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10 of the Best Ways to Lose Weight

Updated on June 29, 2017

1. Drink More Water

I know everyone says this. Drink water the moment you wake up and also drink water before you eat. It does wonders for your portion control.

2. Track What You Eat

You don't have to count calories but I find when you are being conscious of what you are eating, you sometimes make better decisions.

3. Cut out Sugar

There is a reason why everyone says this- because it is affective. It isn't always about the calories, it is also about the sugar that you consume your body often immediately stores as fat. Also, if you tend to have sweets in the house, try to throw them away! Out of sight, out of mind!

4. Get More Active

Make and effort everyday to get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes

5. Weigh Yourself

This is a tough one because you don't always want to focus on the number. Personally I believe having an idea how much I weighed was a good reality check for myself and helped motivate me. I knew how much I used to weigh so I had a rough idea of a goal.

6. Find Activities You Enjoy

No one will want to do exercise if you don't enjoy it. Try going to the gym with friends or yoga classes. Find what works for you.

7. Cut Out Alcohol

This is a tough rule to follow but if drinking is a big part of your life then you can chose options where you are mixing hard alcohol with water, club soda or tonic. These cut out sugar and calories.

8. Mix It Up

Mixing up your workouts can shock your body and help with weight loss. Also makes the week more enjoyable instead of doing the same activity every day.

9. Make a Effort to Make the Better Decision

It is hard to lose weight. If it was easy- everyone would be skinny. Some days you really need to have a piece a chocolate or cake, but try to cut your portion you would regularly have in half. If you normally get a venti drink from Starbucks, try getting a tall for awhile. Trying to make the best decisions that you can will help you feel like your regular self and aren't changing your lifestyle too much.

10. Stay Positive

It is very easy to get caught up in the cosmetic side of losing weight. If you try to focus on the fact that you are making these decisions for a healthier lifestyle then you will be happier. Try to measure your success on how many pushups you can do or how far you can run rather than a number on the scale

Changing Your Diet

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