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100 Ways You Can Save a Life

Updated on October 05, 2014
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David has had a variety of life experiences which he loves to share with his readers.

Everyone needs a life saver every once in awhile.
Everyone needs a life saver every once in awhile. | Source

How You Can Save a Life

There are a variety of ways you can save a life - big or small. They may seem insignificant, but history has proven the smallest of things can save the life of someone you care about, a complete stranger, or even someone you don't like.. Below are 100 ways you can do this. If you have more you can think of, then please leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear more.

Help spread the word about how to save a life!
Help spread the word about how to save a life! | Source

20 Total Ways to Save a Life

  • Take action. If someone collapses and appears not to be breathing, then take action, don't just sit there. Give CPR, call 911, help assist. If someone is bleeding, do all you can to stop it. A little assistance can go a long way in saving someone.
  • Donate your time. Donating your time to someone or something can be a big help. Helping at a homeless shelter, helping build a house, anything to help someone stay alive. Your time is a valuable thing to give.
  • Teach someone to read. Reading may seem like a trivial thing, but it isn't. Without being able to read, most everyone would be unable to get a job. If you know someone who can't read, then help them.
  • Help your local law enforcement. If you see a crime, report it. Every crime has a victim, even if it's the suspect themselves. Help your community by reporting any crime you see to law enforcement. You may help a spouse that could be emotionally or physically abused.
  • Listen. Just listening to someone can be a huge help. If you listen to what someone has to say, what their feelings are, etc., you could end up finding a way to save their life, or keeping them from taking their own.
  • Recycle. Recycling may not have a direct effect on how you can save someone's life, but in the long term, and if enough people do it, it can be. Saving the environment means we are saving ourselves and our future children.
  • Donate money. Donate money to a charity, or to someone who is down on their luck. Sure, there is a chance the money could be used for something bad, but there is always that chance you help that person get back on their feet with the money you give them.
  • Drive safely. If you drive while talking on your cell phone, drive too fast, or even drive recklessly, you could be putting other peoples lives in danger. Instead, be a good driver. Especially watch that road rage, which could take away lives, not save them.
  • Support the ill. Instead of looking and withdrawing from a friend, family member, or stranger that could be sick, embrace them. Provide that emotional support and help them through the difficult time they are facing.
  • Give someone a job. If you have the power, then hire someone who appears to be struggling in their life. Just because someone is poor and/or jobless, doesn't mean they aren't worthy of a job. Give them that chance, and save their life.
  • Encourage someone. If you see someone having a hard time in their life, offer encouragement. Tell them that they are doing well, and they will continue to do well in the future. It may push them forward.
  • Work at a suicide hotline. This is a hard choice to make, but you can save a lot of lives this way. If someone calls a suicide hotline, they are seeking help. Help them as much as you can, tell them to find permanent help so that their lives may be saved.
  • Donate clothing. Donating clothing, blankets, and other items could help a family in need. While you may take your clothes for granted, some people may have little, especially in the cold months. Donating can save someone.
  • Be nice. A lot of people naturally act mean and rude to one another. Instead, be nice. That niceness could spread, and could spare others anguish of mean people around them. Being mean someone could push them over to hurting themselves or others.
  • Teach a trade skill. Someone may be a good worker, but has no skills to enter the job market. Without a job, someone could find themselves homeless, or worse. If you have skills to pass on, even to someone who already has plenty of skills, pass them on.
  • Have an intervention. If someone has a problem, then have an intervention to discuss the issue and how you can help them. The person won't like it, but depending on what the issue is, it may be necessary.
  • Donate food. Food is a basic necessity we all have. Giving the gift of food can keep someone living for a day, a week, or even a month. This isn't just around the holidays, but throughout the year.
  • Offer your services. If a family can't afford to get their broken down car fixed, but you are able to fix it, then offer to do it for free. That car may be necessary to get kids to school, to help someone get to a job, etc.
  • Offer a place to stay. This doesn't mean put them up in your home. It could mean putting them up in a hotel room, apartment, etc. Living on the streets or in an abusive home is hard. So you could save someone by getting them away from that situation.
  • Drive someone around. Maybe an elderly person is no longer able to drive, but has doctor's appointments, errands to run, and so on. Take them with you to get those errands done. A critical doctor's visit may save someone's life.

