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10 Ways to Be Happy

Updated on June 14, 2019

1. Give Yourself a Confidence Boost

What is one of the perks of being happy? You can have a major confidence boost which can help you out in many possible ways. We often tend to miss out on many great opportunities in our lives due to a lack of confidence. If we are able to simply boost our confidence even slightly, it is likely to have a major impact on making us happy. We may not realize this yet, but this is how it works. Confidence is the first key to unlocking the door of happiness in your life.

Besides, by becoming confident, you won’t only become happy but will be able to avail many opportunities which were often missed due to lack of confidence. This can lead to great achievements in life and we might not even know about it.

2. Forgive Yourself and Others

Needless to say, but forgiveness is the key to a calm and peaceful mind. When you forgive someone, you are not holding any grudges against that person, you are forgetting about every mistake they have made in the past. By forgiving people, you are taking a small portion of negative thoughts out of your mind. It may sound a little complex, but this is how it is supposed to work.

You are less likely to have thoughts about that person which can ruin your mood or an entire day, ultimately leading you towards being happy. Remember, a healthy mind is a happy mind. If your mind is full of negative thoughts or worries about anything, you will constantly remain distracted and won’t be able to divert yourself from it. This is not the end goal we’re trying to achieve over here. Furthermore, we need to learn to forgive ourselves as well. Living with guilt or taking up all of the blame even for something which we haven’t done is too toxic for us to handle. Consider this as a process of devaluing yourself. You are decreasing your own value in front of your own self by blaming yourself for something you haven’t done. Even if you have done something wrong, forgive yourself. Move on because there is so much more to life than holding grudges and being forever sorry about your mistakes.

3. Be Grateful for What You Have

There are often times when we think less of ourselves. There is not only comparison but also jealousy. Comparing physical appearance, financial status, and possessions. This comparison or complexion is not always intentional, but it is as toxic as devaluing yourself, as we talked about it in the previous point. Learning to be grateful for what we have is quite beneficial for us. This way, we can’t only learn to accept ourselves for who we are, but also be proud of who we are. No matter what is our physical appearances are. No matter where do we stand financially and what materialistic possessions we have. If we are happy for what we have, there is no better way of showing gratitude towards having a life far better than hundreds of thousands of people in this world.

Here’s a pro tip for you. If you ever feel like you are any lesser than someone else you know. The best way to be proud of yourself and be thankful for everything is by looking at people who don’t even the same things as you do. People who don’t have the same quality of life as you do. This can not only make you realize how blessed you are with the things you have but also understand the true meaning of struggle and survival by taking such people as examples.

4. Think Positive Thoughts

Positive Mentality and Positive Thoughts. What can be better than optimism? The ability to always focus on the good part of every situation and appreciate it. It is quite interesting that having a positive mindset can have numerous impact on a person’s life. For instance, they can become more driven towards success, hard work, and consistency.

Not only that. Having positive thoughts rushing through your mind can boost up your happiness. You are less likely to think about anything in a negative way. Also, optimism is a great way to find a feasible solution in critical solutions when everything appears to be negative. Call it optimism or a positive mindset, the concept is quite similar.

5. Don’t Forget your Beauty Sleep

Allow me to ask you a simple question, is there anything more important than looking after yourself? There will be numerous people agreeing on the fact that self-care comes above almost everything. There is a huge number of people who even prioritize themselves so much, they put everyone behind and give importance to caring themselves first. Nothing else really matters for them.

To some extent, they are right. Only if they are not extreme or too conscious about it. Your beauty sleep is not always likely to give you clearer skin, better hair or anything like that. Sometimes, it can be for your internal healing and peace too. It can relax your brain and allow you to concentrate and focus on the challenges that are upon you. Remember your beauty sleep, take care of yourself, nobody else is going to do that for you.

6. Dedicate a Little Time to Helping Others

Happiness is not only linked to the peace of mind. You can also look for happiness in helping others. Helping them in any possible way needed or at least, making them smile for a split second. Every single deed matters in making the life of another person a little better than before. Take a moment, help them and be someone’s reason to be happy. Their happiness can be linked to yours and that can be considered your end goal.

