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100 Foods Under 100 Calories List: Eat Your Favorite Snacks and Still Lose Weight

Updated on February 6, 2018

Hummus is a Low Fat Food

A Low Fat Food
A Low Fat Food | Source

Every Day Foods

The list of food below are foods we eat everyday. You don't need to eat differently than everyone else in your family. When you go shopping forget scanning the low fat food section. Fill up on fresh fruit and vegetables instead. Healthy eating doesn't have to be limp lettuce, cucumber slices and celery sticks. Healthy eating can be fresh, zingy and full of flavour: think lime, ginger, chilli, garlic, mustard seeds just to mention but a few ingredients that are not only low in calories and fat but are good for you and taste really great. Always opt for fresh produce rather than processed and packed. Choose small portions of selected treats and by pass the pastry and bread section. The way we eat is for life not a week or month, even a year. Gosh have treats by all means and of course enjoy your food. Enjoying your food is the important thing and being content after you've eaten will stop you reaching for the cookie jar.

Food is a very social aspect of our day and our way of celebrating many important dates in our lives: birthdays; christenings; weddings; Easter; Christmas and many more special days. Food is to be enjoyed. Food is certainly not the enemy. There are so many good things to eat that are also healthy and tasty. Educate yourself, enjoy your food and eat healthy with a healthy attitude. Please don't get disillusioned if you eat too much fatty foods at a party or over the weekend. Simply say: that was yesterday and today is another day. Continue to eat a healthy diet and don't dwell on splurges. The odd splurge won't ruin your waste line, throwing in the towel and scoffing all the treats you can get your hands on will. We all fall off the wagon now and again, just get back on as soon as you hit the ground. Being slim is good for your body, your mind and your health, so lets get started, and remember all good things take time: Rome wasn't built in a day.

Eat all Kinds of Foods: Moderation is The Key!

Snacks Under A 101 Calories Including Chocolate
Snacks Under A 101 Calories Including Chocolate

Alcohol to Chocolate: Yes, You Really Can Have it All

  1. 100 ml red wine 70 cals
  2. 100 ml dry white 65 cals
  3. 50 ml Southern Comfort 92 cal
  4. 50 ml Martini 90 cal
  5. 50 ml Pernod 70 cal
  6. Club soda O cal
  7. 200 ml still apple juice 88 cal
  8. 200 ml still orange juice 60 cal
  9. 200 ml 7up 90 cal
  10. 200 ml tonic water 74 cal
  11. 200 ml ice tea 44 cal
  12. black coffee 0 cal
  13. 2 chocolates 100 cal
  14. 1/2 bar turkish delight 90 cal
  15. 4 rolos 88 cal
  16. 1/2 a bounty 66 cal
  17. 12 M&Ms choc candies 60 cal
  18. 19 skittles 90 cal
  19. 1 Chocolate&Hazelnut wafer 97 cal
  20. 1 mini mars bar 97 cal
  21. 9 gummi bears 90 cal
  22. 1 after eight mint 35 cal
  23. 10 mini marshmallows 50 cal
  24. 3 ginger snaps 90 cal
  25. 2 shortbread biscuits 80 cal
  26. 1 oreo 75 cal
  27. 1 mini blue berry muffin 70 cal
  28. 1/2 a croissant 67 cal
  29. 1 jaffa cake 48 cal
  30. 1 digestive 86 cal
  31. 2 sesame breadsticks 100 cal
  32. 3 ritz crackers 75 cal
  33. 10 thin pretzel sticks 60 cal
  34. 1 tablespoon of hummus on a mini pitta 99 cal
  35. 10 baked tortilla chips & tomato salsa 80 cal
  36. 3 cups of air popcorn 95 cal
  37. 5 potato chips 50 cal
  38. 9 shoestring french fries 90 cal
  39. 2 chicken nuggets 80 cal
  40. 10 gram pork scratchings 68 cal
  41. 2 plain rice cakes 100 cal
  42. 1 frozen fruit bar 70 cal
  43. 1 slice of single cheese 90 cal
  44. 1 oz of cream cheese 90 cal
  45. 1 oz of mozzarella 100 cal
  46. 1 oz of brie 95 cal
  47. 1 oz of feta 75 cal
  48. 100 gram plain cottage cheese 98 cal
  49. 1 babybel cheese wedge 50 cal
  50. 1 sml pot natural yogurt 80 cal
  51. 50 ml plain ice cream 90 cal
  52. 10 ml fresh double cream 45 cal
  53. 50 gram custard 50 cal
  54. 1 fried egg 100 cal
  55. 1 poached/boiled egg 70 cal
  56. 1 quail egg 20 cal
  57. 10 cooked shrimp 100 cal
  58. 2 slices smoked salmon 100 cal
  59. 100 gram tuna in brine 95 cal
  60. 100 gram trout steamed 99 cal
  61. 100 gram monkfish steamed 98 cal
  62. 100 gram haddock steamed 87 cal
  63. 100 gram cod fillet baked 85 cal
  64. 10 black olives 80 cal
  65. 10 pickles 50 cal
  66. 1/2 a baked sweet potato 90 cal
  67. 1/2 cup coleslaw 50 cal
  68. 1 med corn on the cob 90 cal
  69. 100 gram baked beans 73 cal
  70. 50 gram potato salad 75 cal
  71. 1 cup minestrone soup 85 cal
  72. 1 cup vegetable soup 100 cal
  73. 1 med orange 80 cal
  74. 1 med apple 70 cal
  75. 1 sml satsuma 40 cal
  76. 2 sml bananas 80 cal
  77. 2 sml plums 80 cal
  78. 1/2 med grapefruit 50 cal
  79. 1/2 med melon 50 cal
  80. 1/2 sml avocado 80 cal
  81. 1/2 cup strawberries 23 cal
  82. 1/2 cup fresh fruit salad 80 cal
  83. 10 dried apricots halves 84 cal
  84. 15 seedless grapes 50 cal
  85. 16 cherry tomatoes 50 cal
  86. 2 tomatoes 70 cal
  87. 50 gram chicken breast 70 cal
  88. 50 gram chicken leg meat 50 cal
  89. 50 gram rabbit 93 cal
  90. 50 gram lean silverside beef 90 cal
  91. 50 gram lean topside beef 80 cal
  92. 50 gram rump steak 85 cal
  93. 2 thin slices turkey 50 cal
  94. 2 slices prosciutto 90 cal
  95. 1 thick slice of ham 50 cal
  96. 20 pistachios 90 cal
  97. 12 raw almonds 80 cal
  98. 11 dry roasted peanuts 50 cal
  99. 1/2 bag roasted peanuts 85 cal
  100. 1 tbsp peanut butter 80 cal

A Little Of What You Fancy ls Good For You

What's up With You and Your Diet?

Can you follow and stick to a diet?

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