Don't just try to save people in your own home, try to save others as well.
Don't just try to save people in your own home, try to save others as well. | Source

40 Total Ways to Save a Life

  • Don't ignore someone. The worst thing you can do is ignore someone in need. Instead, to save that person's life, give them attention. See what they need. Ignoring the problem may make it go away, but it doesn't mean it's right.
  • Give a pet. Some people are lonely or sad, and could use some companionship. Providing a pet, especially to someone who didn't think a pet could fill that void, could save that person's life. They could go from being depressed, to being happy just because they have a pet in their life. Plus, if you adopt form a shelter, you could be saving the life of an animal as well.
  • Be a role model. Some people need guidance in their life. A role model is a very good way to help someone. I always thought the idea was silly, until I met someone who became my role model, and this person became a huge influence in my life.
  • Go out with someone. Go to the movies, miniature golf, etc. Show someone a good time and that life is worth living. There could be those hermits who feel there is nothing outside of their home that is worth going out for. Show them otherwise.
  • Get a job that helps people. You can be a doctor, a cop, firefighter, or any profession that deals with saving the lives of others. Jobs like this are a noble calling, but you can save many lives this way.
  • Donate an organ. This may seem extreme, but perhaps you have an organ someone desperately needs. It is a very difficult decision, and one you shouldn't take lightly, but it will save someone's life.
  • Give blood. Almost anyone can give blood. Blood saves the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people a day. It's easy to give, and you can give it often. So give the gift of blood.
  • Provide emotional support. Sometimes people go through hard things in life, like a death of a family member. Provide emotional support to someone in need to get them through difficult times.
  • Reunite family. Sometimes families split apart due to a fight or other unfortunate circumstances. This can cause a rift that either side won't want to fix. Be the good person and find a way to reunite the family. It can fix problems before it gets worse, preventing guilt and other heartache.
  • Help someone finish school. Finishing school is very important for someone's future, whether it be high school, GED, college, or trade school. Help someone finish school so they can build towards a good future.
  • Show someone religion. Sometimes people need the support of a higher power before they feel their life can be saved. Even those who don't think they believe, could find themselves praying. Sometimes prayer is enough to save the life of someone.
  • Become an organ donor. This is different than donating an organ while you are alive. If your country has a way, become an organ donor upon death. There is no reason not to save the lives of others, just because you have passed on.
  • Prevent an abortion. Now I am not talking burning an abortion clinic, or stopping an abortion for other legitimate means. But if someone is considering an abortion just because they don't want a child, try to convince them why they should keep the child.
  • Give someone medication. If someone has the flu, or other illness that can be fixed by medication you can get legally, then give it to them. Simple medication may mean the difference between life and death for someone.
  • Get someone some assistance. If someone is going through a hard time due to drugs, abuse, financial issues, etc., then get them the help they need. Show them that there is a way out of their situation, and that you want to help them get it.
  • Be a friend. Sometimes being a friend is all someone needs. For them to feel liked and wanted. A friend to go out with, have dinner with, and just have a good time with. A person will feel wanted and needed in this world.
  • Stop a fight. If you see someone in a fight, then stop it. The victim and aggressor could end their lives in a fight, depending how far it goes. If you stop a fight before it starts, then you could be saving the future of two or more people.
  • Oppose war. Wars aren't worth it. No matter the war or the reason, innocent people always die. While you alone may not be able to do enough, a large community of people opposing a war could make it stop happening. This is the same as creating world peace.
  • Be optimistic. Emotions and behaviors spread. If you are pessimistic about something, it will bring everyone down, even depress them. If you are upbeat, then that will spread as well. Always show the positive side of things, it may affect those who are feeling down.
  • Help during natural disasters. The one time people need help the most are during natural disasters. More than ever, people have to stick together and help one another. Everyone can save a lot of lives if they work together.