In what ways can you help others? The actual answer is, there is no one way to help the other person. There are infinite ways, whatever seems feasible to you, would work. You can simply support someone financially if you are able to do it, you can also feed a homeless person or give them enough money to spend at least one day in peace. If that seems difficult as well, then the easiest way is through sharing smiles among people. Make others happy and smile without putting many efforts into it. That can also help a lot.

7. Focus on Your Strengths

Reflecting back a little on yourself again. We have previously discussed the toxicity of devaluing yourself. You also need to remember to focus on your strengths. It is needless to say, we all have weaknesses. Not even a single person in this world is perfect or flawless. However, focusing on our weaknesses can downgrade our self-esteem and confidence significantly. It is best suggested to focus on the strengths and realize what you can do better than others.

It can somehow be related to optimism and thinking positively, but let’s not get into that discussion. The main point to ponder upon is highlighting your strengths over your weaknesses. The reason, you may ask? Quite simple, really. Being able to know what you can do better than others can make you proud of yourself and also ultimately give you a feeling of happiness.

8. Live your Values

Give importance to your values, the values you live by. Don’t forget about your values trying to please someone or trying to be a better version of yourself. Values are the set of principles or standards of behaviors. It revolves around the mentality of the person and what they believe is important to them in life.

Values also help you in determining what is important to you in life and what some of the things that are you tend to prioritize over others. There is nothing wrong with having a different set of values. Everyone has their unique preferences and unique priorities. However, living on the basis of your values is actually great. There are five specific core values in everyone’s lives and they tend to differ almost every time.

  • Integrity.
  • Accountability.
  • Diligence.
  • Perseverance.
  • Discipline

9. Explore What Happiness Means to You

Explore the true meaning of happiness. We have talked about this in the initial phase of this blog. The meaning of happiness is different for almost everyone. For some, it is just an emotion on which we have no control over. It occurs naturally over time. Whereas, some people have an entirely different perception of happiness. They believe it is a feeling which is triggered by the brain when we come across something which is either appealing or attractive for us.

The conclusion? Figure out the true meaning of happiness in your perspective. It is most likely to differ from the people you know. Allow me to present myself as an example. A couple of years ago, I was taught that happiness is directly proportional to success. The more successful you become, the more financially stable you are, the better the quality of life you are able to provide to your family. Hence, making yourself and everybody other around happy. For a while, I believed in that, but I soon figured that in my opinion, happiness is not defined by what others think is correct. Happiness is something which you truly feel after accomplishing a certain task. It can’t be judged by anybody else despite their relationship with you.

10. Speak Up and Be Yourself

Confidence is the key. We mentioned this factor in the first point of this blog. If you have a confidence boost, you can achieve many great things which you have missed out earlier. Relating to that previous factor, speaking up your opinion and being your true self is the last step that can make you happy. You are not restricted by anyone, you don’t have to copy anybody to please people. You can be your true self, you can be who you are and that is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The feeling of happiness.

Speak up to share your opinion and raise your voice. This way, people will know what you think, what is your perception of certain things. People will recognize you and that will give you the exact same feeling of happiness that you have craved for.

In short, don’t let anyone define happiness for you. Only you have the power to understand and realize the true meaning of happiness for you. Nobody else is capable of doing that despite their relationship with you. Take control of your emotions. These were some of the factors on which anybody can work on and be happy. There are no restrictions or boundaries to be happy, always remember that. It is everyone’s right to be happy and be at peace. All we need to do is understand the meaning of happiness for ourselves and focus on the things which can make us happy. It can be achieved through working on anything specific or traveling to a certain location or just laying back, relaxing to some jazz music with your significant other. There are no boundaries, there are no specifications. You are free to be happy and also make others happy, this is how we share happiness.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 james


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    • jameschris70 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 months ago from USA

      Lorna Lamon thanks for your great words

    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      10 months ago

      This is a great article with lots of positive points. Thank you for sharing.


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