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10 Ways to keep soul, mind and body in good shape

Updated on July 6, 2015

Most people these days spend a whole lot of time working even to an extent of over-working and stressing out, all in the name of earning a living. Yes, hardwork pays but it’s not how hard you work but how smart. In our time and age where excellence is being celebrated, a large number of people especially the business owners and working class neglect taking care of their body system until they break down which in most cases results to high blood pressure, hypertension and slumping to death. One must definitely learn how to live well and healthy by taking care of one’s mind, body and soul all in its rightful proportion. As a passionate lover of nature, I see taking care of one’s mind, soul and body as a serious business. As you read through this article you will see my reasons.


In this column, I shall be discussing to a large extent, those practices that can help one to stay healthy while struggling to earn an income because a sick person of course can only wish to be healthy when he/she could have avoided that. So let’s take a look at some of those daily practices that can help you keep your mind and body in healthy shape always;

Benefits of 8 hours sleep
Benefits of 8 hours sleep

Always sleep and rest well: Each time I sleep and wake up; I feel very relaxed and tend to think with a lot of energy and precision (I don’t know how many of you experience the same thing). While growing up, Siesta (which is a rest or sleep taken at the beginning of the afternoon) is one of the most powerful tool for keeping mind, body and soul together. But the irony is how an office worker can take time off to sleep in the afternoon? It might not be that possible but one can actually do that during their break time at work. A thirty minutes sleep or rest could go a long way. According to research, an average man needs six to eight (6-8) hours of sleep every day but this average recommended sleeping hours is nowhere near our required dose according to another study which argued that it is still not enough to equal the stress we go through at work daily. The authors of Lights (a pocket Book) believe more sleep will improve your mood, bring down stress levels and curb depression.

Be Happy at all times: Always try putting up a happy and smiling face because it helps to burn out wrinkles and keeps you younger. Things that make you happy are also refreshing and energizing. Try and discover at least three of your favourite activities every month that makes and keeps you happy. Happy moments shared with happy friends are not easily forgotten but easily remembered.

Eat with someone you love
Eat with someone you love
An apple a day
An apple a day

Eat good food with someone special: Good diet is always a way of staying healthy and away from doctors or hospital. Improve your daily calorie intake. There are a lot of food that provides us with bundles of calories daily, please do consult a food expert for advice. For example, it is said that there are about fifty calories in just one apple. Just some bites of apples in a day can actually keep you healthy because an average man needs a lot of calories. In addition to that, find time to spend a day preparing a mood-boosting healthy food, and then eat it with someone so special, someone you love. Positive foods contain lots of essential fatty acids (EFAs). You can actually make a fruit salad or guacamole containing avocado pears mixed with fruited pumpkin and sesame seeds.

Stay positive and motivated: Looking for a source of inspiration or want to to change but don’t know how? You should try and find out the nearest inspirational seminar around your area, register, join and set yourself on the right track now. A life-changing, self-development seminar promises to enhance and improve your career, relationships, finance, and mindset together with efficient time management in just few days. One could also join a local community group as a volunteer, this will help you meet, interact and assist people from all works of life.

Taking good care of soul, mind and body together is not necessary

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Try quitting a bad habit: Could it be smoking, excessive alcoholic drinking, infidelity? Quitting any of these bad habit, is like achieving a milestone in life and thus is also a good source of keeping body and soul at peace. Yes, I must tell you. A friend of mine just quit smoking recently and that led him to repentance and knowing God, a year later he got married. It could be your turn to quit that bad habit. Are you always drinking to stupor? Give booze the boot, cut out alcohol for one month. If you normally get through with three glasses of wine three times a week, you will save nearly 4000 calories a month. You will also feel energized, sleep better and see you changing from tired and pale to clear and glowing. Just try it out

Take a walk with friends
Take a walk with friends

Take some time out: Making out time to take a walk out could be an exercise to some people but to me I see it as a means of feeling nature. Taking a cool evening breeze walk along the beach, pathways or just on the street can help ease off stress and tensions of the day. Create fifteen to twenty minutes of blank space each day for a totally silent time for you; just don’t do anything within that short period. According to a psychologist, you will be surprised at how refreshed and inspired you feel. You can actually start with five minutes and build it up to twenty over a week.

Sex: There are a lot of misconceptions about sex and this has been a big challenge. But Sex in this context will be used for the married or for the already engaged at least to avoid abuse of it. According to a research conducted by the International Journal of Clinical Practice, sex is a better exercise than walking, housework and golf (Game of Lazy Fellow). If you are an average lover (in terms of energy, not technique) you will put in as much effort as walking up two flights of stairs, seriously speaking you need to see a doctor for improvement. Get a healthy sex life and put your soul, mind and body at peace.

Activities that can keep soul,mind and body at peace

Light stretching
Good music

Get a Pet: Unfortunately the recent abuse on the use of pet, have led to government’s issuance of strict policy to discourage acquisition of pets. But that should not be a major worry for anyone who wishes to find happiness and keep body and soul alive. Pets like dogs, cats are wonderful creatures and is much popular in the western countries. Dogs keep you smiling in difficult situations and depressing moments. Get a cute dog today and your chances of more likely to meet cute people daily are high.


Do away with negative thinking: Thinking too much could cause lots of damage to the brain cells and inadvertently affect the mind. When you are not at peace as a result of so much thinking, you are seriously endangering your life. People torture themselves with a whole lot of unnecessary demoralizing thoughts. For one week, every time you think a negative thought about yourself, you reduce your life span. Stop it. Thinking purely productive thoughts will make for a productive life and reducing so much thinking will help keep the body away from doctors.

People Yoga exercise
People Yoga exercise

Get a massage and Keep fit: Daily body exercise not only helps keep fit and burn excess fat, it also helps to recharge your mind, body and soul all together. Light morning exercises like Yoga, can lift the body spirit and keep you active all day long. Massaging is now becoming popular relaxation therapy not just for the body alone but also includes the mind and soul. Benefits of massage includes reduced trait anxiety and depression, temporarily reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and state of anxiety. So look around your neighborhood for the nearest spa today and get a massage.


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