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6 Amazing Ways to Overcome Depression

Updated on March 25, 2015

Depression has become a well known disorder these days.Every human being has to face depression at one time or the other.

When we have physical illness,we immediately consult our physician and get treated. But unfortunately when we have some mental disorder, we hardly visit a doctor.

Then, how do you overcome depression?

Here are some tips.

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1. Do you like being depressed:

Huh....What is your reaction?

Did you think "why do I like being depressed,.....why anyone feel like that?"

One strange thing is a part of our personality likes depression. It is called "self pity".

When we are surrounded by difficulties and unable to come out of them, this self pity makes us have these kind of thoughts.

"I am the unluckiest person on the earth."

"God doesn't help me at all, though I am strong believer. why....."

"why everything happens to me always..."

Sometimes we really get some consolation from these kind of thoughts.But in the long run, we are habituated to the melancholic mood, that takes us into depression.

So, just check yourself, Do you like being depressed?

If yes, you need to eliminate the thoughts of self pity first, eventually you will have reduced your depressive feelings.

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2. Make sure whether you have Depression or not:

The information diarrhea by the internet is causing the people become hypochondriac. Hypochondria is worrying excessively about having a serious illness. When you have a minor health issue, you start believing you have a terrible disease which can't be cured.

so before judging you have depression, get it confirmed by a qualified professional. Not only that ,you can have the prescribed drugs.

Don't lead your life in assumptions that you have some disease.

And the last thing, there is a little difference between "Depression" and "feeling depressed".

"Feeling depressed" is a natural emotional phenomenon, which is quite common for every human being. When we don't get what we expected, naturally we feel depressed.

Depression is a state of low mood and inactivity for a prolonged time and certainly can be cured with deep breathing exercises in yoga in the initial stage.

3. Avoid alcohol (other addictions too):

It is easy to get addicted to something (alcohol etc) while you are under depression. These substances (alcohol) may give you the momentary relief, but they won't help you overcome depression. Instead, your situation will be worsened.

Why do any one become an addict? !!!

Imagine you are in the battle field to combat your enemy. If you fight,You will have two choices.

You may win.


You may lose.

But, What if you threw away your weapons and stood still. What choice will you have?

Only one. You will lose.

Becoming addicted to alcohol is throwing away your weapons. You have only one choice.You know what it is.

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4. Do not run....embrace.

Do not run away from your fears, worries.

By running away you never get rid of it. You still live with the fear of facing it sometime, somewhere.

Make a list of things you are afraid of. You don't need to reveal them to others, just tell yourself.

Now start facing them, one by one.

Embrace them.

Now you find, how trivial things are previously you were afraid of.

Believe me, no miracles will happen.

Don't expect your sufferings, sorrows will be vanished by a magic wand.

No, that won't happen. They happen only in fiction.

In life you have to help yourself.

You have to protect yourself.

You have to take yourself to the peak of success.

In this journey you may take the help of parents, friends and God.

I remind you once again..."There is no magic wand."

5. Read literature:

Why read literature?

Literature depicts the human life, Just like movies, but to a great depth.

Human psychology is a complex thing to understand easily.

For instance, If a person is told by a doctor that he has only three months to live.

how does he feel?

He feel terribly depressed and out of that grief he may leave this world sooner than the expected time.

But what if, the same person is told, the world will end in one week, How does he respond?

He may be worried but not like in the previous example.

Why? !!!

In the same way, If you read literature passionately, you can visualize the characters, their struggle with destiny, their hopes, ambitions, their sorrows what not,.... everything.

You feel as if you know them in real life.

By spending time with them in fiction, you start believing your worries are far lesser than theirs. You are more fortunate than them. You are the luckiest person on the earth.

Vast reading makes you understand " life". It teaches you the skills to cope with difficult situations.

6. Have some philosophy:

Have faith in God.

Have some philosophy.

When all the science in the entire universe can not answer your questions, then comes the philosophy.

Philosophy may or may not solve your queries, but it certainly soothes your heart, shows you a ray of hope.

I believe in the "doctrine of Karma" from Bhagavadgita, here is a glimpse of it.

"You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty."
You have got choice only over your action (karma) and not over the result of the action. So its okay to desire a favorable result but not be attached to the result and not to set conditions that only a favorable result will make me happy or content. Be unattached with your work (any kind of work), property, people, possessions... they belong to you but don't dictate your life or happiness. "

Whatever may be the name, just have some philosophy.

7. Live in now:

Don't feel ashamed or guilty about what happened in the past. Don't worry about what happens in the future.

Live in present.

Just shut the doors of past and present right now, and start living in the present moment.

Don't let yourself confined to a closed room. Being alone makes you brood over trivial things, which causes more sorrow. The most unfortunate thing is, all these things, worry, sorrow, grief feed on themselves. They grow larger with the time you spent in them.

So stop being alone, keeping yourself away from your friends. Just get out of your room and mingle with others. I know you don't feel like going out but it certainly reduces depression.

8. Don't compare yourself with others:

One bitter truth is, sometimes how hard you may try, you will not get what you wanted.

You may feel some what depressed at that time.

unfortunately if you start comparing yourself with others, your situation worsens.

But believe me "appearances are deceptive"

Everyone is wearing a mask to hide, what they really are.

You never know what they really have. They might be facing dire situations but pretending to be happy.

If you observe the world well, you find everyone has some sort of difficulties to deal with.

No one is without worries.

And never assume that if you solve all your worries, you will be happy.

Worries, challenges make our life meaningful. When we solve our challenges we feel happy.

Believe that you are unique.


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    • fetty profile image

      fetty 2 years ago from South Jersey

      This article contains a wealth of positive information. However, please edit the use of your commas. Please consult a good grammar book and delete about half of them and more readers will come. Best of luck with your writing , I assume English is your second language . You have a nice tone to your writing but it is lost with the overuse of commas. Hope you don't mind my critique. I wish you only the best. Happy New Year!