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10 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Blues

Updated on November 19, 2013

The early morning

Although some start this process early, it is not too late to begin working toward success. Below are ways to avoid or at least alleviate the holiday blues.

  • Dress for success ... do not leave your slippers or night clothes on. Take a shower/bath shortly after getting out of bed and get dressed.
  • If you feel the need for morning caffeine and coffee or tea makes you want to eat more than you should, try soda with caffeine but with cane sugar instead of the high fructose corn syrup. Just sip on it occasionally as you would coffee. Sometimes, I just put my glass in another room as I have a tendency to ‘gulp’ down any beverage down if it is close at hand.

  • Wear nicer clothes that are more becoming, instead of just grabbing something to put on … that helps one’s attitude and self-image.

  • Check in the back of your closet to find something that makes you feel better about yourself. Some of these ‘hidden’ shirts and pants are old favorites but have just become lost in the crush.

  • Do not try to squeeze into clothing that is just too small to be comfortable … it's depressing.

  • If you normally wear makeup when at work or out-and-about, put some on daily. Sometimes, just lipstick can lift your spirits and doesn’t take much time to apply.

During the day

** Do not read often … make and live your own action. (See below for more about reading).

** When you’re not really hungry but craving, go for a walk, drive to the park, go to the store (not grocery), read a riveting book that you’ve brought or checked out for this purpose.

** Like most of us, you probably have tasks you’ve put off. Do at least one now so that it does not nudge you every time you see that letter that needs handled, the untidy table that needs cleaned off and dusted, the appointment you have not set, etc. etc.

** Again, when craving, you can watch a video you love (I watch Sense and Sensibility, the Ang Lee version) or From Hell (the Johnny Depp version :). You also might enter genealogy data you've gathered into your software program or you can look for some reading materials or videos at the library. Some find sewing relaxing.

** If you must bake, put some Vicks under your nose so that the baking aroma does not come through. The aroma of baked goods make us want to eat, although we may not be hungry!

** Do not let friends and relatives insist that you eat something you do not like or want. If you wish to eat some, just say 'a very small portion, please!'.

During the evenings/weekends

The evenings and weekends test our willpower even more. The following are some strategies that may work for you.

++ Prepare evening meals that are satisfying. Check out my hubs with recipes for Posole and for Ham and Bean Soup!!!

++ Have a supply of books and videos on hand ... ones that you will enjoy.

++ Use puzzles and games to occupy hands and mind. I've published three hubs on this topic -- check them out!


When reading this hub, you may think it is just about weight gain. Overeating can cause a weight gain or just a feeling of heaviness that inhibits our ability to have fun, be motivated. and enjoy our family and friends.

Some people have memories that cause sadness and these feelings can be intensified during the holidays. Others may have stress over spending too much for gifts. Relationships are what's important, however, and this includes us with ourselves.

Let's have happy memories this this holiday season!


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    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      This sounds like a good, preventative prescription for a great holiday. Happy Holidays to you!