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10 best and simple ways to lose weight

Updated on January 15, 2011

What is Obesity ? And why to lose weight ?

In simple terms having too much body fat is called Obesity.For an adult with BMI above 25 and below 30 is considered as over weight.For an adult with 30 or higher BMI is considered obese.

BMI-Body Mass Index

BMI is a tool that helps us to measure the amount of body fat we have based on height and weight.

BMI =Weight in pounds*703/Height in inches2


BMI=Weight in kilograms/Height in meters2

Obesity leads to lesser life expectancy and more heart related diseases.It increases the chances of the breast cancer and many problems.

How to lose overweight ?

It is fact that the longer the person remains over weight the more challenging it is to loose weight.The first thing is desire to loose weight.The more we imagine or think regarding it ,the superior probability we have to achieve it.The weight lose program will be in two ways.

1.Stop gaining extra weight. 2.Start loosing extra weight.

Stop gaining weight.

1. Many people gain weight because they simply consume too many calories.It happens in many ways.Mindless eating in front of TV ,Drinking too much sweetened drinks or alcohol ,eating too many snacks etc.

The first thing to do is to stop taking extra calories.We have to make our mind to not eat extra calories.There is no other short cut method for this.

2.Try to burn some calories before eating any thing.This very simple and useful technique.This activity may be anything like lawn mowing ,Car washing or any other thing.

3.Instead of regular food,take low calories food like Apple(36 cal per 100g),Boiled Beans(25 cal per 100g),Brussels Sprouts(30 cal per 100g) etc.

Start loosing weight.

1.Start burning extra calories from now.Go swimming ,walk the dog ,take up fishing ,play tennis.It doesn't matter what you do but the important thing is you do some thing.

2.Try to take more vegetarian food.Vegetarians have been reported to have lower BMIs than the non-vegetarians,as well as lower death rate from heart diseases.

3.Aerobic exercise is the most recommended way of loosing fat naturally.There is strict diet for this but it encourages good clean eating with regular exercise.Every one know this ,try to implement 3 to 4 times a week.

4.Oxygen is needed to burn fat completely.So during exercise move slowly and smoothly ,this will enable muscle cells to be supplied enough Oxygen to burn the fat.This is why slow jogging or fast walking are considered better ways to burn calories.

5.Drink more water.Ensure that you drink at least 3-4 liters a day.Important advice don't drink much water while you are eating.

6.Exercise is always an important element in staying fit and feeling good.Use weights.working out weights will build muscle and raise your metabolism so you will burn more calories.

7.Eat five to six times a day.Eating frequently will keep you getting from hungry.Don't forget the step that try to burn some calories before eating some thing.

Yoga will also help you in reducing your over weight.

Finally the most important to reduce weight is to Start Now.


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