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12 things Parents can do to save an obsessed child

Updated on April 23, 2009

12 things Parents can do to save an obsessed child.

The rate at which children are Obessed is increasing day by day, so that these has called for more attention by the whole health organisation, because it will really be detrimental to the health of the children, I know it will be the happiness of any parent to see his or her children fat and huge, and such parent will beat his or her chest saying that is my son or daughter without considering the adverse infect of obessity to the health of such a child, so what should you do as a parent to save from the detrimental infects of Obessity. Read below to see twelve things you can do to save your Obesssed child.

(1)Buy and serve more fruits and vegetables than convenience foods.
(2) Limit soft drinks, sweetened beverages, and high-fat sugary snack foods. Instead, offer water or low-fat milk and healthful sack foods. Instead, offer water or low-fat milk and healthful snacks.
(3) Use cooking methods that are lower in fat, such as baking, broiling, and steaming, instead of frying.
(4) Serve smaller portion
(5) Avoid using food as a reward or as a bribe. It may sound funny but you just have to avoid it.
(6) Do not allow children to skip breakfast. Skipping it may lead to over eating later.
(7) Sit at table to eat. Eating in front of a TV or computer screen promotes consumption and lessens awareness of feeling full.
(8) Encouraging physical activity, such as bike riding, playing ball, and jumbling rope.
(9) Limit time spent on watching television, using computer, and playing video games.
(10)Plan active family outings, such as visiting the zoo, going swimming, or playing in the park.
(11) Assign active chores to your children
(12) Set the example in healthful eating and exercise

Nutritionists do not recommend putting children on a restrictive diet, as this may compromise their growth and health. One the best strategies to combat excess weight in your children are to improve the diet and exercise levels of your entire family. I want to encourage you to make healthful habits a family commitment. If you do, they will become a way of life for you children, carrying over to adulthood.

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