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10 Ways to Get Happy Fast

Updated on April 12, 2016
Do something fun!
Do something fun! | Source
Smile and be happy!
Smile and be happy! | Source

Be more happy!

1. Spend time with someone who makes you happy. It could be a friend who makes you laugh, a family member you love, or even your cute pet.

2. Take a break. If you're feeling stressed, take a short break. Watch a funny or silly YouTube video, grab a healthy snack, or go for a walk. All of these will help clear your head and will make you more happy.

3. Smile and laugh. Smiling and laughing on purpose will actually give you feelings of happiness!

4. Do something fun. What is your favorite activity or hobby? Read a chapter from a good book, do a craft, or dance to a fun song.

5. Smell a candle or fragrance. Light a good-smelling candle, spray room fragrance, or even bake some cookies. Smelling something pleasant will make you feel calm and more positive.

6. Step outside. Make sure you get your daily dose of sunshine. Sunlight benefits your serotonin levels and, in turn, will make you feel happier.

7. Look at old photos. Viewing old photos of happy times will make you smile.

8. Focus on others. Ask a friend or family member if they need your assistance. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or other charity. Focusing on others' happiness and well-being will give you joy and will make you feel blessed.

9. Listen to an upbeat song. Listen to music that makes you feel happy. It could be a fast-paced song with positive lyrics or just your favorite tune.

10. Plan something you can look forward to. Start planning your vacation, your birthday party, or just choose what restaurant you will go to next. This will make you feel excited in the anticipation of a future event.

Get happy and then spread your joy around!
Get happy and then spread your joy around! | Source

How to Be Happy

10 Ways to Be Happy

10 ways to be happy
10 ways to be happy | Source

5 Ways to Get Happy

Be happy!
Be happy! | Source


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