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Healthy Eating: Top 10 Raw Vegan Foods

Updated on October 28, 2014

10 Raw Vegan Foods I Enjoy

It is hard to believe I am writing this list but here are my top 10 Raw Vegan Foods.

Hard to believe is right because in 2009 I barely ate any fresh fruits or vegetables. It was in late 2010 that I made a concerted effort to include more fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet.

YES, I would love to lose weight but I would also love for my children to break my bad eating habits and include more fresh raw vegan foods into their diets as well.

It has worked - the more I eat with health in mind, the more my boys follow my example without one nagging word from my mouth.

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Top 10 Raw Vegan Foods - My all time Favorite Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Kiwi - the bright lime color of this fruit along with it's citrus taste is perfect as is or as an addition to a salad
  2. Banana - my second most favorite fruit and the perfect companion to any smoothie either savory or sweet
  3. Kale - first tried this as a food back in 2009. Prior to that I was like many Americans and thought this was strictly a garnish.
  4. Watermelon - YUM - it is especially tasty as a liquid drink on a hot summer afternoon
  5. Lemon Cucumber - tried this odd looking cucumber this past summer when I received a couple in my CSA organic fruits and vegetables box. Called so because of the 'lemon' look but taste just like their long green relatives - the skin is thinner and not as bitter.
  6. Tomato - Since starting to grow these in my own garden they have become some of my favorite additions to salads, juices, soups, and even on their own.
  7. Blueberries - I don't think I have ever tastes fresh blueberry's before. I wasn't a big fan unless they were in juice or a muffin. My CSA organic produce box changed that for me.
  8. Avocado - I love this versatile buttery green fruit. It is perfect as is, in salads, in sandwiches and it makes the smoothest smoothies and spreads.
  9. Carrots - my husband introduced me to carrot juice early in our marriage and if you hate carrots try a number of different varieties before making your final decision. In raw tacos, I used shredded carrots to fool my mind into thinking I have cheese. :)
  10. Mango - Another excellent addition to smoothies but my all-time favorite way to enjoy Mango is with a bit of chili powder on top. This was introduced to me when my children were young by a neighbor who sold these on a stick during the summer months.


Watermelon Slushy

My new favorite cool treat on hot summer day is simply running cubed watermelon through the food processor. If you put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes it gets a bit icey and is reminiscent of a slushy.

If you have a juicer just juice the watermelon and you will have a clear yummy glass of refreshing watermelon juice.

Fire and Ice Salsa

Fire and Ice Salsa
Fire and Ice Salsa

And You Thought There Was Only One Type of Kale

Potassium Rich Bananas

Simply the Best

Bananas are simply the best fruits to add to a smoothie. Just slice, lay flat on a plate and freeze. Next time you are in the mood for a smoothie just pop a 1/2 cup of sliced frozen bananas in and you will have a smooth frozen treat.

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The Exotic Mango

Smooth and Tasty

* Grown in Southeast Asia for over 4,000 years

* Mango trees are evergreens that grow to 60 feet tall

* Yield 4- 6 years after planting

* Requires Dry and Hot weather

* Most imported from Mexico, Haiti, Caribbean and South America

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Facts from

Carrots As Medicine - Plus more trivia from the carrot museum

~ Carrots were first grown as medicine and not food.

~ Holtville California is the 'Carrot Capital of the World' hosting a carrot festival for over 60 years

~ You can make a Carrot Pan Flute

~ The Japanese word for carrot is 'Ninjin'

~ Bugs Bunny's Carrot was a 'Danvers'

Want to know more trivia about the Carrot? Visit The Carrot Museum for 101 Things You never knew about Carrots

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Blueberries - A Smoothy Recipe

1 cup blueberries

1/2 cup crushed ice

1/2 cup pineapple

Young coconut water

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. If you want a thicker smoothie add frozen banana or frozen mango.

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Lemon Cucumber

Lemon Cucumber
Lemon Cucumber

Garden Fresh Tomatoes

Garden Fresh Tomatoes
Garden Fresh Tomatoes

The Buttery Avocado - A Perfect Green Fruit

I enjoy avocado as is with a spoon and recently just enjoyed a smoothie recipe that used avocado and cucumber.

Avocados are good as spreads and dips - not just guacamole although that is a delicious way to enjoy it.

Another new recipe I was introduced to was an Avocado dressing. Just smash up an avocado and squeeze 1/2 lemon juice and stir. Add this to your salad.

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Raw Food Books - Interested in the Raw Food Diet?

There are a number of Raw food books on the market but these are some of my favorites. If money is tight google 'free raw ebook' and you will find downloadable options that will give you basic information as well.

Copyright Information

Photos not Creative Commons photos are Copyright Sara Duggan aka Momwithahook.

Learn More About My Favorite Vegan Foods

The following links will take you away from - You will learn the history of the fruit-vegetable as well as how to prepare them and even grow them.

Yummy Comments Wanted - Do You have a favorite Raw Food?

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    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 3 years ago from California

      @phoenixV Kiwi is yummy. I remember when my Dad introduced it to me as a young girl. I didn't like the looks of it but once I was brave enough to take a bite, I liked it.

      It's like sour citrus candy without the sweet corn syrup.

    • PhoenixV profile image

      PhoenixV 3 years ago from USA

      The only thing I haven't really tried on your list is kiwi. Next time I'm at the store I am going to get a couple and try them. Great article

    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 5 years ago from California

      @Joan Haines: Thanks for the blessings - I know, some of the most mouth watering foods are fresh fruits and Veggies. Avocado's are my favorite too. Yummy.

    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 5 years ago from California

      @Adriana Daniela: Mango is a tasty - I enjoy it frozen during the summer time.

    • Adriana Daniela profile image

      Adriana 5 years ago from New Market

      Mine is mango, followed closely by blueberries and raspberries

    • Joan Haines profile image

      Joan Haines 5 years ago

      Avocado. So darn good. The photos here made my mouth water. Beautiful! "Squid Angel blessings."

    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 5 years ago from California

      @SandyDell: All of those sound yummy. Off to check out your blog.

    • SandyDell profile image

      Sandy Dell 5 years ago from Lenore, Idaho

      My favorite raw food is a combination: Salads with lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, mushrooms seeds, squash, avocados ..... and whatever veggies you have on hand.

    • jasminesphotogr profile image

      jasminesphotogr 6 years ago

      Love this lens. I have so many favorites, I can't choose. Tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, carrots, spinach... see, I could go on and on! :]

    • MelRootsNWrites profile image

      Melody Lassalle 6 years ago from California

      I love avocado. I put it on my steamed vegetable sandwiches. I also enjoy different greens like frisee, escarole, butter lettuce, radicchio, etc. Great lens!

    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 6 years ago from California

      @Franksterk: Yeah, didn't really like or hate them until this summer when our CSA box had some fresh organic ones from the farm - Yum.

    • Franksterk profile image

      Frankie Kangas 6 years ago from California

      Another excellent lens. Your top 10 favorites are mine too! I love, love, love blueberries. Bear hugs, Frankster

    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 6 years ago from California

      @Grandma-Marilyn: Watermelon has definitely been a favorite of mine lately.

    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 6 years ago from California

      @annieangel1: Thanks for the Blessings dear one.

    • Grandma-Marilyn profile image

      Grandma-Marilyn 6 years ago

      My most favorite is watermelon but I love all kinds of fruits and vegies.

    • annieangel1 profile image

      Ann 6 years ago from Yorkshire, England

      brilliantly done.- angel blessed