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100 Ways For Women To Fight Depression

Updated on December 27, 2016

100 tips to feel better about life

Ladies, here are 100 tips on making yourself feel better from yours truly...

100. Get outside and get some sun! (The vitamin D is good for you)

99. Take a multivitamin

98. Write a hand-written letter to someone

97. Go for a long walk

96. Paint your toenails a funky color

95. Drink more water

94. Make an effort to chat someone up in public (a random person in the grocery store, on the bus, in the library, etc)

93. Read a new book

92. Write in a journal

91. Find someone to make out with

90. Start a blog or a website

89. Go on a date

88. Take a bubble bath (don’t forget the rubber ducky)

87. Spend some quality time with your pet (or get a pet, at the local shelter of course!)

86. Buy a slinky and let it crawl down a set of stairs in public

85. Join a gym (preferably one with a Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, or all of the above)

84. Get a hair cut or trim

83. Watch Sex in the City (go to the movie store and rent seasons if you have to)

82. Buy a coloring book and Crayola (they’re the best) crayons and color (don’t worry about staying in the lines).

81. Decorate your fridge with quotes, cool pics and magnents, and the pictures you colored in #82.

80. Do a yoga class, DVD, or book

79. Moisturize (I recommend Aveeno lotion)

78. Make a creative salad (and enjoy!)

77. Go to an art museums (preferably on a free night if they have it).

76. Play hooky from work to do whatever the hell you want (one day only!)

75. Read “O” magazine ( come on, it’s impossible to feel bad with Oprah by your side!

74. Hoola hoop in a toy store

73. Buy a yo-yo and work your magic when you feel perplexed

72. Order a nice plate of pad thai from the best Thai place you can find

71. Buy one of those foot massager/baths

70. Take a nap

69. Don’t buy any sheets that have thread counts less than 350.

68. Start a postcard collection (they can be postcards you buy)

67. Smile at everyone you think is hot that walks by you

66. Work on your posture

65. Drink more water

64. Instead of fussing over “extra pounds” use “ FAT IS WHERE IT’S AT as your mantra

63. Write a poem

62. Do something you’ve been putting off

61. Take control of your finances

60. Use a lotion with self tanner in it, or self tanner, the glow will make you feel better

59. Get a manicure, or pedicure, or both

58. Cut down on your caffeine intake

57. Switch to Diet soda if you haven’t already

56. Rent a funny movie

55. Have a ladies night out with a few of your friends

54. Volunteer in your community (even if it’s once in a while)

53. Organize your workspace

52. Take on a new/different project

51. Buy a jump rope and burn calories while you have fun

50. Tell that guy being a jerk to go fuck himself.

49. Delete all of the assholes out of your cell phone

48. Make a happy music playlist for your ipod

47. Stop drinking booze

46. Go out to a club for a sober night of dancing

45. Every time you look in the mirror, tell yourself you’re a sexy bitch, even if people are around

44. Get a sexy shade of lip gloss

43. Take “me” time often

42. Invest in a Nintendo Game cube, or Game Boy, and make sure you get Tetris

41. Teach yourself how to cook a new dish

40. Take a night class in something you’re interested in

39. Save money

38. Practice overall good nutrition

37. Sleep at least eight hours a night

36. Watch Saturday morning cartoons

35. Exercise, exerise, exercise

34. Keep a kit of daily necessities you can’t live without by your side at all times (ie, water, chapstick, change, tissues, diet coke, hair clip, etc).

33. Sleep in once in a while

32. Go to a concert, the energy from experiencing live music will surely pick you up!

31. Save up for a vacation

30. Have a girls night IN.

29. Brainstorm random adventures you can have with your best gal pal

28. Masturbate. No I’m not kidding.

27. Join a social networking group

26. Spend time with children and elders

25. Don’t spend time with negative people

24. Meditate

23. Visit a psychic

22. Take frequent “breathers” at work

21. When you get upset, let it out

20. Always list and revisit goals and priorities

19. Delete processed food and junk food from your mind

18. Avoid the clearance rack once in a while a pay full price for something expensive that you love

17. Get hugs frequently

16. Stop texting and start calling

15. Think positively, trust me, it works

14. Read a book of buhddist or Taoist parables, they will give you a new perspective on life

13. Talk about your emotional baggage with a counselor

12. Stop worrying about everything

11. Stop spending more time taking care of those around you then you do taking care of yourself

10. Order a naughty dessert once in a while (tiramisu, cheesecake, chocolate torte, I don’t need to tell you).

9. Buy the comfiest, silliest, brightest Pjs you can find

8. Invest in a down comforter or a down alternative comforter

7. Enjoy being independent but don’t isolate yourself

6. Try a new restaurant

5. Take baby steps if you feel overwhelmed, if you feel adventurous, feel free to leap

4. Stop beating yourself up

3. Let bullshit roll off your shoulders

2. Always remember that YOU are most important

1. If you feel you are severely depressed, see a psychiatrist and talk about possible medications. Do not let your primary care try to manage your mental meds.


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    • profile image

      don 6 years ago

    • profile image

      heather 7 years ago

      This list made me feel better immeditaly so much for doctors

    • profile image

      heather 7 years ago

      This list made me feel better immeditaly so much for doctors

    • profile image

      zami 7 years ago

      Dear Farah, i can solve your problem. i know what do you want. u will feel better after one night. just email ,

    • profile image

      Farah 8 years ago

      the list is gorgeous, but i have a helpless case and im out of ideas or solutions... im afraid i'd pick up the easy way out in a moment of weakness... help!

    • britneydavidson profile image

      britneydavidson 9 years ago from united kingdom

      wow that's really great..thanx for sharing such a nice hub...some of them i try everyday....i m gonna add some is really helpful.makes you more energetic

    • profile image

      Josh 9 years ago

      Oh my dear, i love you for this. you ladies need to take a load off more often.

    • profile image

      Barbara 9 years ago

      #101: Read this hub -- I smiled all the way through!

    • MasonsMom profile image

      MasonsMom 9 years ago from U.S.A.

      Great list! (and I love lists!)

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 9 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      Great ideas here my dear ...I can't pick a fav tho cause there are so many...G-Ma :o)hugs