Even in times of war, we can try to help our enemy survive.
Even in times of war, we can try to help our enemy survive. | Source

60 Total Ways to Save a Life

  • Learn basic triage. Knowing if someone is worth saving, over someone who can't be saved, will save someone's life. If there is some sort of disaster, learning how to quickly determine who can be saved can save more lives in the long run.
  • Tell someone, "I love you". This could mean worlds to a person. Don't do it to someone who could be in love with you, but with a friend, someone you are close to, or family, those three words could mean a lot.
  • Celebrate someone's birthday. People most want to be remembered on their birthday. Some people wonder why they were born at all, and celebrating someone's birthday may make them realize they are important, and that they should have been born into this world.
  • Encourage someone to stop smoking. Smoking kills, that's a fact. If you or a loved one smokes, do your best to encourage them to stop. Tell them the affect it could have on themselves and their loved ones.
  • Stop a suicide. A lot of people react when a suicide happens, but don't try to prevent it in the first place. They ignore the warning signs. Don't ignore them, instead, act on the signs and get the person help right away.
  • Learn CPR. Learning how to perform CPR can keep someone alive until medical assistance can arrive. Anyone can do it with simple training. You can perform hands only CPR to the beat of the song, "Staying Alive".
  • Stand up to a bully. Bullies, in person or online, can be devastating to someone. People can be bullied anytime, anywhere by any means. I know how bad I felt when I was bullied as a child, so I can only imagine how children feel now when they are bullied on a consistent basis. Talk to the parents, school, anyone to get the bullying to stop.
  • Help someone exercise. Someone who is overweight, or has other conditions related to their health, may need to exercise. It's hard to get someone to do it, especially if they feel they don't need it. Exercise with them, run together, go to the gym together. Exercising is a great way to get healthy.
  • Acknowledge someone. You don't have to be friends with someone to recognize them. This could be a CEO recognizing an employee. There have been stories of just that, and the person deciding not to commit suicide because they felt important and recognized by their boss.
  • Stop discrimination. Unfortunate, discrimination can't be stopped. Everyone holds some form of discrimination against someone else. It's learning how to control and accept someone for what they are is what matters and stops the hate.
  • Write to someone in prison. Now, I am not really for supporting criminals. However, people make mistakes and sometimes need to turn their lives around. When friends and family turn their backs on someone in jail, a letter from a stranger may set them on the right path.
  • Give some water. Water is a need for everyone. Giving someone some water can save their lives, especially when it's hot, when someone has done a lot of physical activity, or been sick.
  • Lend your phone. A phone call could be the only thing between saving a life or not. As scary as it may seem to lend your phone to someone, do it anyway. More than likely, it will be fine. Better yet, donate your old cell phones for someone else in need of them so that everyone has access to a cell phone.
  • Fund a scholarship. Some people want to go to college, but are unable to because they can't afford it. That may cause them to go down the wrong path in life. If you have the money, fund a scholarship that will go to a person in need.
  • Break up a gang. Despite what they seem like, being a gang member is not a good thing. You may be in a group of like minded people, but that path will only lead to death. If you know someone in a gang, do your best to pull them out of it.
  • Visit a retirement home. Most people think that is where the elderly go to die. The truth is that some of those in a retirement home may be in there because their family stopped caring, but they could still live on for years and be fully capable of enjoying life. Visit a retirement home and bring joy to those who feel they have nothing left to live for.
  • Support the arts. This one may not make much sense, until you realize a lot of those artists don't make a lot of money. Not only could they give up on their trade, they may have to give up all that they have. Support the arts, and give those with a talent a reason to live.
  • Help the handicapped. Those with a physical or mental disability are people too. Some may feel ignored or worse because of their disability. Don't ignore those people, help them. Make them feel like life is worth living.
  • Plant a garden. This may be another idea that doesn't make sense. But, taking a vacant lot and turning it into a community garden can save lives. It may stop drug deals, violence, or the lot being used for other illegal reasons.
  • Form a support group. Support groups are a great way to get people with the same issues together to talk about it. This allows them to open up with others who think just like they do.

Some people go their entire lives trying to save the lives of others.
Some people go their entire lives trying to save the lives of others. | Source

