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10 Youtube Fitness Gurus

Updated on March 13, 2017

Heidi Somers "BuffBunny"


Heidi Somers is one of my favorite fitness Youtubers. Somers goes by the name "buffbunny" on Youtube. She currently stands at 454,976 subscribers on her channel. She makes videos on tips to lose weight, shows her workouts and also vlogs her personal life. She started off her fitness journey when she was overweight and needed to lose weight then later she fell in love with it and built success from it.

Somers is involved with a company that goes by the name "Live Fit" that sells fitness apparel. She also has her own shop at where she sells her own merchandise.

Nikki Blackketter


Nikki Blackketter has a total of 538,012 subscribers on her channel. She started off her fitness journey when she realized her "party" lifestyle is no longer what she wanted to be doing. Blackketter has videos that consist of her fitness lifestyle,challenges, vlogs and more.

The fitness star also has been an ambassador for her ex boyfriend Christian Guzman's clothing line "Alphalete Athletics" (who is now in a relationship with Heidi Somers). Blackketter also is involved with the brand "Gym Shark" which is a fitness apparel shop.

Christian Guzman


Christian Guzman is another big named fitness star especially for his relationship drama with Somers and Blackketter. The fitness stat opened his channel in March of 2012. He currently has 680,958 subscribers on his Youtube channel. His channel is based on is vlogs regarding his lifestyle.

Guzman has is own fitness line called "Alphalete Athletics". He also provides fitness coaching that you can check out at

Cassey Ho "Blogilates"


You have probably viewed her channel or have heard of her at least once before. She is known to be the biggest fitness guru on Youtube. Cassey Ho who goes by the Youtube name "Blogilates" has 3,611,373 subscribers on her channel and that number rises almost everyday. Her channel has a wide variety of at home workout videos and nutrition facts.

Ho has her own fitness wear designs on the website "oGorgeous" called "BodyPop Active". The Youtube star also her own fitness apparel site that is called "PopFlex Active" She has won a Steamy award for the Best Health and Wellness channel back in 2014. Ho has her own fitness program you can buy on the Blogilates website. She also has so much information on her website for nutrition and weight loss.

Kevin and Keith Hodge "TwinMuscle"


Kevin and Keith Hodge are most famously known as "The Hodge Twins" or their Youtube name "TwinMuscle" They stand at 1,730,554 subscribers on Youtube. Their videos include food challenges, workout videos, vlogs and more. They started their channel back in December of 2008.

On their website they sell apparel, supplements and other accessories. Not only are the two fitness stars but they also are comedians and are currently going on tour for their stand up.

Jen Heward "HunnyBunsFit"


Jen Heward who is known as "hunnybunsfit" has 313,920 subscribers on Youtube. Her channel consist of workouts, beauty, vlogs and nutrition. She got into fitness when she was only sixteen years old.

Heward is a certified nutritionist. On her website she offers fitness/nutrition coaching. The website also provides free recipes and workout plans. You can also check out her merchandise on the site. She co-owns a gym called Life Altering Fitness in California with her fiance Zach. The Youtuber has a supplement collection with the company "Stance Supplements". Heward is also apart of an app called Fit Plan you can check out as well.

Katie Dunlop "LoveSweatFitness"


Katie Dunlop is the star of her Youtube channel that goes by the name "LoveSweatFitness". Her channel currently has 105,389 subscribers. Dunlops channel consist of at home workout videos. The Youtuber started her weight loss journey when she was overweight and lost a total of 45 pounds while on her journey.

Dunlop is now a certified personal trainer. She has inexpensive workout and meal plan guides on her website also along with apparel.

Jordan Yeoh


Jordan Yeoh stands at 416,087 subscribers on Youtube. His channel name is Jordan Yeoh Fitness. His channel has nutrition and workout videos. Yeoh is a fitness model and trainer.

Yeoh has a website where you can find his training program "Iron Mastery" and his meal plan program "Ripped Meal Plan". He also has an app called the "JY Fitness Timer" it is an interval training app, the app was recently updated and now provides fitness tutorials.

Chris Jones "PumpChasers"


Chris Jones who goes by the Youtube name "PumpChasers" has 343,222 subscribers on his channel to date. His Youtube channel has videos on his intense workouts, meal videos and advice. His channel was created in September 2014.

Jones has been apart of the fitness line "GymShark". He has his own website with apparel. He also sells supplements at At the site you can check out his training and meal program.

Whitney Simmons


Whitney Simmons has 390,700 on her channel currently. The videos she post are mainly workouts, tips, meals and vlogs. The channel was created in September of 2015. Simmons started her fitness journey a little over three years ago.

On her website she provides tips, workouts and talks about her lifestyle.


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