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100 Workout for Target Toning with the EZ Swimmer What You Need to Know

Updated on March 25, 2016

EZ Swimmer is the ultimate in swim fitness programs - whether for the beginner, intermediate or advanced - there is something for everyone. Most of us, actually over 95% cannot swim more than 3 laps unaided. Yet, all of us need and want the target toning and the cardio exercise that water exercises provide.

How? How Does the EZ Swimmer Actually Work?

What if you we could target tone with an ergonomic barbell that kept us afloat, feet off the swimming pool floor but provided many of the great exercises that are so beneficial on land - but right in the water? Now you can with an innovative tool, a swim fitness tool - the EZ Swimmer.

Swim Board

photo of Darrel Burnett with swim board
photo of Darrel Burnett with swim board

Swim Board

Two girls swimming with the swim board
Two girls swimming with the swim board

The heavier we are, typically the higher amount of body fat we have. On land due to gravity, the heavier we are - the greater the resistance we will have.  In the water, this rule no longer holds true.  The water literally customizes everything for us - automatically.  The water unloads the joints or take all the weight off the joints.  For the person with low body fat, they will feel more resistance in the water.  For the person with more body fat, they will feel much less resistance because their body wants to float or be buoyant in the water.

For example, elite athletes are "heavier" in the water because they have no body fat. So amazingly the EZ Swimmer is ideal for ALL adults. For very petite under 100 lbs or children under 90 lbs, there is simply too much buoyancy. Remember this is a fitness tool not a toy. Think of the EZ Swimmer as an ergonomic barbell made specifically for the water.

Why? Full Body Workout

The EZ Swimmer provides a full body workout. Aptly named EZ Swimmer because this innovative swim fitness tool brings to us all the great benefits of full immersion swimming without immersing our head under the water.

What? Toning and Sculpting

Toning and sculpting are outstanding with our own body weight. This form of exercise on land is called "calisthenics". Calisthenics uses our own body weight for targeted toning. Creating muscle with our own body weight gives gymnasts some of the most beautiful human bodies in the world. Unless you want to bulk up, the EZ Swimmer when used with proper number of repetitions will tone and sculpt your entire body.

Who? Sizing of the EZ Swimmer

This is a big surprise. Remember, the water is unique.

Understanding the common sense properties of water, makes proper sizing of this fitness tool simple. Sizing - must be over 90 lbs and under 6'2". We have had numerous request for the elite athlete and for those over 6'2" - this segment needs a larger fitness tool with more buoyancy. This advanced version of the EZ Swimmer has been named the TD.24.7 Fitness Tool. Designed with the same complicated curves but in a much larger version.

While the majority of the adult world needs the EZ Swimmer, American Son Products has researched the needs and responded with answers. As for the child's size - for those under 90 lbs., remember, this is a fitness tool, not a toy. The fitness standards for proper use are critical for adults and children too.

Proper Breathing Techniques Needed for Targeted Toning

In many forms of target toning from body building to Pilates, a fundamental element in proper form is deep breathing. Our muscles need hydration and oxygen. Breathing deeply was first noted in body building. Joseph Pilate's brilliantly followed suit. And so too, with the target toning right in the water - deep breathing and exhaling during exertion is needed.

Posture & Water Aerobics - Take Your Workout to the Water

As with all exercise movements, posture counts. Posture counts at every moment in life - from sitting to standing to gazing at some of our electronic devices. Posture in target toning is absolutely critical.

"3 Nevers" for Fitness and Water Aerobics

Experts tell the inventor - me - not to showcase the "3 Nevers". A large prestigious health club chain openly disagrees with me on this item. As a former CFO and in charge of risk management, I have spent decades promoting safety. Safety is not sexy and it does not sell but it may save lives.

My background - my Mother saved someone from drowning. Friends around me have lost loved ones from drowning accidents. The 3 Nevers are safety measure and very memorable.

A great young man who stated the joy in life in the journey died in a drowning accident. A great athlete who had ran a marathon the day he died. Water safety is never to be taken for granted.

Medical Review

Exercise programs in all cases must be cleared by a close review with your personal physician. Your doctor knows your limitations. If cleared by your physician proceed. In all cases, share with your swim fitness instructor your physical limitations. In many cases, substitutions can be easily given. These substitutions will help you best obtain your fitness goals and prevent injuries.

Why is Water Exercise Wise?

As I tell my clients and shout with joy over the fantastic properties of the water for exercise. 1.) The Water Is Kind to Joints - yes, we all knew that one - stay with me here...

