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10 weight loss tips in soaking bath

Updated on November 2, 2011

Weight Loss Tips in Bath

Taking a hot water bath after a busy day can always make you comfortable and relaxed. Maybe you don’t know that in some ways, soaking in bath can be helpful in your blood circulation and speeding metabolism. It is also good in losing weight. There are 10 bath tips can make girls lose weight easily.

10 Tips

1.    Bathing lower limbs: there is a saying in Chinese medication: if your head is cold, your feet should be hot, but most of the situation is in reverse. This means many people have “cold body”, especially fat people, cold body is one of the causes of being fat, so many fat people feel cold even in hot summer. Soaking lower limbs in 30℃-45℃ hot water can be effective in reducing body fat. If continuously soak your cold feet in hot water can take your body back to normal, namely blood circulation and metabolism.
2.    Sauna bath: you don’t know that sauna bath is really helpful in weight loss. Why? Human body has a function of adjusting its temperature in relatively hotter or colder surroundings, both of the process can burn up lots of calories. Sauna booth is usually in 80℃,that means it the high temperature makes capillary enlarge and speed up blood circulation and metabolism. It makes body sweat and exclude toxins out. The excluding process also dredges lymphatic system and prevents partial body fat accumulation.
3.    Seaweed weight loss bath: there is a kind of seaweed on the market, whose seaweed can effectively shrink skin. There were seaweed fragments on the surface of the soap can stimulate the acupuncture points of your skin, so it should have an effect on weight loss. You can apply it on your skin where it needs to be applied. You should tolerate for a long time so that it takes effect.
4.    Removing skin dirt: our body generates dead cells everyday and when they accumulate on our skin it becomes skin dirt. If skin dirt is not cleaned completely, it should block the sweat from evaporating. Once sweat is blocked, the body toxins accumulate bit by bit and obstructs metabolism. To prevent this kind of vicious cycle, you should clean the surface of your skin and unobstructed. We may take soft towel to gently massage skin to improve blood circulation.
5.    Medicine bath: if we add Chinese medicine into our both water, it will not only clean the skin but also it infiltrates into our body tissue and dredge our channels and collaterals. It can prevent illnesses and beautify our skin.
6.    Tepid double bath: besides one bathtub, you should prepare another. Release hot water into one and tepid water into another. You should take turns switching between bathtubs.
7.    Green tea bath: green tea has a very good effect on improving metabolism and getting rid of body fats. So putting some green tea leaves into your bathwater can be very rewarding.
8.    Essential oil bath: you should drop 8-10 drops of essential oils in your bath water, the temperature should be as high as 40℃.
9.    Coarse salt bath: put two spoons of coarse salt into bath water and wait for 5 minutes, then you should start bathing.
10.    Coffee bath: put some coffee into the water, but it should be noted that you should clean your skin before going to bath. Coffee is a good ingredients for getting rid of dirt on your skin.


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