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10 Common Zijiu Method Mistakes You Should Avoid

Updated on April 30, 2012

Have you been practicing the Zijiu Method day in day out but only see little progress in your health? Don’t give up. Just as it takes years for a seedling to grow into a tree, it takes time for your internal qi to work through the blockages in your body.

You may also want to check yourself against the common Zijiu Method mistakes that I have compiled below based on my own experience as well as that of others. By improving your daily practice, you would see better and faster results. Note that this post assumes that you already know what is the Zijiu Method. If you don’t, you may want to read the story on how I got my health back with the Zijiu Method first.

Remember, don’t hold yourself to perfection and beat yourself up if you are struggling in one or more areas. All of us face some difficulties during practice in one way or another. The important thing is to be aware of your weaknesses and improve on them over time.

Common Zijiu Method Mistakes

  1. Over-emphasis on the duration of practice. It is easy to fall into this ‘time’ trap and go away with a false sense of security when you value time over quality. Practicing the Zijiu Method for 30 minutes with each step executed properly is better than standing for 1 hour with all the wrong moves.

  2. Not in the right state of mind. Maintaining oneness in body, mind and spirit throughout the entire session is very important in the practice of the Zijiu Method. Without this single-pointedness, it is difficult to collect qi into our body. But, I am also aware of how challenging this can be. I have struggled to ease myself into a meditative state during practice. As described in my earlier post on how I recover my self-healing power with the Zijiu Method, I talked about how I overcame this challenge by repeating a mantra. Try it out. You can also try listening to soothing meditation music to help you relax. If you have other means of improving your state of mind, do leave me a comment.

  3. Incorrect breathing. As opposed to other forms of meditation in which abdominal breathing is preferred, the Zijiu Method requires you to breathe through your nose, while sucking in your lower abdomen and anal muscle. I find this rather unusual at first because I have accustomed to abdominal breathing due to my years of meditations. But with practice, I have gradually adjusted to this way of breathing during the Zijiu Method session and is able to ’switch back’ to abdominal breathing when necessary.

  4. Not holding in the lower abdomen. The lower abdomen here refers to the part below the navel. This is another important step in the Zijiu Method because missing this step would mean the qi which you have collected won’t be able to integrate into your body.

  5. Not tightening the anal muscle. Many people, especially non-Chinese, must be quite perplexed with the necessity of this step. The lower abdomen, which is called xia jiao in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is where the body’s waste material are stored and excreted via the anus. But besides waste material, it is also possible for qi to leak from the body through the rear orifice. Hence, in the Zijiu Method, you are required to close this gap to prevent the qi you have collected from escaping.

  6. Not bending low enough. Ideally, you should bend your knees at 45 degrees to promote blood and qi circulation through the legs’ meridians points. Otherwise, bending at 60 degrees angle is also acceptable.

  7. Not applying enough tension to the arms. During your Zijiu Method practice, you should apply strength from the tips of the fingers, to your forearms and right to the upper arms. The purpose is to promote blood and qi circulation through the meridians points in your arms and palms.

  8. Not lifting the arms high enough. Your arms should be raised to shoulder-height so that when you cup your palms together and stretch out the thumbs at 90 degrees, your thumbs will be pointing more or less right at your mouth.

  9. Not standing long enough. This is a direct opposite of mistake number 1. Standing for too short a time (5 minutes for example) just ain’t going to let you collect much, if any, qi at all. But, if you are a beginner who is new to the Zijiu Method, this wouldn’t apply to you. We know you are working hard on it.

  10. Lack of commitment. I must admit that the Zijiu Method is not exactly a fun exercise. It is, in fact, a test of your endurance and determination. Who in the right mind will spend one to two hours half-bending their legs enduring the pain of prolonged standing everyday? Not unless you value life. That’s the reason why the best practitioners of the Zijiu Method are those who are battling terminal illness and also those who have recovered after practicing the Zijiu Method. If you don’t fall into any of these two categories and yet you are hanging on, good for you! You are one of those rare ones who appreciate the importance and value of life.

The Conscious Life
The Conscious Life

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