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12 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Updated on November 3, 2010

Depression - You are not alone

In this modern era, the most commonly seen problem among men and women is Depression. The main problem with having depression is, the patient who suffers from depression will not be ready to accept and get treated for the issue.

Depression is also a kind of disease, which needs treatment if beyond a limit. Early stages, detected quickly and a proper depression treatment can save a person. But only few realizes that a treatment is required for depression, whereas few people get more depressed when they find that they require a treatment for their depression.

So, here are few steps for quick self analysis, which may tell you whether you are depressed.

1. You feel lonely even when your friends and families are around you.

Do you think and feel that no one is around you and feel empty inside yourself? Then it could be sign of depression.

Some people used to keep themselves alone and lonely when all are in the home, just as a method of attention seeking. They just love to find whether people come in search of them and talk to them even when they go out of the circle. This is a kind of behavioral disorder. But such behavioral disorder may slowly turn into a depression symptom when it gets deep rooted in the mind.

2. You feel sad and crying.

Do you feel like crying and always have the habit of recollecting the past unhappy incidents which make you sad? You are slipping towards Depression.

Past sweet memories are good to recollect and cherish sometimes. But few people have the habit of storing all the bad things happened in their life and cry for it even after a long time they have passed through it. Poking a dead body is not always good and healthy. Let those bad memories die and disappear from your mind.

Else, you are in a danger of handing over you completely to the monster called Depression.

3. You lost interest on almost everything.

Though you have lots of talents hidden inside you, are you not interested in performing any of those talents or have the confident to go ahead and polish yourself? Are you not able to concentrate on any of your work? You could be a victim of depression.

Some people are like coke bottle, full of energy gas which will come out like lively bubbles for the first time when opened. But slowly it will go down and after a time it will stop. This is not depression. It could be a failure of finding the right platform. For example, we can see lots of hubbers here, who have just registered and wrote only one or two hubs. May be writing is not their taste.

But, if someone who have written 1000 hubs stops writing hubs all of a sudden saying “Lost Interest”, then it could be something happened to them, which made them to jerk back. If not addressed quickly, it may take you deep into the sea, the depression sea.

4. You lost your peaceful sleep.

In other words, are you the new partner of Insomnia? Are you not able to sleep and the moment you lie on bed are you getting all those unforgettable incidents disturbing you and making to think of what to do next? No, stop it, else you will become the life partner of depression.

5. You are not able to think straight.

Does whatever you think are negative facts about life? Are you not able to think anything up to the point and everything seems to be dull to you? You are trying to fall in the trap of Depression.

These kind of depressed group of people will imagine that, even when people talks about something, may try to associate each and every word with their actions, think that they are making comments and fun on them and will not ready to think of the real facts.

6. You feel self pity and think everyone is against you.

Do you often pity yourself, thinking GOD had put you in a worst situation and no one in this world suffers like you. Self Pity is the short route to the house of depression.

I have seen lots of people who think that they are the person who suffers the worst situation, even for petty matters like that they missed their bus. These people will get upset quickly and anything in this world can make a negative impact on their life.

7. Your mood swings often.

Do you plan to do something and then change the plan immediately or sometimes drop the plan with a negative energy forcing you to sit idle. This is one common symptom of depression.

Sitting idle is OK, once in a while. But if you are not able to do anything and your mood keeps changing very fast, like a leaf flying in the wind, with no proper direction and motivation, then you are having the green sign of depression.

8. You get irritated easily.

Do you yell at your kid, even for his small mistakes? Do you shout at your spouse for forgetting his lunch box back at office? These actions could be an indirect notification that you started showing the symptoms of depression.

9. You hate yourself and feel useless.

“I am fit for nothing and I cannot achieve anything in this world” is the chanting word of such people, whose companion is depression. They are the inpatient of depression owned clinic.

10. You always dream about changing an already happened incident.

Frankly I had this problem. But I know where I stand. So I didn’t leave to the level of changing into a depression symptom.

I know few people, who have gone beyond the limit and sometimes get confused between reality and their dream world, where they live with the past incident which they thought that have changed. I know a poor mother, who lost her son, but always think that he didn’t die and imagines as if he survived the accident and lives in her dream world loving and serving her kid. Now she is a kid of depression. So sad.

11. You talk to yourself, publicly.

Do you feel like some lump thing starts rolling from your bottom to throat and you feel like shouting so loudly in the public? Do you often talk to yourself, even if it you are in some public place?

You seriously need assistance from a doctor, as this symptom shown is a little critical stage of depression.

12.. You think of suicide often.

Seriously, it is a critical time for you to get help from a professional / physician / doctor to handle your depression and come out of it. If you know anyone who has this level of depression, thinking about death, some how make them to meet a doctor or you may feel guilt of not saving a person’s life.


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    • lyns profile image

      lyns 6 years ago from USA

      Excellent hub on depression love the photos, voted up, awesome, interesting. lyns

    • MythiliK profile image

      MythiliK 7 years ago from India --> Switzerland

      Thanks nimmo for the visit and valuable input.

    • profile image

      Nirmala 7 years ago

      Useful Information Dear!

      Many times during menopause also due to hormonal imbalance,one does go in to depression.