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100 day challenge

Updated on May 14, 2009


100 day challenge experiment

Just under 900 days ago

a tall, blonde, pretty French American named Lilou Mace got together with her friends Laura and Sandy and the three of them came up with a life changing idea. Create their own reality using the Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction and The Secret.

They would video journal daily whenever they could and fullfill the promises and agreements they made to themselves and others to manifest a whole new kind of life.

I've been watching Lilou's youtube channel for almost a year.

She is on her nineth season. That means when she finishes this one she will have completed consecutively 900 days worth of Attracting the Life she wants.

Quick update on those days: she moved from Florida to Chicago to meet Oprah Winfrey and get Oprah to realize that this group of Co Creators has got something special. Oprah has been watching and mentioned the group on the show. There might be a show coming just about this group. We know Oprah is watching, now the group is moving forward, full steam ahead and doing more manifesting!

Lilou pulled that off in like 400 or so days! Crazy! Now she is moving to the UK, London during this challenge she is on. Way to go Lilou! Thanks for the Inspiration!

I love the little video Lilou made 100 day challenge for dummies! I will post it below. Its cute and real and she made it clear and easy to understand what kind of event you are getting ready to take on that can change your life if you want it to. Well I want it to!

I'm sick of the mundane half life that I have chose to live and I refuse to keep getting out of bed daily and repeating the same vicious cycle. The one that has most of us fat, lazy, worn out and not creating.

Me of all people I know The Secret. As above so below especially. I know it well and I have allowed myself to believe others, be led astray and I myself have willingly dismissed ALL of my true potential. I have things to do! :)

Why am I doing this crazy, unproductive stuff that gets me nowhere? Because I have learned this behavior, I was taught to think that I have no power. Hmph, and power is one of my favorite words well I'm taking it back!

YOU can join me on the adventure!

I am going to start my season 1 of the 100 day challenge on July 10th, 2008!

That gives you plenty of time to put together what you and I both need to pull this off. You will have to visit Lilou's channel for a video or two, nah, I'll post them here, she won't care. Also, you can visit the community they have where the group communicates. Oh did I mention they were international and they currently have 102 countries represented! (global, I like it)

Here is how to start:

watch the videos, go to the Co Creator community (look and see what is there) and then COME BACK HERE and post a comment if You are going to get envolved. The videos and links show you what you need to start and from now till the 10th is plenty of time for many of you to get on board.

If you miss the date to start with us, start as soon as you can. So what if you are behind the date, its your life Start it when you realize that you can. Let me say that again...

ITS YOUR LIFE! just wanted to make sure you remembered that. :)

Post more tomorrow... Johni..........myhappylaptop Co Creator

100 day challenge - What is it?

(tsloa) The Secret Law of Attraction to go

Here is the opening community video and my Day 1 video, but there will be tons more. Since I will be doing so many videos I don't want this hub to get *heavy*

so here is a link to my youtube channel too.

Please visit my youtube, I will see you there. :)

Season 1- 100 day challenge Active Intentions


Start Date: July 10th, 2008 Co Creating Our Own Reality :)

I am going to focus on 5 key areas, of which I am learning about in James A. Rays book Harmonic Wealth. So here are my intentions for this season :)


1- I intend to expand my personal transformation to be not only an example that is duplicatable but is full of joy and happiness.

2- I intend to complete 3 books monthly and continue this. "Feed your head" as Grace Slick, the Goddess of Rock, once sang. This keeps you expanding.

3- I intend to maintain focus and right thoughts by feeling good!

4- I intend to smile and attract ATTRACTIVE , Magnetic people into my life.

5- I intend to write, and be creative daily, even get collaborative.


6- I intend to Magnatize positive cohesive relationships with people who enjoy creating success and growth.

7- I intend to receive LOVE from all directions :D in all ways.

8- I intend to be a valuable resource and friend to others.

9- I intend to be spontenous, fun and of course, laugh whenever I can.


10- I intend (since I have dropped 50 already) to drop the last 25 pounds FOREVER!

11- I intend to STOP SMOKING for eternity and the Universe will reward me with my singing voice and dancing stamina again. (wanna boogie?)

12- I intend to meditate in the morning to find my center focus and help me create my fantastic 5 (to do) for the day.

13- I intend to practice Yoga and Thai Chi to exercise 30 minutes a day and maintain my health with WATER (no more CocaCola addiction)and good for me foods.


14- I ntentd to manifest my online business into my primary career allowing me to help more people start their online success'.

