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12 Steps to Better Health Introduction

Updated on July 5, 2018
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Hope Full is a family caregiver, researcher, and writer. She has a degree in Counseling, with additional training in Nutrition.

Better Health Introduction

I will be posting a series of articles about how to attain and maintain better health. Each step builds upon the previous one. As you take each step your health will start to improve. You may be facing heart disease, cancer, or diabetes, but you can get well. You don't have to be sick. You can receive better health and healing.


In 1995 my beloved mom died of colon cancer. Several weeks later I was watching a program and on the show a gentleman named George Malkmus, founder of Hallelujah Acres, explained how he had totally defeated colon cancer back in the 1970s without any of the traditional treatments that my mom had.

George Malkmus Healed of Colon Cancer

Hallelujah Acres Headquarters

Hallelujah Acres

Before he retired, George Malkmus, conducted numerous, free health seminars around the country. I had the opportunity to attend two of them. Both times I noticed how much energy Malkmus had, and I was encouraged from the accounts of those he had helped.

The second Hallelujah Acres seminar I attended was at the headquarters in North Carolina. The presentation was excellent. The true accounts of better health and healing were encouraging, and the food was delicious. Best of all, my health started to improve almost immediately.

In addition, they use to have a health food store and restaurant. Free food and beverage samples were provided, such as their tasty Barley Max Mint juice. Plus, we celebrated my Dad's 95th birthday in the restaurant. One of the Hallelujah Acres' chefs made him a carrot cake for the occasion, that we all enjoyed.

George Malkmus' son, Paul, is now the CEO of Hallelujah Acres. Under Paul Malkmus' leadership they have gone in a different direction. They no longer have the store or restaurant. However, their headquarters and helpful website have remained.

The website includes information about Dr. Michael Donaldson, a research scientist, who has studied the Hallelujah health plan for 18 years and has noticed its incredible benefits. The website also has lots of success stories, updated health news, free webinars, and educational opportunities, like their 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health program.

Get Healthy With Hallelujah Acres

60 Days to Reclaim Your Health

For More Information

To learn more about the Hallelujah Acres please visit


Years before I ever visited Hallelujah Acres, I was inspired by just hearing George Malkmus share his healing testimony. I started to research health and nutrition in greater detail and how it can save lives. Also, after my Mom's death I became my Dad's caregiver. He started to have serious health problems as well. I then found a medical doctor who specialized in nutrition therapy named Dr. Joel Fuhrman. At the doctor's office I learned how serious my Dad's condition was. His blood pressure was 200/100 and he had suffered a silent heart attack. At one point Dad had excused himself to go to the men's room. I was so overwhelmed about his health that I started to cry. The receptionist at the front desk noticed how distraught I was. She encouraged me not to cry but instead to do exactly what Dr. Fuhrman said to do. By implementing the doctor's advice my Dad's health improved dramatically and he lived well into his 90's. The health information I learned extended my Dad's life for almost 20 years.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Motivation

The Impact of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, MD has helped scores of people to overcome various health problems. His healthy eating plan has helped people to defeat heart disease, diabetes, asthma, Crohn's disease, and a host of other conditions.

As stated before, my Dad was one of his patients. His condition improved so much that about a year later Fuhrman wanted to use my Dad in a documentary film. Dad declined the offer but continued to eat healthy. His cardiologist was so amazed that once after examining him, he called his staff into the room and re-examined him. He wanted them to see how much better Dad was doing. As he was getting older his heart was getting healthier.

More recently, Dr. Fuhrman's health plan has also helped my beloved husband, who was told last year that he would need heart valve surgery this year. However, upon further examination the cardiologist discovered that the valve in his heart had healed itself. My husband is only partially implementing the Dr. Fuhrman health plan and it still has been beneficial to him. I can only imagine that once he is fully on board with doing all that Fuhrman recommends his health will skyrocket.

Several other people I have met have also been helped by Dr. Fuhrman. One such person is a former co-worker whose son was born with asthma. She took him to see Dr. Fuhrman, who recommended a change in diet. Ten years later and her son never had another asthma attack.

At the request of another former co-worker I asked a local health food store owner if she could recommend a remedy for Crohn’s disease. She didn’t know of a good remedy but said she knew of someone with that condition who went to see a doctor. After following the advice of the doctor, the patient was completely cured of Crohn's. She couldn’t remember the doctor's name though. Then I asked, “Was it Joel Fuhrman?” Her response, “Yes!”

Yet another former co-worker told me how Dr. Fuhrman had helped people to conquer cancer by his nutritional therapy approach. His success has garnered the attention of the media. He has appeared on numerous programs including Good Morning America, CNN, Good Day NY, and the TV Food Network. He is a best-selling author of numerous books, including The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Reverse Diabetes.

A Fuhrman Bestseller

Top Health Concern

What is your number one health concern?

See results

Inspirational Thought

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” (3 John 2)

For More Information

The President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard, MD said that, “A revolution is occurring in the world of medicine and Dr. Fuhrman is leading that revolution.” With that in mind, I highly recommend that you check out his website too, which contains lots of helpful insights, including recipes, a personalized vitamin advisor, plus wellness center and retreat information. In addition, he has posted a wealth of information on his online library that covers specific health problems and has numerous success stories. You can check out his website at


I am so grateful for all that I learned because it helped to extend my father's life for almost 20 years. Since those experiences, it has been a passion in my heart to help people to achieve ultimate health.

That is the purpose of these articles. They contain information that may help people to recover from serious and even "incurable" health problems. If you take the steps that are recommended you can change your life.

Some of the information may be considered controversial. I encourage you to please thoroughly read each article and research what is shared. May you be abundantly blessed with good health.

12 Steps to Better Health Overview

Fresh Air
Nutritious Food
Sufficient Sleep
Break Bad Habits
Pure Water
Overcome Health Problems
Natural Personal Care Items
Merry Health Medicine
Healthy Beverages
First Aid and CPR
Trust in the Great Physician

Coming Up Next

The next article will discuss in detail the first step to take in order to have better health: Breathe Fresh Air. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air pollution is one of the greatest health risks. Therefore, I will expound on attaining fresh indoor air. I will also cover how to safeguard yourself against outdoor air pollution.

Your Feedback

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns. I will read and respond to each one.


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