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Most Common Types of Cancer

Updated on November 6, 2012

ribbons showing the different types of cancer


The most common cancer is usually that of the skin, cancer of the lungs, the breast, stomach, liver and colon. Though the most common types of cancer vary from men to women, other affect both genders almost at the same rate.

The Most Common Cancer by Deaths

Lung cancer has been identified as the most common cancer that affects about 13% of all new cases of cancer. It is not the most common cancer by diagnosis but by causing death. Lung cancer affects both men and women. Tobacco use has been singled as the most likely risk factor of this type of cancer. Other risk factors causing lung cancer to be the most common cancer include:

· Exposure to radiation

· Being overweight and obese

· Lack of physical exercise

Survival rates for lung cancer are unfortunately lower than those of other cancers. It leads to more deaths than any other cancer. In fact more men are diagnosed with prostate cancer than those that are diagnosed with lung cancer but they tend to have higher survival rates.

Skin Cancer is one of the Most Common Cancers

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States and indeed the whole world. Skin cancer manifests itself in form of skin growths that can be caused by many risk factors. There are three types of skin cancers: melanoma, basal cell skin cancer and squamous cancer.

Skin cancer even though is the most common cancer leads to very few deaths. This is partly because it is detected early since the tumors can be seen growing in the skin and also because it doesn't affect vital organs. Melanoma skin cancer is the least common skin cancer but is the most fatal. Almost all people who die of skin cancer will have suffered from it. This type of cancer is the most common type of cancer among the youth. It is suspected that this type of cancer is caused by exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun and with the increased destruction of the ozone layer, we are witnessing more and more people diagnosed with this most common cancer.

Other Common Types of Cancer

Breast cancer is a very common type of cancer among women. In fact in the United States of America, breast cancer is the most diagnosed type of cancer and the second killer among the most common cancers after lung cancer.

Among men, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer by both diagnosis and death. This is after the most common cancer that is lung cancer excluding skin cancers.

Colo-rectal, liver stomach and liver cancers are other common cancers that are affecting the people. These are leading to millions of death in the whole world.

What Are the Likely Causes of Cancer

Cancer is the abnormal growth and multiplication of cells. These cancerous cells form malignant tumors through a gradual process. This abnormal growth and multiplication is caused by cancer forming substances interaction with ones genes. The cancer forming substances are known as carcinogens. Some people are more genetically predisposed to develop cancer than other people. Old age is also a major risk factor in the development of cancer. Most of the most common cancers are more predominant in older people.

How to Avoid the Most Common Cancers

The incidence of developing these most common forms of cancers can be reduced if one lives a healthy life and avoids the risk factors such as tobacco use, heavy alcohol use, being overweight and obese, exposure to radiation amongst others. Above all early detection of all forms of most common cancers leads to almost 100% success in getting it under control.


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