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10 Weird Dieting Tricks That Work!

Updated on August 14, 2009

Stay Thin With These Off The Wall Dieting Tricks!

For many of us losing weight and staying thin is not an easy task. That is why most people will try just about anything to lose weight. These dieting tips are a bit out of the ordinary but many of them have been tested, and they really work!

1. Use your non-dominant hand when eating.

If you are right handed then try using your fork with your left hand. Using your non-dominant hand while eating forces you to eat more slowly and it makes you focus on holding the fork properly. Since you will be eating at a slower pace your body will be able to properly give you the “full” signal before you overeat.

2. Put your fork down after every bite, and chew every bite 30 times.

Putting your fork down between bites is a simple way of slowing down the eating process. Chewing each bite 30 times also slows down eating and also ensures that you will not eat another bite while still having food in your mouth.

3. Ruin your food; yes I said “ruin your food”.

When you are out at a restaurant or even at home and you are eating meal and start to feel full, pour ketchup, salt, pepper, or any other food deterrent over the remainder of your meal so that way you will not finish the meal just to finish it.

4. Brush your teeth when you feel the need to snack, or overeat.

Brushing your teeth sends your brain the signal that you are not going to be eating for a while, or that you are done eating for the day. Brushing your teeth also helps you to not snack because like most of us know once you brush your teeth you have the minty taste of toothpaste that does not mix well with food or drinks immediately after.

5. Place your used napkin on top of your plate.

Many people place there napkin on top of their food when they are done eating, especially if they are dining at a restaurant. This also deters you from finishing your food because the idea of pulling your dirty napkin out of your food and continuing to chow down will gross you out; I know it does for me!

6. Put a picture of yourself at your heaviest and place it on your refrigerator door.

Putting the picture of yourself on your fridge will definitely stop you from grabbing that not so healthy snack. The picture is a visual reminder of why you are watching calories in the first place.

7. Wear tight clothes.

We all know that when we are wearing tight jeans or tight pants the last thing we want to do is go eat. Wearing tight pants will easily remind you of which foods to eat, and how much. (Plus the bloated belly feeling in tight pants, not so appealing)

8. Imagine yourself thin.

Daydreaming about a time when you were thinner or even just imagining how you would look thin is a great motivator. Next time you want to skip a workout, or feel the urge to overeat, think about how great it would feel to fit in your skinny jeans or how great you would look in that bikini.

9. Use small plates.

We can place some of our overeating habits on our parents. You know the saying “clean your plate” “finish your food”. As children many of us had parents that were constantly telling us to finish our food if there was food remaining our plates. That is why unconsciously many of us still have the inclination that we are not finished eating until all of our food is gone. Using smaller plates will force you to take less food, and even if you do “finish your food” you will be eating about half of the calories that you would with a larger plate.

10. Drink water or eat soup before a meal.

One thing that water and soup have in common is that water is as you know 100% water, and soup is mostly water. Drinking a lot of water or eating soup before a meal tricks your brain into thinking your full even though it is just water weight. Next time you are out to eat order the low calories soup such as minestrone, vegetable or chicken noodle or down a glass of water before eating.

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