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10 Uses of Self-Hypnosis to Improve Your Life

Updated on November 30, 2014

Self-hypnosis is an alternative health practice that provides a system of tools so you can gain more control over your life and overcome bad habits and challenges.

The skills you learn from self-hypnosis can be taught to you by a professionally trained hypnotist or through CDs pr MP3 products.They are invaluable to your future and something you'll wonder how you've lived without!

Once you become acquainted with performing the practice you will come to see how it can prove beneficial to your life in many areas. There are many areas in which hypnosis, when self administered, can lead to a more empowered life with fewer hang-ups and/or problems.

Here we look at 10 of the most common uses of self-hypnosis.

1. Cessation of a Bad Habit:

One of the frequent uses of self-hypnosis is its ability to probe the subconscious and address addictive behavior. Hypnosis can help to fight the urges behind bad habits such as smoking, overeating, alcohol, nail-biting, anger management, and many more.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed with negative habits but it is important to be successful with overcoming bad habits to tackle one at a time and not exorcise everything at once you feel need to be banished.

Use self-hypnosis to eradicate one habit at a time before moving on to tackle others.

2. Improve Self-Esteem:

The bane of the western world these days is poor self-esteem.

Self-esteem is an essential element of having faith in yourself. It is about valuing the unique person you are and your sense of self-worth. Self-esteem is about honoring your character and your dignity and basing your beliefs on what you think and not what others think of you.

People who are overweight often suffer with self-esteem issues, particularly if they've been overweight since childhood and were a victim of hurtful comments while growing up. Special weight loss self-hypnosis programs are available, however they should be part of a comprehensive program that covers diet and exercise as well.

A healthy sense of self-esteem leads to a positive self image and a positive attitude. Lacking in self-esteem can make life more difficult but self-hypnosis can help you to bring back the good feelings so your future will suddenly be looking up and not down.

3. Boost Level of Self-Confidence:

Having self-confidence means believing in your ability to make things happen in your own life. It is about trusting the decisions you make and having enough conviction, courage and inner strength to see them through.

If you falter in this area then the practice of self-hypnosis can help to find your weaknesses and build them up to become your strengths so you can go back to relying on your judgment to do what is best for your life.

4. Deal with a Fear/Phobia:

A fear can develop into a phobia which can become extremely debilitating and detrimental to one's life growth and progress in life. In fact it can overtake your life if it is allowed to run rampant.

Self-hypnosis is a tool that grants one the ability to face fears and stand up to a phobia in order to declare, "You will not hold me back anymore!" The coping side of self-hypnosis can bring back the empowering nature to one's mind and end fears for good.

5. Stress and Anxiety Relief:

Stress and anxiety can come from multiple sources and it can build up quickly without prior awareness. It is also something that no one can escape from entirely as there will always be some stress in our modern lives.

If you are suffering an overload of a negative and pressure-filled life then self-hypnosis can help you cope with mental stress and anxiety, and the frustration that accompanies it.

Self-hypnosis can assist you in acknowledging the problem and then in turn make it possible for you to focus your attention on how you can effectively adapt to the stressful situation or series of situations that you face.

6. Improve Sports Performance:

Sports peak performance self-hypnosis helps athletes to be good at their game and achieve all they can be. It provides a sense of self assurance, as well as belief in oneself.

It also improves self-confidence levels and hones in on concentration. The mental issues that hold an athlete back from winning and really feeling the game will be uncovered and from there, the athlete's full potential will be able to be reached and completely realized.

Digging in the subconscious mind can lead to a greater level of motivation, commitment, emotional control and composure.

7. Stop Pain with Effective Pain Management:

Pain is a physical warning sign of a problem inside the body that needs a remedy. No one wants pain but it is actually a vital indicator that medical attention is required.

Pain management self-hypnosis is particularly beneficial for many chronic forms of pain such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, spinal cord injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve in juries.

Again, self-hypnosis provides you tools to cope with pain but does not eradicate it. Unfortunately, many people become addicted to drugs to overcome the pain which can be introduce other health issues. Self-hypnosis can provide an alternative to drug dependency and reduce the need for pain killers.

8. Sharpen Focus and Concentration:

If your concentration is not what it once was either because of age or other factors or conditions interfering with your ability to focus then self-hypnosis can help you to get it back.

Self-hypnosis can create the same 'calm mind' state to teach your unconscious mind to focus properly so you don't get distracted form your goal. You'll have less worry and fewer negative thoughts to drag you off target and the knowledge you're performing to the utmost of your ability.

9. Public Speaking Assistance:

Public speaking is the second most common fear amongst people after "death."

Self-hypnosis banishes fears that exist in the subconscious by re-educating the mind to look at such things as speaking engagements and presentations in a whole new way. It replaces anxiety and nerves with new found confidence, enthusiasm and vitality.

No more sweaty palms, shaky legs, dry mouth, or a mind that suddenly goes blank on you.

10. Increase Your Happiness Quotient:

Are you not as happy as you could be these days? If you are looking to bring some more sunshine into your world then you need to bring back the beacon of light into your heart first. This starts with your mind.

Self-hypnosis can accomplish this goal as it can decipher the source of your unhappiness, sorrow and/or discontent and then can work from the inside out to give you back your happy and "reason to smile" demeanor.


There are many habits, challenges, and improvements we can work at in our lives with the help of self-hypnosis.

There is no harmful side-effects to self-hypnosis, and once mastered it can provide you with a therapy you can apply to many aspects of you life.

Whether you choose to see a Certified Hypnotist to learn self-hypnosis or read a book about the subject, or invest in one of the excellent programs available on CDs or a product you can download on the Internet, doesn't matter - just take a deep breath and take the first steps to changing and shaping the rest of your life.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very useful lens

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I read a book once on the subject and tried some of the exercises but must admit I struggled. But after reading this lens maybe time to tackle it again.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Enjoyed this lens. I also liked article about EFT. Thanks.


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