2.) Water Exercise is Efficient - we have 360 degrees of resistance in the water. Water walking as my master aquatics instructor has taught me is equal to 2-3 times the same effort on land. So if you walk for 10 minutes in the swimming pool - the equivalent is 20-30 minutes of effort on land.

3.) Water Exercise is Heart Happy - due to a property of water called hydrostatic pressure, our resting heart rate goes down 15-18 beats per minute....[citation needed]. So water exercise is wise because we can get a great workout with much less stress on our heart muscle.

Drawbacks of Water Exercise - Water Aerobics & Weight Loss Too!

A good writer gives a balanced view. My view is not balanced as I am the inventor. In all fairness, I do want you to know that drawbacks of water exercise. Two of our most important muscles for our metabolism and for toning are difficult to fully tone in the water. Our sartorius muscle is the longest in our body and the quadriceps the large thigh muscle is the largest of our 640 muscles in our body. Knowing the longest and largest muscle can help with weight loss. Knowledge is power.

Water exercise is fun and doesn't feel effective - not true - if you understand the science. Swim fitness is more than just a low impact workout routine - it also is heart happy and great at target toning and unsurpassed for flexibility.

Hydration is Needed Especially for Water Exercise

Water exercise has been touted as simply fun but it has been proven to be effective. It is the effectiveness combined with the lower heart rate and the low impact on the joints that sets up for trouble - if we do not provide adequate hydration to the activated muscles. Remember the body is made of 70% of water, muscle contains 75%. It is absolutely mandatory to drink water before during and after your swim fitness exercise program.

Why is Water Exercise Not for Wimps?

Cardiovascular exercise with water aerobics has been exalted for decades. Sadly the term water aerobics brings up the image as I have been told repeatedly "my 70 year old grandmother". Yet, the men and women (and more men are wising up!) who take their workout to the water are strong and healthy and exuberant. The dedication and the energy of people who exercise in the water are always much higher than our land only exercisers. The best exercise program is the triathlete - yet many cannot and will not even try swim fitness.

Why is the triathlete program supreme? For one, it mixes up the muscles used. For another, it targets those large muscles where water exercise is sometimes weak.

Why Target Toning?

Tone muscles are strong and sexy. The human body was made to move. It is the movement that tones the muscles. Sculpting the abdominals and the obliques is very satisfying and for many of my clients they crave the abdominal workout. Many an elite athlete has shouted the praises of the abdominal workout. One of my greatest pleasures is hearing a male shout the praise of feeling their abdominal muscles! You see, the targeted toning is customized, you use your own weight. The Train Your Abs Crunch is wonderful for all sizes and for all shapes - and crosses effectively the male/female boundaries.

Can I Combine with Cardio?

Often new instructors and new clients concentrate so hard upon targeted toning they leave out the cardio all together. A great swim fitness program is both cardio and target toning - this is what best mimics the benefits of full immersion exercise benefits.

What works best? A water program of 45-50 minutes with 20 minutes of target toning is ideal. This allows a proper warm-up and a cool down with stretching and tension relief at the end and plenty of time for cardio. The best of both worlds - cardio and target toning!

A Call for Questions - Suggestions

As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and the inventor of the EZ Swimmer, as I pull together the photos and videos and explanations, I welcome your involvement. I love questions and appreciate suggestions. My goal is to provide a complete program that is simple and easy to understand. I don't believe in paying for training. I want to train everyone. I seek understanding. I wish for others to be motivated - not just to try the EZ Swimmer but to try the associated land exercises are well.

Exercising is all too often a foreign subject. Understanding our body is long overdue.

Learning from each other is the best and most practical form of learning.

Swim Board

man sitting on the edge of the swimming pool holding the swim board
man sitting on the edge of the swimming pool holding the swim board

Prototype 1 and 2 and 3

The EZ Swimmer took years to develop and even more years to fully understand the most effective exercises.

The curves are extremely complicated. Our engineer who contracted the biomedical engineer states that only a handful of people in the world would be able to effectively engineer this advanced fitness tool.

The curves are designed expressly for comfort. The weight combined with the extreme curves serves to offer the exclusive Seated Balance - the world's first balance ball for the water!

The Backstory Behind Prototype 3

The product was finished and taken to an elite fitness conference. One of the members requested to be able to sit on the product. This inventor loves a challenge. I went back to the drawing board and asked the biomedical engineer to redo the product to create a balance ball in the water.

