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3 Easy Ways to Boost Energy Levels and Become Insanely Productive

Updated on September 10, 2017

What are you looking for when you have your first coffee in the morning? Do you really get that energy boost that makes you easily go through your day?

We all know that caffeine is just a quick fix that works great for a few minutes but then your energy starts to drain during the day and you keep feeling tired no matter what is the activity you're facing.

Today I wanna help you and challenge you to follow a few tips that will shoot your energy levels to the sky and keep you excited and motivated to easily pursue your goals and fulfil your dreams without even thinking about procrastination.

These are three suggestions that might seem obvious to you but I want to challange you to follow them and make them become an habit, only this way you'll really benefit of improved energy and mental sharpness. Once you get these results you will never want to go back..

1) Drink More Water

Yes, it's that simple. Not many of us realize how our water intake is very often insufficient to fuel our cells. Drinking water just when you're thirsty isn't enough because when that sensation comes it's already too late. It means that you are excessively dehydrated. A good habit that we should keep is to always keep a bottle of water handy no matter what kind activity we are dealing with.

Of course, water also comes from food but we need to be aware of those drinks that actually subtract water from the body such as coffee and alcohol. This last one increases your liver's work and makes you feel more tired not only the day or moment you drink it but also in the next days. So, stay away from it!

Your daily water intake depends on your sex and on the time of the year but we can approximately say it is 3.7 liters (15 cups) for the average adult male and 2.7 liters (11 cups) for the average adult female.

If you're suprised, it is absolutely normal. Try to drink more and you'll see that your body will highly benefit from it.

2) Eat Healthy and Regularly

You're probably tired of reading and listening how important food is. We all know but we keep forgetting and when we're hungry or in a rush we keep doing the wrong choices when it comes to food. We are what we eat so you really can't keep eating junk food and expect to have more energy during the day.

What does it really mean to eat healthy? As you very well know there are various answers to this questions. Dieting is a vast subject and it cannot be easily covered in this short article. Having tried different kind of diets for long periods of time I can say that the vegan diet is the one that actually gives you that extra boost that is impossible not to notice.

If you decide to drastically change your diet make sure you know exactly what to eat to make sure you get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

When it comes to improve energy many specialists suggest to use supplements such as vitamin B, D and magnesium.

What's the healthiest diet for you?

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3) Exercise Daily

It doesn't really matter what kind of activity you decide to do, just do it! Exercising for at least 15 minutes a day not only will keep you fit and healthy but it has been proven that considerably increases your energy level throughout the day.

Even a low-intensity kind of exercize, as long as it is regular, will make an incredible difference even in your mantal sharpness. Regular exercise infact improves memory, thinking skills, reduces stress, improves self confidence and makes you more productive not in your work but also following your dreams.

Vegan Athlete Meal to Boost Energy


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