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10 Easy Ways to Boost Productivity + Get Sh*t done

Updated on June 7, 2017

To be honest, I’m a pretty lazy person. Even when I know I have a task that needs to be done, I usually end up watching Netflix to avoid it or somehow hope it goes away. That’s why I thought of 10 different ways to boost your productivity. I can help you out, while also helping myself because let’s be serious, I need it.

  1. Clean your room: I don’t know about you, but when I am in a messy space, my life also feels messy. It kind of puts you in a bad mood without even realizing it and it probably doesn’t smell too great either. Having an organized space makes me feel more confident and organized, kind of like I can accomplish anything, you know? Cleaning your room and maintaining a clean room will help boost your productivity and make you feel less stressed out!
  2. Time yourself/set alarms: If you have an assignment due or just something that needs to be done, time yourself to see how long it will take you. You can also set an alarm for a certain amount of minutes and then see how much you can get accomplished in that period of time.
  3. Keep distracting items FAR away: If I see an interesting magazine or my phone, I always get distracted. If you see things around you that you feel are going to be a distraction, go put them somewhere where you would have to walk a long distance to get! This will help to keep you on task and striving for success!
  4. Have a drink nearby: No, not that kind of drink. If you’re trying to be productive in the morning I would suggest coffee (for obvious reasons). Something about a venti coffee drink from Starbucks just gets me motivated to work. Or if it’s in a cute little mug (since Starbucks can get hella expensive). Some other good drinking options would be water with some lemon and mint. Yum! This will help to keep you hydrated and alert to tackle anything that gets in your way.
  5. Inspiration board: Sometimes you need a reminder that you are awesome and can do anything you set your mind to. That’s why it’s important to have an inspiration board! All you need is a cork board, and then anything you find inspiring you can cut out/print and pin it on there! Then, if you are ever feeling down or uninspired, you can look at it and smile.
  6. Why so serious? : Sometimes we take our jobs or life in general a little TOO seriously. It’s good to remember that we are still human and we do make mistakes once in awhile. The point is to have fun with what you’re doing even though it may not seem all that “fun.” I always try to turn a somewhat stressful situation into something better and usually it works out!
  7. Take short breaks often: Sitting at that computer slaving away at that paper for hours is just going to turn your brain to mush and your body stiff. Take a break once in a while! Have a 5-10 minute dance party! I don’t recommend taking a break on your phone/social media though…we all know how that turns out *2 hours later*.
  8. Make sure you’re full/not hungry: I think we’ve all experienced being hangry (hunger which leads to anger) when we haven’t eaten. If you try to start a task while hungry, all you’re going to be thinking about during that task is how hungry you are. I also recommend eating a healthy snack such as avocado toast because your body will be much more pleased with you.
  9. If you need help or are confused, ASK: This applies more toward assignments and things like that because I’m assuming you know how to do things like clean. I don’t know how many times I have been trying to do an assignment and just staring at it blankly for hours because I am not sure how to do it. Ask! Whether it’s a friend, or google, you should ask because otherwise you’re wasting extra time on that while you could be doing something else, even if it’s just relaxing.
  10. Get comfy: Time to throw on the sweats and put that hair up! Over the years, I have found it is much easier to do things when you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. It will definitely help you since you won’t be complaining to yourself about how tight your pants feel or how uncomfortable your bra is!


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      I like the dance party mentioned in number 7. The suggestions are all good at various times. Thanks for sharing.


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