80 Total Ways to Save a Life

  • Have a fundraiser. A fundraiser is a great way to earn money for a needy cause, such as helping someone get a needed operation, help a group or program get money, etc. Plus it's a great way to get people together.
  • Practice safety drills. If you, your family, neighborhood, and workplace practice safety drills in the event of an emergency, then lives could be saved. It may seem silly to do, but knowing what to do when the worst happens can save lives.
  • Forgive someone. Forgiving someone can be a very powerful thing. Guilt can weigh on a person heavily, and can make them do something stupid. Instead, no matter what happened, forgive the person so life can move on.
  • Stock up on supplies. If the worst were to happen and society were to collapse, supplies will be needed. Stock up on food, water, medical supplies, and anything else that could be used for your survival, as well as the survival of others.
  • Tell someone to go to the doctor. People are stubborn, and they don't want to go to the doctor, even when they are sick. Sometimes, you have to drag them to the doctor even if they refuse to go. This happened with my mother. As hard as it is, you may end up saving the person's life.
  • Inspire someone. Sometimes someone just needs to be inspired to feel saved. Everyone has heard about baseball players dedicating a home run to someone sick. Inspiring someone can be a very uplifting experience for that person.
  • Post missing persons posters. Just because someone isn't missing in your life, doesn't mean others don't have their loved ones and friends missing. If you own a store, or other place where lots of people go, then allow missing person posters to be put up. Someone could recognize the person while in your establishment.
  • Save a marriage. Being married can be a wonderful and hard thing. It requires commitment, dedication, and patience. Sometimes you don't know a relationship is in trouble. Or you do, but you don't know what to do about it. Talk to the couple, encourage them to seek help. When a marriage falls apart, the whole family can fall apart, sometimes disastrously.
  • Encourage safety in sports. Children and adults can find themselves hurts, or worse, when they are playing any kind of sport. Even a golf ball can cause damage if it hits just right. Practice safety when playing a sport in your backyard, a youth game, etc.
  • Take the keys away from a drunk. Simply put, don't let someone drink and drive. This could cause the death of the drunk person, an innocent bystander, etc. Drinking and driving ruins so many lives, so put a stop to it, even if you have to steal someone's keys.
  • Encourage someone to diet. A lot of people could be up to losing weight, including myself. Weight has so many negatives factors when it comes to someone's health. Helping someone diet could help save their life.
  • Push for safety standards. Without safety standards on cars, there would be a lot more deaths due to car accidents. Almost everything has a safety standard. As long as we push for companies and governments to ensure products are safe, the more lives we will save.
  • Vote. This may not seem like a way to save a life, but in the grander scheme of things, it can be. Voting for a person or a proposed law will have a ripple effect throughout a country. Voting to support or not support a change will affect people. If it can save a life, then vote.
  • Sue to make changes. I am against frivolous lawsuits, however, suing someone, a company, or government agency can evoke change. It can put a stop to police brutality, force companies to change their ways, etc. This could help save someone's life in the future. But don't sue unless you have a legitimate reason.
  • Participate in Relay for Life. While I have have mentioned other ideas to support those in need, Relay for Life needs to be pointed out specifically. This is one of the biggest organizations that raises money for cancer research. Cancer has practically affected everyone. You can help by joining Relay for Life, each year.
  • Lead by example. Your actions now may not matter, but, future generations will view those actions and respond accordingly. Try leading by example, and imagine what your children, and your children's children will think. That will shape the future.
  • Abide by laws. This is something everyone should be doing anyway. As long as you abide by the laws set forth by your government, then lives will be saved or prevented from being harmed. Now, this is debatable on which laws are fair, and doesn't necessarily apply to oppressive governments.
  • Plant a tree. As cliché as it sounds, planting a tree can be a way to save someone's life. If it's a fruit or vegetable tree, it could feed people. It could help the environment. Don't just plant a tree in someone's name, do it yourself.
  • Keep a first aid kit handy. It's easy to have a first aid kit around you at all times. At work, in a purse, briefcase, or car. I always have one close by to me, so if I have to save a life, I can do so knowing the kit is within arms reach. Learn how to use that first aid kit as well!
  • Support medical research. The reason why we can cure the things we can cure, was mostly due to medical research. The more we push for research to be done on diseases and other medical ailments, the more lives will be saved.

