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10 Things to do for the Treatment of Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion | How to prevent Heat Related Illness?

Updated on July 4, 2014

Heat stroke is the result of lack of fluid level in the body. Heat stoke is more dangerous state than heat exhaustion and hyperthermia. Working or exercising in hot summer without drinking enough water is a major cause of heat stroke. It is that condition in which body temperature increases because the body absorbs so much of heat. Timely treatment of heat stroke is important as delay can cause severe damage to the body. Learning what to do for the treatment of heat stroke and heat exhaustion is very necessary in hot summer days.

Headache, heavy sweating and feeling of faintness, vomiting, unconsciousness are some main symptoms of heat stroke. Many times blood pressure also drops as an outcome of heat stroke. Severe conditions may also lead to brain damage and shock.

One should take the treatment of heat stroke seriously as increased body temperature can damage any part of brain that further affect the part of body which is controlled by the brain. A home remedy is a natural way to treat heat related problems. Heat stroke remedies should be considered as first aid remedies at home. Below are 10 ways to prevent heat stroke and other heat related problems:

Onion juice immediately after a heat stroke

Onion juice should be applied immediately after the hear stoke. Prepare a mixture of roasted chopped onion with sugar and cumin seed powder in an open pan on heat. This paste should also be applied on area behind the ears and on the chest. Eating onion as salad in day also helps in avoiding sun strokes. It will aid in protecting the body from the summer heat.

Basil Leaves / Tulsi for Heat Stroke


Basil leaves juice is very effective for heat stroke

Heat stroke can also be cured by drinking basil leaves juice mixed with sugar. You have to extract the juice from tulsi/basil leaves and mix some sugar to it. This will protect you from sunstroke. Tulsi plant is that herb which has been used traditionally for medicinal purposes.

Mango panna is a popular remedy for heat stroke

Aam ka panna is a traditional old home remedy for heat stoke. It is made up of raw mangoes. Pulp of raw mangoes is mixed with black salt, cumin seeds, pepper and water. This mango mixture is taken two three times to get rid of symptoms of heat stroke.

Buttermilk for heat stroke treatment

Butter home remedy is an excellent way to avoid heat stroke in the hot summer. Drinking a glass of buttermilk is very beneficial in the treatment of heat stoke. A combination of buttermilk with a touch of black salt added to it is one of the unbeaten natural remedy for heat stroke or heat exhaustion treatment.

Coriander water to get rid of heat stroke

Coriander leaves are also known as cilantro.To prevent heat or sun stroke drink sugar mixed coriander water. It will help in keeping the body cool in hot weather and hence prevent heat strokes.

Tamarinds drink to get relief from hot summer

To prepare a tamarind drink, add some tamarind in boiling water, and then strain it. Now, add some sugar to make a sherbet. This decoction is a natural remedy which could be used to balance the temperature of the body in hot days of summer. You can take this tamarind drink twice a day to get relief from heat exhaustion.

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Drink Aloevera juice to avoid Heat Stroke

Aloevera juice is beneficial in reducing symptoms of heat stroke. It is one of the easiest first aid remedy for people feeling heat related illness.

Use Umbrella in intense summer to prevent Heat Stroke

If working in sun can not be avoided then one must use umbrella or hat to prevent heat stroke. Direct intense heat can cause dehydration and can also lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. One should also wear loose fit cotton clothes to avoid heat strokes. Take a shower when ever you feel exhausted due to heat.

Ice bags are beneficial for Heat illness

Heat stroke is that condition when your body is unable to balance its temperature and body temperature continues to rise rapidly. Come out of direct sunlight immediately, if you see any symptom of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Put ice bags next to the neck, under the arms, and also in the groin area as this is the place where huge blood vessels positioned near to the surface of skin.

What to do for a heat stroke

If you are suffering from a heat stroke, then you must avoid any kind of physical activity for that day. Try to be in cool environment. Cool the person who has heat stroke symptoms. Cover him with damp sheets or by spraying with cool water. Fan him directly and spray cool water on him. A person who is feeling heat exhaustion symptoms should avoid dark colored clothes as they absorb more heat than light colored clothes.

Cool your body properly by wearing light colored and loose clothes. Drink plenty of water and other fluids to rehydrate the body. But avoid beverages which have alcoholic content as they also cause dehydration.

The motive of treatment of heat stroke is to reduce the increased body temperature. The above natural remedies will help in regulating the temperate internally and externally both. Heat stroke home remedies should be considered as first aid for the patient. Person seeing heat stroke/heat exhaustion signs should consult health care provider as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the body.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      useful tips for this heat. Drinks are the best and umbrella to cover our head is better than nothing. Voted useful