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12 weeks pregnant – Symptoms, Ultrasound Scan, Belly Pictures

Updated on August 5, 2014

At 12 weeks pregnant, it may look as if you have become nearly double your original size. However, this is not the case. It is your baby that has actually doubled in size.

The baby at 12 weeks of pregnancy

At 12 weeks pregnant, the baby is nearly the size of a big plum and weighs a complete half-ounce. A majority of its systems are in the correct place, but there is still a lot of maturing which will occur over the following weeks. Currently, the digestive system of the fetus has started to go through the normal contraction motions essential for eating and the bone marrow is fervently making white blood cells. WBCs will be the primary weapon for your baby’s defense against varied infections after he/she has come out into the world. The pituitary gland located at the lower end of the brain has commenced the production of hormones which will enable it to begin making its own babies, in around two decades or more.

Your body at 12 weeks pregnant

All the above mentioned changes that your baby is going through may sound dizzying to you right now. However, it can be attributed to one of the major problems associated with pregnancy. There are many women who experience occasional fainting or dizziness during pregnancy. This is because of the effects of pregnancy-related hormone, progesterone. It causes increased flow of blood to the baby via relaxation of your own blood vessels.This can lower the supply of blood to your brain and body. Pregnancy can also lower the levels of blood-sugar in your body. A combination of these two factors is what results in faintness and dizziness. It is therefore important for expectant mothers to take sufficient rest, eat on a regular basis and stand up slowly.

12 weeks pregnant and your sex drive

Pregnancy hormones affect the sex drive differently in different women. Some may want it all the time, while others may be averse to it. Additionally, the presence of perennial nausea and bloating will make you feel less sexy and turn you off sex. However, all this starts improving in spades in the second trimester. It is recommended to keep your partner in the loop and both of will definitely enjoy some bedroom action later on.

Symptoms at 12 weeks pregnant

Some of the common signs and symptoms occurring at 12 weeks pregnant are listed below:

  • Fatigue: The body will be working long hours throughout the 1st trimester to build the placenta. This is most likely to zap your energy. It is therefore important to take rest whenever you feel the need. All the sleep that you can take now will also act as an investment, because there is not much sleep that you can expect in the future after the birth of the baby. That is when you may need to get up at 3 in the morning and feed it!
  • Occasional headaches: The increased blood flow to the pelvic region combined with low levels of blood-sugar can trigger headaches. It is therefore important to regularly keep eating all through the day. You may also consult your doctor to get some medications for the headaches.
  • Decrease in the desire to urinate frequently: The urge to frequently pass urine that had grasped you in the initial weeks of pregnancy may finally begin to subside. It is however important to start doing Kegel exercises over the next many months, so as to prevent any instances of pregnancy-related incontinence after childbirth.
  • Increased saliva: It is one of the most discomforting symptoms of pregnancy. You may take solace from the fact that it is temporary and will disappear on its own in the second trimester. In the meantime, you may take some remedial measures such as swishing mouthwash or chewing sugar-free gum to decrease the distaste and discomfort.
  • Elevated sense of smell: At 12 weeks pregnant, if you think that you can smell even the smallest of things such as the food that your partner had for lunch, then you can follow a few basic home remedies. You may try keeping the windows open for some time. You may also keep a lemon wedge in the vicinity and smell it whenever you start smelling anything that causes nausea. Citrus tends to decrease the queasiness.
  • Flatulence: This embarrassing symptom is a normal part of pregnancy. The lowered functionality of the digestive system along with certain other factors result in flatulence. You can decrease the symptom by slowing down while eating. It may be noted that gulping down large amounts of food also results in swallowing of additional amounts of air along with it. This then leads to creation of gas pockets in the already overworked belly.
  • Excessive vaginal discharge: It is a normal aspect of pregnancy and is caused due to elevated levels of estrogen that stimulates the mucous membranes of the body. You need to stay clean and dry by using panty liners.

How does the baby appear in the ultrasound

The baby is just under 5.5 cm long and weighs about 13-14g. Her baby begins to look more human-like, the eyes move closer together, the ears are now located on the sides of the head, the kidneys become functional and liver is able to make bile. The reflexes of the baby become more sharpened and the neurological connections in the brain or synapses begin to take form.


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