15- I intend to create opportunities with my skills and creative talents that people talk virally about so that work feels more like fun. :)

16- I intend to take my business to the next level by investing in myself to become a bigger person, this will produce a $4048.00 a day work routine placing my business in the 1 million dollar club.

17- I continue to teach and inspire new Entreprenuers through online home courses and strive to help them be aware and actively part of their own success.


18- I intend to reconnect with my Creative Source, to be aware and active in my Divinity through that Source and manifest oneness.

19- I intend to utilize my power of Projection (visualization meets realization) to grow into the bigger person my future self is summoning me to be.

20- I intend to practice my practical rituals and connection to my Divine bringing the Magic to the world.

100 day challenge for dummies! :)


100 day challenge on the OPRAH show!!!

If you are going to get involved...

It is very important that if you are going to do this, you have a clear intention.

I am going to quote James Arthur Ray, my favorite mentor from The Secret. In his new best selling book, Harmonic Wealth he discusses clear intentions to help you become wealthy. Not so much monetary wealth, that IS a part of it, however there are more levels to wealth than money.

Lets focus on being wealthy in that, we have what we focus on, are happy and bringing value to the lives of others. Lets pick a number, 1 million others over the next 3 years...

see I'm not asking the Universe for Tomorrow, I'm realistic with my intention. If it happens sooner, that just means I got my VIBE on quicker and aligned with MORE.

If you could touch 1 million lives by example how great would that be? Do you think that when you got out of bed in the morning you would greet the world always with a smile? I would.

"Setting a clear intention is important because it gives direction to your unconscious mind. Remember, you form your world with your intention and hold it together with your attention. Your intention is the direction you choose, the directional system for your attention. Understanding this gives you the edge- applying it makes you wealthy." James Arthur Ray

I have had my nose stuck in his Harmonic Wealth book for the last 2 days and I am glad of this. With the 100 day challenge and applying The Secret and The Law of Attraction in my daily life I am about to undergo what James calls (and its my keyword too) a personal transformation.

Changing my inner self, not my outer self. (OK yes, I have 25 pounds on the list to lose in the challenge, I figured while I'm at all this...)

Changing one's inner self automatically changes the outer self. Being aware of what your future self (the you that YOU have to become) wants you to experience is a mesmerizing and motivating force for me and hopefully you.

I will be posting my intentions for the 100 day challenge here and in the Co Creator community over the next couple of days. YOU have 4 more days to get on board but only, if your intention is clear.

That intention first and foremost should be to create and actualize a bigger you so that YOU can help others. I look forward to seeing you.

If you would like to learn more about James' new book you can visit his cool new website for more info, just click Harmonic Wealth

oh by the way, that is NOT an affiliate link, so I make nothing if you get the book but I'm sure I gain an empowered friend when you are done with it. :)

Blessings Be,

Johni MyHappyLaptop

I got spotlighted in CCOR on day 39/100

Connect with me Socially :)


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 

      9 years ago from sourcewall

      I'm in.I intend to become financially independent with in the next 9 months.

    • myhappylaptop profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Louisville Kentucky

      Hey Shelley! Alright girl, make sure you visit the links to make sure you know what you are getting into LOL, you can do it and YOU can work that camera too. Just turn it on, make sure its right side up (I've had mine upside down before) and ROLL EM! Looking forward to it. :) I'll be posting more here tonight or tom, with more details. :)

      Johni myhappylaptop

    • The Rat RaceRebel profile image

      Shelly Begarowicz 

      10 years ago from Up-North, MI

      What a wonderful idea! You can count me in... I'll be one of the folks starting a tad late as I'm not home right now and didn't bring my camera with me. (Not that I know how to use the silly thing anyway...LOL. That will be one of my goals with this... to learn to use video effectively!)

    • mamun155 profile image


      10 years ago from Dhaka

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Lilou I am sending you a video response in youtube and sending you my info tonight thank you for finding this and leaving a comment sweet girl! You are sooo inspiring and I am so glad you and the girls created this. CCOR rocks! I'm ready!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      You are so awesome. I just discovered that you wrote a blog about me and the 100 day challenge. It is an exciting and growing community i must say and the best place I found to practice the LOA on a regular basis.> don't hesitate to contact me on the website. I am moving to London on July 26th and will be living on Abbey Road.. the Beatlles.. it is wild how well the LOA works. More good stuuf and huge manifestations to come!!

    • profile image

      Rhonda Hicks 

      10 years ago

      I love this idea. Empower yourself which in turn will empower others.


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