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10 Ways to Express Our Gratitude

Updated on July 14, 2014

Say,"Thank You"

Thank you- How can two small simple words create such abundance in our lives?

Saying thank you is giving us an opportunity to acknowledge the gifts we've been given. When we truly express our gratitude for what we've been presented, good or bad, there is acceptance.

The power behind the universal phrase "thank you" is here. It is now.- "If the only prayer you ever say in your life is "thank you" that will be enough.- eloquently stated German philosopher Meister Eckhart.

Be Thoughtful

Acts of appreciation such as cleaning up the dinner dishes for a friend or family member shows consideration and thoughtfulness. Thinking of another's needs allows us to express our own gratitude for the meal they provided. When we reciprocate kindness with kindness we are physically acting out our gratitude. Being mindful of others shows we care and value them.

Invite your friend or loved one to do what you know they've always wanted to do. Make them cookies. Walk their dog. Pick up their favorite snack food at the grocery, purchase their movie ticket or grab the tab from a lunch date. Think of all the special ways you would like to be treated and then treat someone else.

Give Compliments

Giving a sincere compliment is like giving a hug. There will always be skills and attributes we admire in others. Instead of feeling envious or jealous, look inside yourself and appreciate that we are all given our own set of special talents. There are qualities we love in our friends and family which make them quirky and unique. Show how thankful you are to have such a one of a kind musician, ambitious athlete or genius mathematician in your midst.

Observe and study the faces of people around you. Compliment a stranger on their gorgeous smile. Look closely at the features of others. Notice their eyes, nose, mouth, any scars they may have, even the smallest hair of their eyebrows. Find one thing that is truly unique and fascinating. You will always discover something new to appreciate when you open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds you.

Share With Others

One of our earliest and most important life lessons learned as children is to share our belongings. Although some of us are more reluctant to share our wealth than others, we must appreciate the bounty we've been given. Share your harvest and you will always be supported by people when you need them most. Kindness meets kindness. When we understand the incredible gifts, value and fullness of what we have in our lives, we always have enough to share. We have enough. Think of those who may have less food or comforts than you. Contribute to those who are suffering. Share your knowledge and wisdom with children and grandchildren. Share a meal with a friend or buy one for a hungry stranger. Share your time with those less fortunate who need help. Share your home with an adopted or rescued pet.

Surprise! Surprise!

Surprise someone with kindness. We appreciate the unexpected, especially when we've been having a bad day or thought no one noticed we were under the weather. Imagine your gratitude when you find your favorite chocolate bar stashed in your coat pocket. Imagine the joy of seeing a bouquet of flowers on your work desk. Do this for another right now.

Unexpectedly overhead, we stand in awe as a flock of geese fly in perfect formation. A butterfly lands in our hands. Above us a shooting star glazes a midnight sky. Appreciate the treasured surprises nature delivers us.

Surprise someone you love right now with a great big beautiful kiss!

Write a poem

"Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, "You owe me." Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky." -sage words of wisdom penned by Persian poet, Hafiz. Historians believe the beloved Sufi author lived sometime between 1310 and 1325.

Poems, essays, our own heartfelt verse or haiku allows us to freely express our gratitude for the beauty of being ALIVE!. Every morning we wake up with breath in our lungs should be our best moment. Look around you. Look at the world with awe. Write a sincere thank you note to the universe for the opportunity to experience its joy and wonder. Write a love letter to the sky. Write a love song for the birds to sing.

Snap photo's

Taking photographs is capturing a moment in time with our minds eye. When we want to show our appreciation for the beauty in the world and share that beauty with others we are giving them a gift from the depths of our soul. Painting, drawing or sketching a portrait or landscape is conveying our genuine gratitude for the overwhelming emotions inside all of us. Our art is how we see and express our breath-taking world. There will never be another moment quite like this one. Savor it..


Listen up. Do you want to know a secret? How would you like to be the most loved and sought after of all your friends, colleagues and relatives? You only need to be skilled in one technique. Listening. Nothing shows others you care and appreciate them more than the act of listening. How will you ever know what someone fears, hates or adores without them expressing it to you? How will you understand and empathize with someone if you don't allow them to speak? You can't. If you really want to get to know another human being beyond a superficial level you have to be an effective listener. Honor their words. Build trust. Listen, without interruption, without judgment.

Be There

Why do we so greatly appreciate the bond and special comfort companion animals unconditionally provide? Animals are always there for us. Silently, they stay by our side and let us feel what we need to feel without judgment. Most human beings require deeper consolation and healing than from words alone. We need stillness. We need silence to heal. Being there when someone needs you is showing your appreciation and gratitude for love and friendship beyond mere words. Knowing there is someone who loves us just the way we are can make all the difference in the world.

Give It All Away

One of the greatest and most selfless ways to show our gratitude is to give away something we cherish. We know if we give away a valued possession it will become a special keepsake for another person. Think of all of the wedding rings, dinner dishes, recipes and photo albums that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Perhaps you have a friend or loved one who hasn't read the coveted novel you've kept stashed inside your nightstand. Giving away something special without expecting anything in return allows us to show our sincere gratitude for others. Most importantly, giving away something we'd rather hold on to honors the natural laws of impermanence.

Nothing lasts forever.

Our time on the earth is sacred.

Enjoy this moment.

Show your gratitude now.

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