Actively trying to save someone's life can mean more than just throwing money at a life threatening situation.
Actively trying to save someone's life can mean more than just throwing money at a life threatening situation. | Source

100 Total Ways to Save a Life

  • Install smoke detectors. Fire is both wonderful and dangerous. It's hard to control, and to be honest, humans don't have control over it at all. Installing smoke detectors in as many places as possible can save many lives. Remember to check those batteries!
  • Cut back on your pollution. Driving a car, burning a fire, etc., all contribute to pollution. In certain areas, like the city I live in, that contributes to certain illnesses, like asthma. Cut back on your carbon footprint.
  • Have fun. It's not surprising how hard it is for people to have fun, or not realizing how much it can cheer people up. Smiles spread, as do frowns. So have fun with those around you, and spread the cheer, you never know what kind of change you will make in someone's life that way.
  • Don't panic. A lot of times something suddenly happens that requires you to jump in and take action in order to save the life of another person. The worst thing you could do is panic. If you panic, you could freeze up or make a mistake, thus causing more harm than good. Keeping cool is a good way to save a life.
  • Stop a crime from happening. If you see a crime in process, and you have the ability to stop it, then do so. Law enforcement would prefer you to call them to handle it, but depending on the situation, you may need to step in. You may be in a position to save someone's life before law enforcement has a chance to get there.
  • Give up your own life. This may be hard to ask anyone, and no one would think less of you if you couldn't, but there are times to save someone else, you have to sacrifice your own life. In the grander scheme of life, that could be the ultimate and more worthwhile sacrifice.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is basically undetectable to a person. Someone could be dead by the time someone notices something is wrong. Installing a simple carbon monoxide detector can save a life.
  • Learn how to swim. A lot of people die from drowning each year. If you don't know how to swim, then you have no way of saving that person. So learn how to swim so you can possibly save someone's life. Also, if you know how to swim, you can save yourself if you get stuck in some water.
  • Eat healthy. By having you and your family eat healthy, you could extend your lives. It's been proven that if you have a healthy, balanced diet, you will lead a much better life. Instilling that on your children will make them do the same as they grow up.
  • Keep an eye on children. No matter how good a parent is, children like to get into things they shouldn't be. If you are out in public, at an event, etc., and you see a child up to no good, keep an eye on them. If things go from fine to dangerous, then you will quickly be able to step up.
  • Encourage sanitary living conditions. Some people live in squalor. Their home could be dirty, messy, and just plain disgusting. Report those conditions to the proper authorities. It can be unhealthy if someone lives in horrible conditions for too long.
  • Promote safe sex. STDs are becoming all too common, and even socially acceptable. The way to combat this is to encourage safe sex. Even if it's uncomfortable to talk about with your kids, you could save their lives in the future.
  • Help reduce stress. Stress, no matter the job or situation, can really bear down on a person. If you can control the stress in that environment, then try to bring it down. A good boss or supervisor in an office, for example, can have some control over the stress level.
  • Listen to the radio. During or after a disaster, most governments will revert to the radio to relay messages in regards to what to do. These messages will be a life saver for you and those around you. Try to keep a radio that can be charged by hand, just in case there is no power or batteries.
  • Get a home security system. While it won't protect you or your family, it may prevent a potential burglar from trying to break into your home. Violent home break-ins are becoming all too common. A security system (or other security devices) may help protect your family, and those around you.
  • Get some sleep. People push through their busy lives without getting all the sleep they need. After a time, that takes a toll on a person. If you know someone who isn't getting enough sleep, or are purposely staying awake for days on end, get them some help. Naps are a good way of getting some sleep too.
  • Watch social media. You can get a lot of signs of what someone may be planning on social media. It could be a suicide, a potential crime, etc. If you see the clues, take action before it's too late. You could be saving the life of that person, as well as others.
  • Have a plan. During any disaster, emergency, or anything that requires quick action, have a plan between you and your family. Not only discuss how to get out of your house safely, where to meet, etc. Have alternate areas where to meet, what to do if separated, and discuss who else family members can meet up with. Having a plan is good, but having a back-up plan is better.
  • Donate your old glasses. A pair of glasses can be very expensive, even with insurance to cover most of the cost. There are people out there that can't see without a pair of glasses. So if you have old pairs collecting dust, then donate them. There are programs out there that accept just glasses for needy people. Just think, if these people try to drive without glasses on, they could get themselves in a car accident.
  • Promote gun safety. The use of firearms is a very hot topic now a days. Gun control, gun lobbying, etc. However, if we learn how to use guns safely, with moderate control on who gets them, then many lives will be saved from accidental and purposeful use of firearms.

Short, but true quote, about saving a life.
Short, but true quote, about saving a life. | Source

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Any More Ways to Save a Life?

Do you have any more ways that you could save a life? Post them below and share them with the world. You never know what tip you may give that could save someone's life!

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