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10 things not to do to be happy

Updated on January 4, 2017
We all felt at one point that we have a bad day.
We all felt at one point that we have a bad day.

Why our life it's unhappy?

We wake up in the morning saddened that it rains outside, we blame traffic for the delay, we lose money or we get negative answers, someone says a bad word, children are not listen to us, our life partner is absent, and the political news makes us one million nerves.

And it turns into a strange avalanche, very difficult to master, we induce a restless sleep, frustration and a general sigh: "Ahhh, what a bad day! When will everything be ok?" Most of us do not even expect things to be ok.

If we believe in better days or not, does not matter. These days will come anyway, because the world is constantly changing. There can't be bad forever. Everything evolves. Moreover, the 'evil' is not necessary and we can change it. And we do not have to take difficult actions, to read a million books and meditate for hours. We can change everything in our lives if we stop to do things the way we were used to. Below are 10 things NOT to do to be happy:

Spiteful face expression
Spiteful face expression

1. Do not be spiteful

You not even realize sometimes. You're not a bad person. But you lust, so sometimes tell them that they are stupid or wrong. You feel relieved when you do this and even if you're not proud of yourself, for yourself the truth is most important.

Why do you do it? Because you're a little selfish, jealous, angry, have problems, you're nervous, dissatisfied with your life or it's raining outside. Even if there are plausible reasons, you should not do this.

Why not? What to do? Stop immediately when you are about to tell him that is bad, stupid, dumb, stop criticizing, even though you know nothing about that person. And if you know, it's not your job. Stop judging the actions of others. Be the change you want in the world. Be a good person!

2. Do not blame others

We feel bad because of cold coming, because the traffic is infernal, because the boss is in a bad mood, because we have not received the promised salary increase, because we have not found our favorite salad at the restaurant, because the kids are screaming, because our partner is stubborn. Exactly, we have no guilt. It is the fault of society, the President, the politicians, the country in which we live, our partners, our bosses and our badly job.

Think again! You're the only one who creates life. You are solely responsible for what is happening today, now, in your existence. If you stop blaming others, whether you will take responsibility for your actions and thoughts, if you see the world in a more vivid color, then everything will change. Guaranteed!

And another thing. If you will move to another country, your situation will not change. Change yourself and then you expect to see changes around. The country where you live has nothing to do with your dissatisfaction.

Kids blaming each other
Kids blaming each other

3. Do not seek justifications

You do not want to live as a victim, right? Then stop being justified in everything that happens around you and, especially, in everything you do. Whenever you say "money is not even so important", "single women are strong" or "I don't need a business, anyway I do not know how to sell", I can say that: in the first case you are poor and full of debt, in the second case you are alone and desperate, in the third case you are undecided and you don't have confidence.

Stop seeking justification. Put yourself on the job. Solve your problems. Expect to fall from time to time, but as I said above, nothing is permanent. If you don't try, if you do not give outdated beliefs as above, if you won't risk, you will always be on the brink of success. Without ever touching it.

Complaining woman
Complaining woman

4. Stop complaining!

This is perhaps the most important thing in your life. Lamentations are the biggest enemy of your health as your financial situation, in love, relationships and family.

What happens when you complain about something? Let's say you have no money. You call a friend. You talk with him for half an hour about how unhappy you are because you did not receive the promised money. Did you solve anything? Do you think it will open the heavens and banknotes will fall upon you? Worse, you'll lose the little you have. Because that attract complaining about you. Worse and worse. Try, if you do not believe me. Or have you already tried this?

What will happen if you always cry about your husband / your wife? Do you think this will change? On The Contrary. It will get away from you. Quit crying and calm down. A frank discussion makes miracles and did not kill anyone. Can you do that?

What happens if you complain about politics, the weather, news, what others do, banks, shops, everything? Do you obtain something which others don't know? If it is good for you, then do it further. If it is not ok, then stop in these lamentations that hurt you and those around you.


5. What others are doing is none of your business

You know the ones who always have to say about the actions and words of others? Which always are superior, smart, cynical, bitter and open to criticism? Are you somehow a part of them? At least from time to time? Stop looking in the garden of others.

Why are you interested as a person in what others do, what others write, what others say, what others create? You are only responsible for what you do. You can't change what others do and say. You can't change the people around you, without changing yourself.

