you are physically ill and drop everything to visit a doctor. What about your mental ailments though? Do you know that you are suffering from a mental condition? This is not always possible and you may ignore the symptoms for as long as possible i.e. until your friends and family realize your condition and try to help you get out of your mental disorder. Then there are drugs and drugs that will help you to get a grip on yourself once again. Sadly, none of the drugs used for improvement of mental health is without significant side effects. The best way to improve your mental health without resorting to drugs is as follows. Do read on…

  1. You have to visualize yourself with a lot of love. Do stop criticizing yourself and try to enjoy the simple things of life that make you feel happy instead.
  2. Taking up a hobby that interests you or traveling to far off places that you had always longed of are just two ways to help you mind be at ease.
  3. Do not forget that a healthy mind needs a healthy body to reside in. Do check your daily routine and start following a nutritious diet that is bereft of processed foods, too much of salt and sugar. Eat natural to keep your mental health intact.
  4. Do make it a habit to drink plenty of water even in the thick of winter. Being dehydrated will only cause both your mind as well as your body to fall prey to illnesses.
  5. Adopting a healthy exercise regimen sure helps! Visit a gym or try a few free hand exercises at home. Staying relaxed while the different muscle groups of your body are put to work is an enjoyable way to keep your mind free from ill effects of sedentary life.
  6. Quit Smoking! Tobacco is a sure shot method to take you to your grave. Do stick to the ‘no cigarette’’ motto and you will not be addicted to harmful stuff. Likewise for alcohol!
  7. Sleeping at least 7-8 hours every day is mandatory. Lack of sleep can addle your mind and you end up feeling depressed.
  8. Relieve stress by taking a walk with your pet, playing with kids, and laughing hard.
  9. Enjoy your work by being realistic. Do not ever try to be an over achiever.
  10. Do try to keep your life as interesting as possible by changing your routine a little every now and then.


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