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10 Minute Trainer, Does it Really Work?

Updated on January 11, 2013

10 Minute Trainer

The purpose of this lens is to document my journey with Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer. As I build this lens week by week you will read about my thoughts on this program and see my results through weekly photos.

Before Starting 10 Minute Trainer

Let me first tell you about myself and why I am choosing 10 Minute Trainer as apposed to the other programs on the market. I am 5'2" and weigh 118 lbs. I have had 2 children, which did change my body, not drastically but defiantly noticeably. I am by no means overweight but rather unhappy with my figure. I want the confidence to rock a bikini and know I look good. My trouble areas are my belly and muffin tops. My goal is to tone up and not to build muscle mass. I have a small frame and just want it properly proportioned.

I chose 10 Minute Trainer because I believe in Tony Horton. I own P90X and have attempted it twice but it was an epic fail both times and I'll tell you why. P90X is no joke. It is a 13 week program that requires you to work out 6 days a week and takes up an hour and a half per work out. If one can fully commit themselves to the program there is no doubt that it will work. My trouble is, I cannot commit. I have tried but like many others I just do not have the time. I could make the time, yes but the workouts are rigorous and I just cannot do it 6 days a week. From what I know about 10 Minute Trainer, I can workout for only 10 minutes per day and see real results. The program also allows you to add more 10 minutes workouts to your day as time allows. I am a pretty lazy person to say the least so I am betting I will only be doing one 10 minute workout per day. I am expecting my package to arrive this week and that is when I will begin my journey. I plan to update this lens each week with my thoughts and progress.

A Package in the Mailbox

Yay! It arrived today, my very own 10 Minute Trainer. I ordered the program on Sunday Night and received it today (Wednesday), which is very quick! The box was smaller than I had imagined but included everything the infomercial promised. Inside was The 2 disc DVD program that had inside of it a measuring tape, a measurement tracker, a weekly schedule of exercises, an on the go work out booklet and a 2 day jump start guide. Also inside the box was 10-Minute Meals guide, a rapid results booklet, 20lb. resistance band, comfort grip handles, door attachment and a sports cardio belt. The guide has instructed me to take before photos of front, side and back of the body. The measurement tracker records the following measurements, chest, right arm, left arm, waist, hips, right thigh, left thigh and also your weight. I must say I am very excited to start the program!

Day 1


Today was day one for me on my 10 Minute Trainer journey. Using the guide provided, day one is Cardio. You can do this workout with or without resistance bands, I did not use them today. What's awesome about all of Tony Horton's videos is that there is a timer at the bottom of the screen so you always know how much time is left in your workout. Cardio was intense to say the least. I almost felt like I could pass out afterwards, this is probably because it was almost five in the evening and I had not eaten anything all day. I am also a smoker so that makes breathing more difficult during a fast paced workout. I am not a sweaty person but let me tell you, I was sweating for sure. About an hour after my workout I felt a boost of energy. I am sore, I can feel the burn in my thighs, my calves, my abs and my lower back. My before photos that you see here were taken right before the workout. I also took my measurements. I gotta say, I am really shocked at how much of the body I worked in just 10 minutes!

My Measurements

Chest - 33"

Left Arm - 10.5"

Right Arm - 10"

Waist - 29"

Hips - 35"

Left Thigh - 19.5"

Right Thigh - 20"

Weight - 118 lbs.

BMI - 21.6

Day 2


Today is day 2, total body. I am sore all over. My upper arms, my caves and my abs especially hurt. I drank a Carnation Instant Breakfast before my workout and I also did the warm up and cool down which made a huge difference. So far I'm loving this workout!

Day 3


Day three, Yoga Flex. This is my favorite workout so far, the stretching felt amazing and really helped with the soreness from the previous workouts. Yoga Flex consist of 10 moves in 10 minutes. I have added the warm up and cool down to each of my work outs because it really does make a difference. By doing this you are only adding an extra 4 minutes to your workout and its worth it. I started tracking my progress on and have seen results on paper in just 3 workouts. I'm hoping its results anyway and not error in my measuring skills, we shall see.

Day 4


Today I triple stacked my workout. Day 4 is Cardio, I added Abs and Yoga Flex. This was my first time doing the ab workout, wow! 20 moves in 10 minutes and I could feel every one of them. Tony Horton is my new bff. I can defiantly feel the burn!

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    • Digory LM profile image

      Digory LM 4 years ago

      Nice lens. I am a gym rat but would do P90X or similar program if I decided to stay home to work out.

    • profile image

      Gorillaz 5 years ago

      Great review. I personally had great results with both Insanity and P90X. I just started doing Les Mills pump and it's been really good so far. Check out this review of it: