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12 Essential Self-Empowerment Techniques

Updated on April 10, 2013

Do you feel low on self-confidence? Do you feel that every aspect of your life is on a downward spiral? Are you feeling depressed, demotivated and stuck in life?

There are a wide variety of reasons in feeling so, may it be due to a single traumatic event or an accumulation of unfavorable events. When unwanted changes occur unexpectedly in our life, we as creatures of habit find it difficult to adapt to these new and daunting changes. As we fall deeper and deeper into the hole of hopelessness, it becomes ever increasingly hard to draw ourselves back out.

Some people find solace in discovering hope through religion while others may cope with distress by releasing emotions and feelings to their closest confidant. No matter what way in which we choose to cope with grief and misery, we are all aiming to feel empowered and re-discover the motivation and fuel necessary to help us get through the most difficult periods of our life.

Follow these 12 Essential Self-Empowerment Guidelines for an Improved You:

1. Self-Acceptance: Accept yourself as you are right now, you can still make changes while embracing who you are. Let-go of perfection.

2. Release: Negative emotions, self-defeating thoughts & limiting beliefs (I can't achieve/ I don't deserve... ) & blockages (I'm not good enough) - Seek professional help from a Hypnotist, Life-Coach or Therapist.

3. Laughter, Exercise, Hobby: These are all empowering tools & help release endorphins- feel good hormone.

4. Quiet the Mind: Meditation, self-hypnosis, yoga etc., help quiet the mental chatter & promote peace

5. Forgive & Let Go of Blame/Anger: People do their best with the tools they have at the time

6. Gratitude: It is the key that unlocks positive energy in life and the alchemy that transforms issues/problems into blessings/gifts. Make it a habit to give gratitude every day eg: "I am grateful for waking up today in a warm place".

7. Goat Setting: Setting goals creates direction, pace and helps us achieve a manageable life in the direction we choose.

8. Personal Inventory: Learn to tune into yourself & cultivate the art of listening to yourself. What are your feelings/body/mind/intuition telling you? Instead of "why" ask "how". Pay attention to the answers that come up.

9. Take One Step at a Time: Move at a pace that is comfortable for you. Rome was not built in a day.

10. Self-Discipline: Follow up on your promises, including promises to yourself. Give everything you do a 100% including taking care of yourself. Set healthy boundaries, separating others' issues from yours.

11. Choice: Behaviors have negative or positive consequences teaching us we have a choice.

12. Harmony: Take responsibility for what you can change & accept what is out of your control. Self-defeating behaviors like procrastination are a barrier to living a congruent life. What is past-due & creating anxiety within you? What are you avoiding or not facing in your life? Acting when the time is right is being in harmony with your life.

You may also consider self-empowerment through hypnosis, which is a safe and effective method to help you reach your full potential. Hypnosis enters the subconscious mind - where our thoughts, emotions, and feelings reside - to help clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs that cannot be eradicated via the conscious mind.

What self-empowerment method works best for you?

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      3 years ago

      am greatful coz this was ment 4 me


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