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10 principles of losing weight

Updated on December 16, 2010

Many people have tried to lose weight but they fail to achieve their goal because they do not have principles. In order to achieve your weight loss goal it is necessary that you follow some principles that will enable you to focus on your goal. When your weight loss goal is supported with sound principles, your chances of losing weight become high. However, if you undertake a weight loss program without any principles your hope of losing weight is slim, weight loss program with rules to direct your program will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Your doctor will help you bring some rules that will help you to attain you weight loss goal. But the following principles of losing weight will be helpful to you.

Think long term: You start to loss weight from your mind. The way you think determines how you will achieve your weight loss goal .When you want to lose weight, think long term rather than short term .Short cuts and quickie plans never last. Such quickie method as diet pills method; extra protein and diuretic have been proved to be inconsistent in their use to lose weight. If you have a positive attitude of losing weight with long term at the back of your mind, you are sure to achieve your goal.

Do it yourself: If you want to lose weight, you should be able to put yourself to work. You can’t achieve your weight loss goal if you wait for somebody to push you into a program. You should motivate yourself to start the program you have chosen. You should also decide to go on with your program. Improving your health and energy by yourself are better motivations than a coming class reunion.

Prepare the way: when you want to lose weight it is better that you do not rush into a diet and exercise before you are ready for long term changes. Prepare yourself for any program you want to choose. Start small and as you gather some strength you can increase.

Keep a journal of your diet and exercise. Keeping a journal will help you become aware of what you eat and why. The journal can also help you remain accountable for your eating and exercise habits. You can use your journal to track important health parameters such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels and overall fitness. Besides keeping a journal, you can also keep food diary, write down all the food you eat in day. Also write down the time you eat and your feeling at the time. Writing your feelings may help you identify your eating triggers.

 Other things that can help you prepare the way are: to shop from a list and shop when you are hungry, store foods out of your sight or not keep many high fat, high sugar foods in your home.

Control portion sizes: practice saying no to unhealthy foods and big portion. This practice will help you avoid eating food with high calories and make you eat small. It is good to use a smaller plate when you want to eat .Serve yourself smaller portion and put away leftovers. If you are tempted to eat take fruit or water. You can also divert your temptation to eat by doing one of the followings: Call a friend, organize your sock drawer, read a book or better take a walk. At restaurants, eat only half your meal and if possible, take the rest home.

Choose a healthy eating plan: choosing a healthy eating plan is important if you want to lose weight. A healthy eating plan emphasizes fruits, vegetables whole grain, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products that include lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts which are low in saturated fats, Tran’s fat, cholesterol, salt (sodium)   and added sugar.

Eat three meals a day: If you want to lose weight, you should try to eat three meals a day. Eating at regular intervals will not send your body into deprivation or starvation mode, which may cause you to eat more. However, when you eat, distract yourself from the desire to eat with somebody positive such as calling a friend. This can cause you to eat more than necessary.

Maintain your program: Successful weight loss managers realize that they are not on a temporary diet and exercise program rather they are starting a permanent new lifestyles. In order to maintain their program, they stick to their plan. If you want to keep your weight loss program going, condition your mind to carry on your program for a long term.

Make your physical activity regular: if you want to lose weight or maintain your weight loss. You may need to do regular physical activity. Regular physical activity is the key to successful weight control. When you want to think of physical activity, consider simple activities, such as walking, gardening, yard work, household chores and playing with kids. These activities are all productive.

Aerobic activities can also help to speed up your heart and breathing while moving your body at a moderate or vigorous pace .Choose aerobic activities that are fun. You can try one of these activities or others you enjoy. They include; brisk walking or jogging, bicycling swimming, aerobic exercise classes, dancing (square dancing, salsa, African dancing, and swing) and playing basket ball or soccer.

Do not overdo your activity: Don’t push yourself to the higher end of the target range. A brisk one hour walk a day is a terrific goal for steady and healthy weight management.

Be good to yourself. Do not stress yourself in your daily live if you want lose weight. Stress can cause you to over eat, feel tired and not wanting to do any thing. To help yourself you should do the following:

Get plenty of sleep

Practice deep breathing while relaxing your muscles one at a time.

Take a break and go for walk.

Take short stretch breaks throughout the day.

Try talking yoga or tai chi class to energize you and reduce stress.

Try a new hobby like a pottery class, or any activity that sparks your interest.

Surround yourself with people whose company you enjoy.


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    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Great info ..Thanks for sharing

    • iyking profile image

      iyking 7 years ago

      It is good to have principles that will guide you in whatever thing you do

    • Linda Winterton profile image

      Linda Winterton 7 years ago from Midland, On. Canada

      Well done - all great tips for people wanting to change their weight.