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10 Reasons Why You Find It Difficult to Lose Weight/ Cant Lose Weight.

Updated on January 16, 2016

Will to lose weight

You can do it
You can do it

Before I begin I want to mention, that the first and foremost important thing is will.

Will to lose weight, the stronger the will the more quickly you lose weight. When it comes to losing weight I have encountered many people who just claim that they want to lose weight, but they hardly make any effort towards it, and few people who gather up all sorts of information concerning " how to lose weight? " and also join health center’s too. But they eventually quit because they lose their interest mid-way. So it’s very important to have a strong will and tenacity in achieving their goal.

1) Magic pill to lose weight.

Few people are just way too lazy. They want short cuts or something like a magic pill to lose weight, without any effort or hard work from their side.

There is no gain without pain. So you have to put on some efforts in achieving your goal. Stop being lazy, because being lazy and losing will to weight reduction goes hand in hand.

2) Procrastination.

This is just another way of being lazy. With strong motivation such people decide to start their weight loss regime. But they just keep postponing it with “I’ll start tomorrow" incantation. Especially when you see your favorite meal or suddenly have an urge to eat pizza :D. So anyway the point here is to start today and now. The TOMORROW to start losing weight is never going to come. Unless you start now!.

3) Binge eating v/s resistance

Imagine you are on a diet for few days and then suddenly one of your family members brings your favorite cousin at home or you had to attend a banquet in your favorite restaurant and, you still don't eat it then that's called Resistance. This is where many lose their battle against their effort in losing weight. One of my husband's friend was on a strict diet. He actually was visiting a doctor for joint pain and the doc asked him to lose weight. He almost lost 18 pounds in one month, with rigorous diet and jogging. That very next month he went to Pizza hut just to eat one of his favorite pizzas but, ended up eating quite a lot of them. I was aghast when he said that he was back to from where he started. In just one meal he had put on more than 8 pounds.

So you should never give up. Even if, your favorite meal in front of you, and don't lose your control. Although I suggest you eat your desired food but don't end up eating too much of it, no matter how taste it may be, that's all. Paradoxically, having a list of forbidden foods can lead to binge eating. So allow all foods but eat just small amounts of treats.

4) Unrealistic Goal.

Few people are just over zealous. Their enthusiasm is at such high level that they make unrealistic Diet routine or goals which are impossible to achieve or to continue their weight lose regime for a longer period of time. Such people give up too quickly just like the saying goes The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall. So keep your goals realistic and that which is attainable. You know yourself better than anyone, so make a diet chart that suits you and your daily routine. Don’t make things difficult on yourself by making too many changes in your diet at once. Take things slowly and God willing you may find losing weight simple and easy.

Fat burning food for weight loss

5) Impatient.

Many people want quick result, preferably with a week or fortnight at most. In their need to lose weight quickly these type of people have short term goals. They may achieve their desired result (according to their hard work), however if they don't know How to maintain weight? Then their short term goals go down the drain, because they again put on weight after some time. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

Include healthy diet and lifestyle in your daily routine. In that way you'll gradually lose the weight and later you'll also be able to maintain it without reverting back to your old self. This happened a lot with me. But now I have become a pro in this matter and very soon will write a hub on “how to maintain your weight?” look forward to it.

The above mentioned points are just few psychological reasons, which can be changed through will and determination. You just have to find a reason which can motivate you to lose weight. And then use it as a weapon, when you find your will is losing its battle against your temptations.

Now in next few reasons you may find it little hard to change the situations.

6) Genes.

According to a research it showed that the genes of your parents or forefathers also plays a role in your physical appearance. So according to it obese or lean also sometimes a result of genes. In such situations there is nothing that one can do to change their genes. However in many cases such people also have done an outstanding job, by losing their weight by sheer will and hard work.

7) Metabolism rate.

You may have slow metabolism rate or perhaps have lean muscles so your calorie burnout is at a very slow pace. If you are someone, who’s work requires them to sit in one place or for any other reason. Then this can also be the reason why you hard work is not paying off.

Keep your body busy and spend the energy of your body which you receive by eating. Try to increase your metabolism rate. What is metabolism? It means the rate of energy your body requires to keep your body engines running. In short the speed at which the calories are used by our body. By increasing metabolism rate one can lose weight even when they are resting. So you need to increase this rate either by eating healthy diet or food which burns calories or by building up some muscles through exercise or stretching.

8) The shape of your body also has a role to play in weight loss.

For instance one is trying to lose weight trough some exercise or workout who has a pear shaped body but their work out is focused on upper part of the body then you don't get very far with this mismatch. One should try to focus on the body parts where they have more fat. That is focus on areas according to their body shape.

9) Type of body fat (saturated and unsaturated fat)

This may sounds bizarre, but it's true. That the type of fat present in your body, can make it easy or tough on you to lose weight. There are mainly two types of fat one is saturated and the other is unsaturated. All fats and oils in Nature are a mixture of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The only difference between them is the proportions of each. Whether they are in plant or animal tissues Saturated fat are thick in texture and have high melting point and hence unhealthy fat, whereas unsaturated fats have weaker bonds to one another and this makes the fat less firm, it will melt at a lower temperature and hence is the good type of fat.

Now how is fat related to weight loss? Because you are what you eat. Without dragging out this topic anymore let me make things sound simple.

According to new Swedish research, "it's not just about how much fat your diet includes, it's about what type of fat you're taking in". The study, published in the journal Diabetes, found that consuming saturated fat actually builds more body fat and less muscle than consuming polyunsaturated fat. Researchers say that saturated fats may cause your body to produce more abdominal fat, also known as visceral fat. Polyunsaturated fats, on the other hand, may actually regulate the storage of visceral fat in your body.

10) Health issues.

Sometimes health acts as a catapult for weight gain or weight lose. Some of the reasons are:-

1) Under active thyroid

Thyroids play a central role in regulating your metabolism. Hence if they are under active then there is a drop in your metabolism rate, leading to weight gain.

2) Diabetes treatment

Weight gain is a common side effect for people who take insulin to manage their diabetes.

3) Steroid treatment

4) Stress and depression.

People respond differently to stress, low mood and anxiety. Some people may lose weight, while others may gain weight. “People can turn to food as a coping mechanism,” says Collins

5) Tiredness or improper sleeping pattern.

6) Fluid retention

Fluid retention causes parts of the body to become swollen, which translates into weight gain.

The above are just few examples.


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