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12 Ways Women Make Their Legs Look Better

Updated on March 6, 2011

I recently sprained my ankle and while there are some good things about a sprained ankle, it’s mostly annoying and frustrating and painful. One of the things that is frustrating me is that I can’t shave my legs properly. The sprained leg is wrapped in a splint and even if I unwrap it to shower I can’t balance properly or sit and twist my leg up properly to get a good shave. Now I’m not an especially girly girl. I don’t go out of my way with beauty routines. I may be a little obsessed with daily shaving but that’s really all that I do to my legs to beautify them. That’s not much considering some of the things that other women are doing to make their legs look better.

Are you a woman who wants better looking legs? Here are twelve ways that women make their legs look better:

1. Depilatory creams. I shave my legs daily so that I don’t have to feel the stubble of the hair that’s starting to grow in. But that’s just me. Some women prefer to slather their legs with depilatory creams. These products dissolve the leg hair below the surface to get rid of stubble altogether. I’ve only tried these a few times and my experience has been that they smell bad, sting and don’t work properly. However I’m the first to admit that I may not have been trying the best products since some women swear by this method of keeping their legs smooth.

2. Diuretics. Have you ever looked at your legs and thought that they looked kind of bloated that day? You are not the only woman who has felt that way. If you’re retaining water then you may feel like your legs look fat. Some women solve this problem by taking over the counter diuretics to get rid of that water they are retaining. Others use natural diuretics like green tea and cucumbers to achieve the same effect.

3. Dress them up. There are a lot of little dress-up tricks that you can do to flatter your legs and that’s definitely something that I implement and support. For me the main problem is that I’m super short. (I reach five feet with the top of my head if I really stretch when I’m being measured.) To make my legs look less stumpy I implement tricks like not wearing mini and maxi skirts instead of something in between and wearing solid colored or vertical stripe stockings instead of colorful patterns. Garter belts, hosiery, high heels, and many other dress-up items are used by other women to make their legs look better. (See my related hub on How to Wear Black Stockings!)

4. Exercise. It doesn’t matter how smooth and thin your legs are if what bothers you about them is that they don’t have enough muscle tone. The only way to make that change is to start exercising with an emphasis on leg exercises. You may want to exercise your whole leg, just the calf or just the thigh depending on what you specifically find to be a beautiful leg. Bicycling, hiking, stair climbers, running, squats and leg lifts are just a few of the things that women do to make their leg muscles look great.

5. Laser Surgery. Some women absolutely can’t stand how veiny their legs look. This is particularly true as women age and varicose veins become more of a problem. One common way of treating this is to get laser surgery to improve the way that the legs look.

6. Lotions. This is one of the few things on this list that I actually do use myself from time to time. We all know that lotions are great moisturizers that help your legs look better if they are suffering from dry skin.

7. Massage. This is another one on the list that I actually do myself and thoroughly believe in. I think that massage not only feels good and helps easy pained muscles but also stimulates the body so that everything works properly. This ultimately results in a better looking body in terms of the muscle tone as well as the skin.

8. NutraSonic. This is a specific product that some women are using to improve the way that their legs look. It’s a small, lightweight, water-resistant oscillating brush that you can use at home up to twice daily. It is designed to exfoliate the skin of the legs, which reportedly allows the legs to better absorb skin care products such as lotions. It reportedly also helps to “prevent and repair razor burn”. Note that this isn’t the only oscillating brush on the market and some women are using others on their legs as well even though they are primarily marketed as a facial skin care treatment product.

9. Pedicures. Yes, this is specifically designed to make the feet look better and isn’t really about the legs at all. However, it’s a neat trick that women use to draw the eye towards the feet and away from the legs so if you’re self-conscious about your legs for any reason then you might want to use this option.

10. Sclerotherapy. Women who have legs that are roped with unsightly veins may choose to get sclerotherapy as a treatment instead of the laser surgery mentioned earlier in this article. This is a type of injection that is designed to shrink the veins so that the legs look better. Women may do this for medical reasons (because varicose veins can be painful) but they also commonly do it for aesthetic reasons.

11. Tanning. Many women dislike their pale legs. This is a Catch 22 cycle because they don’t want to show them off so they don’t expose them to the sun and therefore they don’t ever stop being pale. Some women take the risk and expose their legs to the sun for some tanning to make them look better. Others opt to go to a tanning salon or to use sunless tanning to make their legs look better.

12. Waxing. There are a lot of women who opt to wax their legs instead of shaving them. Some are doing this at home and many are doing it at salons. To each their own, I suppose, but personally I thinks shaving beats waxing any day. Whatever works for you to keep your legs smooth is what works, though, so figure out what you think makes your legs look and feel best.

What types of things do you do to make your legs look better?


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  • trishoxen profile image


    8 years ago from Myrtle Beach South Carolina

    I don't like my legs.. im so glad its spring so i can get some sun on these bad boys..!! thanks for your post.. i thought it was great and healpful.

  • thebluestar profile image

    Annette Donaldson 

    8 years ago from Northern Ireland

    My legs are the most ugly part of my body, I have knees like a racehorse and a gap below the knee that you could drive a bus through. I must try every tip you have given, but seriously I think I am just a lost cause and for me the best answer is a pair of trousers lol


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