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10 easy ways to stay fit and active at work

Updated on April 25, 2017
Time Out Doha
Time Out Doha

It is an ample desire of every human being to perform his or her job with pleasure and satisfaction. Now it’s one of the requirements of all jobs to stay active and motivated the whole day. And if a person is donating most of his time to work then it becomes a serious threat to one’s health. Moreover, if one has a desk job where he is seated all the time, having little physical activity, then it’s even more essential to get worried. In order to keep yourself healthy, you must discover and implement flexible work fitness activities. Your health and fitness matter a lot in this context. This article is a perfect treat for all the people who feel sluggish at their desk whole day.

Here are some tips that will assist you to keep yourself fit and will assist you to achieve your fitness goals without any hindrance!!

1. Take the stairs

If your office is on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor then this is great news. One of the best way to stay fit and loose weight is by taking the stairs. Don’t use the elevator, take the stairs even if you would have walk all the way to the 5th floor. In the beginning this will be a very difficult thing to do, your heart rate will increase, you will start to sweat, breathing will become faster and heavy etc. But gradually you will feel a positive change in your body. Your leg muscles will increase, along with your stamina and you will be able to get rid of that bulgy belly fat.

2. Tap feet

Tapping your feet will be the best exercise that you can easily do without getting up from your place. While keeping your feet on the floor, you need to tap it as you are running on a track. This exercise will increase your heart rate and improve blood circulation in your body. But yah somehow it will create a bit of noise and your colleagues may not appreciate that!!

3. Stretch shoulders

If you are sitting in front of your computer the whole day, then it’s certain that it will be affecting your shoulders. Stretching your shoulders a little can help you to reduce fatigue and feel relax at work place. For instance, raise your shoulders upward and hold them there firmly for few seconds as if you are shrugging. You need to repeat and release for at least 10minutes. This exercise will keep you in good shape.

4. Stretch Wrist

If you are holding mouse or using laptop for hours, then this exercise is actually meant for you. You need to straighten one arm out as much as you can and activate that hand by pulling on your fingertips. This will release your stress and will make you feel good after a lot of typing.

5. Consume enough water

You must not forget to take water several times a day and stick to it for all the days. Consuming water in good amount will keep you healthy and make you feel less sluggish.

6. Take stroll after every hour

When you are sitting on a chair with your eyes fixated on your computer for a long time, then it’s better to take little break from work and take stroll to the desk of other co-workers. It will assist you to increase efficiency after coming back from that little walk.

7. Stand up after a few minutes

When you are working the whole day by sitting on a chair, then you must stand up after few minutes of work as it will assist you to reduce the ill effects of sitting down the whole day. Sedentary lifestyle is not good for our health, so this type of physical activity for a few seconds is effective.

8. Store healthy snacks

Keep some healthy snacks at your desk that you can eat. You must avoid taking sugary products as it can cause a drop in energy. You must not skip your breakfast and try to take healthy breakfast. If you feel bit hungry, then these snacks will give you good treat.

9. Quick eye exercise

Looking at your computer screens for hours can affect your health and make you feel tired. Thus you must stop looking at your screen after every 20 minutes and go with few quick eye exercises. Here are some quick exercises that you can perform:

  1. Close your eyes. A few seconds of shuteye will do you good.
  2. Massage your eyes lightly. This will help to improve blood circulation.
  3. Another great way to strengthen the vision is by focusing on near and far objects.
  4. Do directional eye exercises for e.g making a figure 8

10. Correct your posture

Not having a proper sitting posture will result in serious back pain. The abnormal sitting position that we ignore at work has a negative effect on our spinal alignment. This could result in arthritis, which most of us are a victim of. A proper posture guarantees a healthy back


Nowadays, most of the jobs are related to internet or computer. Therefore, the above mentioned exercises can prove to be beneficial for all the people have a sedentary lifestyle.


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