Yes, by the power of example! If you continue to look at what others are doing, you will be eternally unhappy. You are unique and you have a gift that the world needs. But you won't have it until you give up the hope that once "you will be esteemed."

You are not always right!
You are not always right!

6. Stop believing that you are always right

You are unique, talented and good. No one disputes that. But not always that means you are right and that you must impose your views, to be a control freak and oblige others to listen to you, to follow you and to do what you say.

Even if you are a journalist, blogger, artist or opinion maker, you must cease to think you're right. Look at it with detachment. Be calm, gentle and positive, give to others what you have learned and accept the opinions of others as they are.

What kind of life do you want to have? Full of worries, frustrations, to fight for every penny and for every relationship, to control everything and to always be running out of time, of success, of anything? If so, nothing will stop you. If not, think again. What do you think about the world and you know that you're not right?

7. Stop focusing on problems and obstacles

People with poor thinking imagines what bad things would happen in their lives, what problems they have or will have, what obstacles will find on the road. Happy people, financially and spiritually rich are focusing on opportunities and solutions. They risk more, they laugh more, and are more relaxed. You choose how you want to be!

Stop focusing on problems!
Stop focusing on problems!

8. Don't go out with slanderers, negativists and those who complain about anything

If you are very good friends, it will be easy to give up the relationship, when you will change yourself. You won't even feel when these people will come out of your life. If they are not good friends, politely refuse to be around them. If you stubbornly want to maintain the relationship, you will demonstrate that everything you listen and believe (sometimes unconsciously) - you attract into your life.

Stop rejecting everything that is offered to you!
Stop rejecting everything that is offered to you!

9. Stop rejecting everything that is offered to you

Did it happen to you that someone in the supermarket to want to pay you a chocolate or someone on the street to make you an unexpected compliment, or to receive money from someone? How did you react?

You felt embarrassed or ashamed of the whole situation? This is one of the reasons why not have everything you want in life: you don't know how to receive things. So we were raised most of us. And the rest have a big problem with their self respect. Learn to get everything with a smile: if you receive money or a compliment, if you get a salary raise or a cake from coworkers. Say "Thank you!", smile and do not feel obligated to return the favor.

10. Stop thinking that you have no choice

You stay on that terrible job because you have no choice, you have to pay rent and credits. You stay in that dull and oppressive relationship because you have no choice, you have children. You can not turn on the business of your dreams, because you have no choice, you must first learn how to do it.

You go at your job because you like comfort and you do not think you can do more or you don't have enough confidence to try something new. In relation you sit because you did not trust you. In business you'll never get. You have a lot of problems because you keep in your life: justification, hatred, fear, neglect, negative thoughts and emotions, imaginary problems, and lamentations.


After renouncing at lamentations, sighs and charges, delays, control, problems and fear, you will have it all: peace, silence, joy, health, money, happiness, success and love. The first step is to realize the chapters where you feel guilty. Not because you are really guilty, you should not believe in guilt and mistake.

Now you know better what to do and you can change that. It's up to you! Following these simple steps, you can get everything you want in life. Your dreams will come true. Become more confident in your forces, give up the past, focus on the present and the future, create your opportunities, and you will have more power, energy and love.

Follow the tips from above and you will be happy.
Follow the tips from above and you will be happy.

Are these tips enough to lead to hapiness?

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    • Romanian profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Oradea, Romania

      @peachpurple , you're right , good feelings make people happy

    • peachpurple profile image


      4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      stop feeling the negative feelings and you will be happy

    • Romanian profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Oradea, Romania

      I'm glad you find my hub intersting. I agree with what you said about hapiness.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and interesting. Thank you for this informative hub. We must do all that we can to make ourselves happy. Passing this on.

    • Romanian profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Oradea, Romania

      Thanks for your appreciation, Monia Saad. I wish you to have a good day.

    • monia saad profile image

      monia ben saad 

      4 years ago from In my Dream

      great hub contain huge advices thank you

      wish you all the best

    • Romanian profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Oradea, Romania

      Thanks for your good words, Rchrdsnc. I will write more articles after a few days, and I hope it will be positive.

    • Rchrdsnc profile image

      Carl Richardson 

      4 years ago from Midwest USA

      Nice thoughts. I sometimes wish I were writing more positive articles, too.

    • Romanian profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Oradea, Romania

      Thanks Rota, for your feedback, I'm glad you find my article good.

    • Rota profile image


      4 years ago

      very sensible advice. good hub


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