We were ready for production - it would have been much simpler not to created a completely multifunctional tool. And of course, it would have been more profitable to have two products. But I wanted one tool - one multipurpose tool so I actively choose to go back to the drawing board. Much to the dislike of both the biomedical engineer and my manufacturer!

The Back Story Behind the Calisthenic Exercise Program

Once the fitness tool was in production, the inventor actively sought out the best instructors in the industry. The results were fascinating and very helpful. Two international conferences and countless instructors in the water - trying out each exercise allowed us to put together an exercise program that is tried and true and simple. The rules are few and far between. The reasoning behind each recommendation completely logical with practical reviews and several trails - yes, many errors too - we know the pitfalls and will readily detail so that your learning curve is very quick.

EZ Swimmer Prototype 1

swim board prototype
swim board prototype
swim board prototype
swim board prototype

Water Calithenics Demonstration Video - Take Your Workout to the Water

Progression of Articles - As Easy as 1, 2, 3

The progression of the articles has been made very simple - series 1, 2  and 3 provides everything you need to get started.  Series 700 is the advanced Seated Balance which is an intermediate program and not well suited for everyone.  The Seated Balance is difficult, challenging and can be very rewarding but like the balance ball on land, it is not a fundamental.  The other exercises combined with a strong cardio program will give you a full body workout.

The 900 series is mainly targeted to instructors.  Helpful but not necessary information for end uses.  Most of my clients are very highly educated and often very curious - they want to know everything so everything is an open book - even the instructor's series to the end users.

Swim Board Fun!

group of young adults with the swim board
group of young adults with the swim board

Swim Board

Swim Board different exercises
Swim Board different exercises
pyramid of hierarchy of swim fitness including the swim board
pyramid of hierarchy of swim fitness including the swim board

Swim Fitness Comes of Age

The EZ Swimmer will not replace swimming, it will not replace water aerobics, but it will provide a great compliment to your swim fitness program by adding in targeted toning complete with your own body weight - completely customized.

Just as the swim fitness pyramid details, swimming can be anything and everything to everyone - from recreational swimming with no concern for exercise (the foundation - the most familiar of all swim fitness programs) to water aerobics to target toning or resistance training with aquatic barbells or the innovative EZ Swimmer to the very top tier that 95% of us will never know - full immersion swimming. Swim fitness offers something for everyone - all intensities - all sizes and all ages.

Journey with me through a couple of articles that provide details of the swim fitness calisthenic exercises. The steps are simple - abdominal (crunches), biceps (push downs) and the triceps. The advanced Seated Balance is not for everyone. Don't be disheartened, work on the abs and the Seated Balance will become a possibility.

Swim Board Fitness Moves

Balance ball in the water.  Work your core muscles.  Water Aerobics - Take Your Workout to the Water!  Exclusive Seated Balance - a balance ball in the water
Balance ball in the water. Work your core muscles. Water Aerobics - Take Your Workout to the Water! Exclusive Seated Balance - a balance ball in the water
Sit ups in the water.  Water Aerobics - Take Your Workout to the Water!  Wonderful crunches in the water.
Sit ups in the water. Water Aerobics - Take Your Workout to the Water! Wonderful crunches in the water.
Push Ups - aka push downs in the water.  Water Aerobics - Take Your Workout to the Water!  Wonderful push ups int the water!
Push Ups - aka push downs in the water. Water Aerobics - Take Your Workout to the Water! Wonderful push ups int the water!

5 Star Reviews on Allegro Medical

"The EZ Swimmer is great for use in the hot tub or a swimming pool. I can achieve all the cardio work I need plus muscle toning without the wear and tear on my joints. The fact that I do not have to be an expert swimmer is an added bonus. Very easy to use and store. Exercise doesn't get any better or easier. "
by Windy City Swimmer from Chicago, IL

Great Resistance Fitness Tool!
Pros: High Quality Soft Foam. Strengthens. Comfortable. Cons: Bulky. Best Uses: Low Impact Exercise. Strength Training. Weight Loss. Describe Yourself: Frequent Exerciser.

"Great product for muscle toning! Seated Balance is very challenging at first but easily obtainable - an important exercise as we age. Our group at the YMCA was very comfortable with the Seated Balance, one person who claimed her abdominal were "out to lunch" was uncomfortable with the water sit-ups. The water sit-ups and the lizard leg movements really target and tone those hard to reach muscles. Overall great product for group exercise. "
by YMCA Group Water Fitness from Rockford, Illinois



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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Carolina Muscle,

      Yes, very different concept - thinking outside the box. Thank you for stopping by and listening and contributing. I greatly appreciate it.

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      what an interesting concept!


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