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10 tips that might help you become a better person;

Updated on April 6, 2015

The outlines below are principles that I frequently apply in my own life, that I have used to become a better person, smarter and more efficient.

I have created these outlines and I used them all the time just to get understanding myself better, what motivates me, inhibits me and what really matters to me.

So the thoughts below are the synthesized results of my meditations. I hope it will help you also.

1. When you get to think like everyone else around you, it's time to take a break and reflect. The good ideas generally are not enforced by the majority of the people. Which way the majority of the people choose often? The mediocre or easiest way to achieve a result. So when you do exactly what everyone around does, ask yourself: "Should't I do something different?".

2. Stop caring about the opinion of those who do not know you. People judge you at any time of day or night, doesn't matter what you do. Including your closest friends. The difference is that you're used to be judged by your family and you are not paying much attention on what they think now. If you would have the same attitude regardless the opinions of other people, you wouldn't doubt yourself so much.


3. You do not have to be loved by everyone around you because trying to make everyone happy, most probably will fail you. Not even a president get 100% of the people votes, he needs a little over 50% in order to win. In some cases, you do not even need to be liked by 50% of the people around but make 2-3 real good friends, people who are truly influential.

4. Between all the normal people around you, choose you to be the strange one, the different guy. The fear of being considered weird is extremely common, but those who choose to be weird / different are those who manage to impose new ideas or to change the world (even if they only change their world) . Try to do something different, unusual. The world will become curious. At first they will reject this idea but then they will try to copy it. The "secret" is to respect the ideas # 1, # 2 and # 3.


5. Instead of choosing the first solution, choose to "jump on your back".The vast majority is depending on instinct and believe that the first response to a question is the best one they can apply. However, the truly good solutions have been generated by people who have decided to act against their intuition and go beyond the first impulse. Can you believe that it was a time when athletes competing in high jump , instead of jumping on their back like they do now, they would do otherwise.

6. Develop your mind that knows to oppose. You have 2 solutions, both good, or they may cancel each other, but you must choose one. Your mind is supposed to consider both, but you use them to generate a third solution which represents the result of combining the advantages and eliminate the disadvantages of your first 2 solutions. This advice has much to do with idea no # 5, since you are not happy with what your intuition generated at the first impulse. This kind of thinking is called integrative thinking.


7. Find out the methods by which you can be influenced / handled, so you can use them in your advantage. Did you ever do something that is against your code of values, to buy a product that you did not need, to accept an insult or corruption? The companies, people around you, they try to use you and your resources in order to achieve their goals. All these entities are seeking to influence you. Discovering the way you can be influenced / handled can change the way you interact with certain entities. Moreover, it may turn around and you can be the one who leads.

8. Attempt to keep your psychological weight void, to be more versatile. One thing that can hold you back is the fear of abandoning your past. We get attached to people, objects, customs, places and when new opportunities arise extraordinary or we can change our lives for the better, we are afraid to leave everything behind. That is why we get in a relationship after another bringing with us frustrations and unfulfilled desires. We change our job and we are expecting to have the same position. We change our residence and we expect to live the same life. When you make a major change such as those described above, take it from scratch.You need to create something new, to be better or more strong, but you can form it you decide to give up the past.


9. The difference between 1st and 2nd place is too small, so if you start the work tomorrow might be too late because the performance can not be postponed. The most common excuses are: "I will start tomorrow", "tomorrow I will have the time." Why not today? Yesterday was "tomorrow" for the day before. If something is truly important to you invest even 5 minutes of your today day to become better at doing it, tomorrow might be too late. Intuition tells you that tomorrow you'll have more time to do what you want. The peak difference in any competition, between the 1st and 2nd place is given by small things. You only need one centime to win an Olympic medal, you only need one goal difference to take the World Cup. That kind of results are achieved only if you choose to work longer and smarter than others, and tomorrow is already 1 day minus to do that.

10. Smart people know how to get lazy time. Who said that a path to success is to work 24/7, means that he didn't used his brains enough in order to find a better solution, so we would be able to also have some free time or rest. In programming, one of the most important concepts is DRY = Do not Repeat Yourself . So if you do the same thing several times, or repeat yourself endlessly, that means you are doing something wrong and it's time to create a shortcut or to recall the way you do what you do.



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