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Top Tips to Help You to Lose Weight!

Updated on April 13, 2014
Cycling to work is a great way to burn the fat!
Cycling to work is a great way to burn the fat! | Source

12 Top Tips to Help You to Lose Weight

Weight loss is something that many people want to achieve and yet find hard to do so. I am passionate about maintaining a healthy weight and helping others to do so.

I have found that simple lifestyle changes make weight loss very achievable. Below, you will find a list of tips to try out that can help you achieve your goal.

  • The Glycaemic Index Diet: try eating wholefoods and avoiding processed foods. Simply put, replace white bread and white pasta with brown bread and brown pasta. These complex carbohydrates take longer to digest in the body so you feel fuller for longer. Notice how white bread tastes sweeter in the mouth? This is because it is already starting to be broken down by the saliva into sugars. One thing to note is that this is called a diet in the lifestyle sense rather than a diet in the cutting down sense - it's a diet you and your family can follow for life.
  • Forget diet pills: instead, drink coffee (which contains caffeine) when you're about to exercise as this signals the body to use fat stores for fuel! Your metabolic rate is also increased. This is pretty much what many diet pills do. Coffee does have a diuretic effect so have a bottle of water handy when you're exercising.
  • Drink more water: apart from dehydration slowing down your metabolism, it can be tricky to differentiate between hunger and thirst so next time you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 30 minutes. If you still feel hungry, then you probably are hungry!
  • Eat less carbs! While I'm not suggesting cutting out carbohydrates unlike some faddy diets, if you reduce your carb intake by, for instance, 25-50% and eat more vegetables, cheese, meats and nuts, you will notice a decrease in your weight due to a lowered insulin response.
  • Pump iron! Weight lifting increases your metabolic weight and muscles require more energy to sustain themselves than fat cells. So you can burn fat while you sleep! And no, you will not look like a champion bodybuilder the next morning. If, in the very unlikely event, that you do a handful of bicep curls and go from looking like a normal overweight person to Mr Universe overnight, then you will make a million selling your story to your favourite newspaper so it's no terrible thing to lift weights either way!

  • Exercise: try exercising three times a week for 30 minutes at a time. The intensity has to be enough to get you out of breath so this could mean just a brisk walk. We all lead busy lives so it could be a case of walking to school and back with your children or tearing them away from the Xbox and going for a walk with them in the local park! Of course, you could use the likes of Wiis and Xbox Kinect to workout and the time will just fly by.
  • Dear diary: try keeping a food diary. You will be surprised how much you really eat, especially the junk food, and how much you can cut out without really noticing. Remember to note down each biscuit!
  • Long term targets: go for longer term targets as they are easier to achieve. Don't try to lose 10lbs a week as in the first week you'll be full of enthusiasm but by the third week you'll probably go back to your old habits and put the weight back on. Just reducing your intake slowly eg one less biscuit a day for the first week, then increasing it to two for the second week, won't feel so bad. Completely cutting out all the "naughty" food will just have you craving everything and you'll more easily give up. Also, aim to lose just 1-2lbs a week and think of the long term goal.
  • Take your time: eat slowly, enjoy the flavour and experience of each mouthful of food. Put the knife and fork down while you chew. Why? It takes about 30 minutes for our body to recognise that we are full. If you wolf down a plate of food, the body still thinks you're hungry so you're more likely to eat more! Eat it slowly and you'll probably start to feel full before you have finished. You'll lose weight without even having to diet!
  • Focus on outcomes: visualise the new, slimmer you; visualise people coming up to you and complementing you on how good you look; think about the new clothes you can buy! It won't burn the fat off you but it will give you the willpower and enthusiasm to keep going.
  • Tackle cravings: use a therapy such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, hypnotherapy or Neuro-linguistic Programming to reduce those cravings.
  • Root causes: Try to figure out why you need to eat the food that you do. Is it to satisfy something that's missing in your life? Boredom? Frustration? Depression? Tackle the root cause of these problems and you will no longer treat food in the same way. Again, speak to a therapist who is trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques, hypnotherapy or Neuro-linguistic Programming.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Warning: I would advise you to check with your doctor before carrying out any of these tips. I am not a qualified dietician but have done a fair bit of research into the best ways of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. I take no responsibility for any illness that you experience as a result of trying any of the following tips.


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    • darrensurrey profile image

      darrensurrey 6 years ago from Surrey, England


    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 6 years ago from East Coast

      This is a useful hub with good advice. Voted up and useful.

    • darrensurrey profile image

      darrensurrey 6 years ago from Surrey, England

      Thanks for the kind comments. Interesting re gout - I thought it was more down to alcohol consumption and sour food.

    • Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

      Pamela Kinnaird W 6 years ago from Maui and Arizona

      This is a nice combination of good common-sense tips many of us have forgotten or begun to ignore. However, for some of us oldsters, the wholegrain breads are a real instigator of one's are many other good foods.

      I enjoyed your humor about pumping iron.

      Voting up and interesting.

    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 6 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      These are some great tips. Today's society is way to overweight and if everybody just made one small change... we would be well on our way to being healthier as a whole. Great hub and very useful!