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10 methods to get Rid of Stress

Updated on October 29, 2014

Take action for your life

If you feel restless and anxious; here you have ten suggestions to work with nervousness.

Talk about what you feel

When you feel angry about something, speak about it. Don’t even think to keep it inside you. It’s preferable to discuss what make you angry with somebody you really trust like: wife, husband, parents, one of your friends, your family doctor, one of your teachers or even your dean. Expressing your feeling is considered as the best way to reduce your nervousness. Not only that, but mostly you can discover how to deal with all of it.

Run away for a while

Reading an interesting book, watching an exciting film or even taking a short trip are all helpful ways to run away from your problem. Since staying around and trying to face it as a self punishment will be much harmful then being useful. Moreover, running away remains the best solution till you refresh your mind and calm down. Then, when you feel that you and others around you are mentally and psychologically ready to face it you can turn back.

Get out of your nervousness with work

If you feel that you behave nervously, keep in mind that nervousness ends always with regrets and sadness, even if you could feel powerful at the beginning. That’s why, if you felt restless with somebody try to control yourself through doing some physical acts: gardening, washing your car or any other fruitful things. Because working for one or two days lets you feel better, and it helps you get out of your anger and think easily for the right solution.

Waive from time to time

Remember that fighting often and willfulness with people surrounding you are childish behaviors. Keep catching in what you believe in but calmly, as there is always a possibility to be wrong. Which mean even if you are one hundred percent sure about something it’s better for your health to take it leisurely and easily. More than that, if you break down your ego, your adversary will for sure do the same. As a result, you will be mature and able to take wise decision, as well as, you will gain your relaxation.

Try to help others

If you feel anxious all time, try to do something for others. Even if you don’t know someone who deserves help, you can join an organization in which you can make a difference through voluntary work. Then, you will discover that taking care of others and sharing your abilities and knowledge with them will have a good benefit on you too.

You need to Initiative
You need to Initiative | Source

Organize your way of working

Daily burdens constitute a heavy load on nervous people’s shoulders. Not only that, but also they don’t find a suitable way to finish even their important task. However, all this could be provisional, only if they dealt with it through starting with the most important and leaving the rest for another time. Because when you succeed on getting rid of those burdens, you will find that getting rid of the rest is not difficult.
But, if you feel that you cannot delay anything, stop and think: Are you sure you don’t exaggerate in the importance of the handled work?

Abilities change from one to another

People who expect a lot from themselves and aim to perfection, are those who put their selves in a constant state of anxiety and stress. Because, they believe they are failing if they didn’t succeed in achieving what they wanted. Consequently, what a person should put in mind is that no one can accomplish everything to the utmost perfection. In addition, each person should try to concentrate his interest and focus his energy in businesses he knows most. And it’s preferable to be those acts that give him the highest degree of sufficiency. Also, even if you are not able to achieve the impossible, but still it is not wrong to try your hardest with works or acts you are not good at.

Don’t criticize others

Some people expect a lot from others, and they end by feeling frustrated and frustration if that person failed in achieving their expectations. This person could be a spouse or a child trying to run it in a certain way to suit you much. Remember that each person has his abilities, values and even his own mistakes, also has the right to be himself. People who get disappointed due to other fault, whether it’s fake or real ones, in fact; they probably need self confidence. To sum up, instead of criticizing others behavior, try your best to find out their good side and help them to improve it.

Give your partner another chance

People feeling that their duty in life is to “come first” and precede others even in simple things. They are those who suffer from emotional stress. If a sufficient number of us felt it so, everything will become a great race. This race should affect them either physically, emotionally or mentally. But, it’s still possible to aspire to a better position. Rivalry as well as cooperation is contagious. Meaning, when you give your adversary a chance, you make thing much easier for yourself. Since, the other will feel that you do not pose any threat to him, and then he will no longer cause any pain.

Be Present

Sometimes we feel that we are careless. We think that others don’t want us while, they are, in fact, waiting for the first initiative to be from our side. This way, we are reducing the value of ourselves and not the others. Then, taking the initiative, instead of sitting by ourselves isolated is considered the safest solution. Not only that, but also we don’t have to be much motivated than we should to not lose others love. To conclude, we must depend on mediation between withdrawal from society and clumsy rush.

Stress in 2 Minutes


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