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5 Worst Jobs for Your Body/How To Maintain Your Health While Working

Updated on October 26, 2011

We work hard and our bodies and minds suffer for it. Time to change this!

Millions of people bust their hump everyday to make their lives better or to maintain their current lifestyle. They are tired, sore, "getting sick" every month, and becoming broken due to their lack of motivation to take care of themselves properly. The drive to make that money is becoming greater than the drive to live better and healthier. If you are one of those people, you need to take a break and read this. I am going to list 5 of the worst jobs on your body and how you can make it easier on your body and mind while going through the daily grind. When you take care of your health consistently, then you will become more productive in any job you do and your moral will be higher making it a whole lot easier to get out of bed in the morning and go to work. Being healthy and happy are the key ingredients for a successful, fulfilling life. Just getting up in the morning and dragging yourself to work, and going through the motions is no way to live at all. It wears down your body,mind, and spirit. Staying healthy is a great way to prevent this from happening!

5 Worst Jobs for your body:

1.)Construction worker, roofers, maintenance technicians, and ditch diggers. - This is the top one because these jobs are by far the most grueling manual labor jobs out there and they take a lot out of the people who have made this their choice of profession. Buildings need to be built and maintained, roofs need repair, we need copper pipes underground for certain services, and things need to be fixed. Even though there is a high demand for this profession, it is not appreciated as much as it should be and very hard on the body. If you are in construction or maintenance, there are some things you can do to make your life a lot easier and help the dread of going to work go away for good;

a.) I know it sounds girly but this is important and it works, take a bath at the end of the day instead of a shower. Use Aromatherapy and epson salts. This will completely relax all those muscles you overworked all day and the Aromatherapy will sooth your mind and help you sleep better.

b.) Naturally relieve tension headaches with massage, aromatherapy, and meditation. This will psychologically make you feel more in-control of your body resulting in a better body image and a more positive outlook on things. Simply taking a pill just masks the issue creating a never-ending cycle of continuous headaches. What's the point in that?

c.) Talk about it. Whether it's with a co-worker, therapist, or your wife; discussing how you feel and "venting" to someone is extremely critical to maintaining your emotional and mental health. Keeping your feelings and frustrations bottled up can do longterm damage that will be hard to repair or reverse in the future.

2.) Police Officers and other law enforcement agents - For those of you who are in this field, I commend you. You are on your feet all day long with only few breaks. A lot of people think that all cops do is sit on their butts in their cars eating donuts and playing on their laptops in their cars, but this isn't true. That is only in the movies people! Police officers go through a lot of mental and emotional trauma. They are trained to control their emotions with certain situations and they make it look easy; but I assure you it's not, especially in the early years of their career. They are still human no matter how long they have been in this profession and the physical and emotional strain can be a lot to bear at times and here's how to make it easier:

a.) At the end of the day, TAKE A BATH in epson salts and with Aromatherapy. This goes for both women and men. For a man, this may be harder to consider due to biased opinion that baths are for broads. This is absolutely NOT the case and I am here to tell you, it will help with the improvement of your physical, emotional, and mental state.

b.) Talk about it. Not with your family, though. Civilians do not need to know the gory details of what you have to see and go through every day. They have not been properly trained on how to deal with it. Instead chose a co-worker or partner that you trust or use a therapist to vent to and get your frustrations out, plus these therapists can also help you learn better communication skills to use with your family and other loved ones.

c.) Make sure you have the proper footwear to work in and if you have to add some gel insoles, DO IT, your feet, ankles, and lower back will thank you.

d.) Don't reach for the donuts or easy sweetbreads, go for the Ensure and nutritional meal bars and shakes if you are pressed for time during lunch or dinner. You will have more energy and feel better about yourself in the long run.

e.) Do some simple stretches in the morning after waking up.

3.) Housekeepers and Domestic Engineers (stay at home moms) - Maintaining the cleanliness and upkeep of a home, hotel, or business is really hard work and very demanding on the back and joints. The people who do this are always bending over, bending down, and bending back, reaching, scrubbing, pushing, pulling, folding, stirring, mixing, and well...just about everything you can think of. This job is one of the less appreciated and many people who are a stay at home mom or housekeepers often find themselves taken for granted leading to resentment and hard feelings toward loved ones or employers. Taking care of oneself is critical to keeping away these negative feelings and thoughts, and here's how to do it;

a.) Do not try to do everything at once. Break up certain chores and do a little bit at a time and take frequent breaks (if you are a stay at home mom)

b.) If you are a housekeeper, try to come up with a systematic way of cleaning that doesn't make you feel overwhelmed or overworked and always make sure you are somehow listening to upbeat music by MP3 Player or a stereo, which will make time fly faster and your work will be more productive by putting that "pep in your step".

c.) Always find at least 20 minutes at the end of the day to soak in a bath with epson salts and candles scented with some type of relaxing Aromatherapy.

d.) Your mental state of mind is very fragile with this work due to your loved ones or employer taking what you do for granted because they themselves are not fully aware of the effort put in. Find someone to talk to on a regular basis, vent, get it off your chest. Talk to your loved ones when you don't feel like you are getting enough appreciation from them ( like when you just finished mopping the floor and one of them throws their muddy shoes on it after coming in from soccer practice instead of taking them to the bathroom and washing them off.) Let everyone in the family know that they can help you by doing little things that will keep you from pulling your hair out. Like always putting the dirty clothes into the hamper, not eating messy foods in their bedrooms, cleaning up little spills that they make instead of just leaving it there for you to take care of, ect.

If you are a housekeeper, talk to your co-workers and see if you can find a way to help each other out more and spread the work load evenly so that everyone is happy.

4.) Computer Analyst/Programmer - Sitting at the computer for hours at a time is very hard on your back, neck, wrists, and eyes. Most people in this profession have poor posture due to poor ergonomics (the way they sit, the position of the keyboard, and how high their chair is). Some of the ways to make it easier for yourself;

a.) One word - Ergonomics! Position your keyboard so that your wrists are slightly resting on the closest edge towards your body, straighten your back, and position your chair accordingly making it easier to maintain a good posture.

b.) Invest in a back brace and use it as soon as you start to feel that ever familiar pain in your lower back.

c.) To keep from developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, take a 3-5 min break and massage your fingers and wrists, rotating them clockwise and counterclockwise to prevent loss of Range of Motion.

d.) When you start to feel strain on your eyes or are experiencing double vision from staring at the screen, STOP and take a break by closing your eyes for several minutes.

5.) Nurses and Orderlies - These people are on their feet all day and nearly break their backs lifting patients for different things ( sponge baths, cleaning, changing beds, ect) There is a lot of mental and emotional stress that comes along with this profession as well. Nurses have to stay in a constant state of professionalism while being empathetic with their patients, as they are not very cooperative a lot of the time, especially in the Geriatric wards and Psych wards. This is very exhausting on the mind and body. Here's how to stay sane:

a.) Do your stretches in the morning and meditate for about 15-20 minutes. Eat a good breakfast and enjoy your cup of coffee.

b.) Don't get involved in drama between co-workers. It only adds onto the stress.

c.) This is common sense and a universal knowledge, but I'm going to say it anyway; when lifting patients, use proper stance and keep the weight off of your back, don't strain.

d.) Talk about it, cry, vent, whatever you have to do to cleanse your soul. Believe me, it improves your moral and feels like a great weight being lifted off of your shoulders.

e.) Taking a bath with epson salts after you get home is a good idea.

f.) Wear proper footwear and massage your ankles, rotating them frequently to prevent varicose veins.

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