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10 Worst Exercise Habits

Updated on August 18, 2016

In short exercise is pretty simple, just get out there and do it. Exercising regularly will generally yield some results, but eventually they will slow down and come to a halt. These 10 mistakes are some of the most common that could be hindering your progress and results, don't make them.

1. Doing too much of one thing:

The human body is the greatest wonder of the world, we still dont know exactly how everything works, but it does adapt to specific exercises, amount of reps, sets, and time/distance.

2. Not taking the right amount of rest time:

Exercise isnt about rest breaks, but rest breaks can determine the type of exercise that you are doing. A good example is high intensity interval training usually has very short rest breaks (30-60sec) compared to powerlifting which can have much longer rest breaks (2+ min). Know what you are training for and make sure you aren't taking too long or too short of a break.

3. Not warming up:

Warming up is such a simple task and so very important. Exercising cold and tight muscles leads to injury and can hurt you performance. There is a correct way to warm up and an incorrect way though, too much static stretching can limit your performance and too much dynamic stretching can tire you out, so do a good rule of thumb is generally to do a little of both.

4. Not cooling down:

Cooling down is just as important as warming up. Right after exercise when you're feeling sore is the best time to stretch out those muscles that you just worked. Not only are you going to feel better after you stretch but it will help your muscles recover faster so you can get back to work the days following.

5. Not having a plan:

Everytime you enter the gym or start a workout you should have a plan of the exercises, amount of sets, and amount of reps you are going to do; by doing that you will stay more on task instead of thinking and wondering what to do next.

6. Not progressing on your exercises:

Staying at the same weight and same amount of sets/reps WILL NOT get you results, you must push yourself to do more sets, reps, or weight. Start doing small increments each time and you'll be amazed by how much more you can do in a short period of time.

7. Exercising on an empty stomach:

This doesn't mean go out and eat a full meal right before workout, but your body needs fuel (glucose) to perform at it's best. A piece of fruit or similar small snack is a good way to get fuel into your body before exercise.

8. Not tracking what you do:

How do you know what you're doing is working if you aren't tracking it. Write down your sets, reps, and weight per exercise so you can show yourself that the results are coming. When you see the results they become addictive and you'll always want more!

9. Not putting in the effort:

Pretty much just show up, DO YOUR BEST, and results will come. The saying "no pain no gain" is NOT true, BUT exercise is work and it's not supposed to be easy.

10. Not using the correct form:

Form is everything! Bad form on certain exercises leads to you not working the correct muscles or you getting hurt. If you aren't good at a specific exercise start with an easier one or start with little to no weight so you can get the movement down first, or you could hire a trainer to help teach you. Good form in the beginning leads to better growth in the end, you must have a foundation to build on!

Bonus Tip

- Remember that results don't happen over night, it takes committment, and a lot of hardwork. Don't make the mistake that many do of exercising for a few weeks and then quitting because they didn't see any results!


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