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9 Intelligent Ways to Deal With Anxiety

Updated on February 1, 2018

Ways to Deal With Anxiety

Engaging in something you love to do is one way to deal with anxiety
Engaging in something you love to do is one way to deal with anxiety | Source


Failure to deal with anxiety in your life can lead to serious health problems. For example, anxiety may increase your risk of getting heart disease.

So, how do you deal with emotional anxiety in your life? How do you deal with anxiety in the workplace? How do you deal with generalized anxiety? How do you deal with anxiety in college? What are some of the things you can do to deal with anxiety in public so that you can avoid developing serious health problems?

Practice Deep Breathing When You Are Very Anxious

When a person is anxious, he or she takes shallow breaths. Consequently, that person’s brain does not get enough oxygen and, as a result, his or her worries and anxieties may get worse. Additionally, that person’s muscles are deprived of adequate oxygen and so they become tense.

You can get more oxygen to your brain, as well as help to release the tension in your muscles, by practicing a “5-8-10” anxiety-relieving breathing technique:

  • Breathe in through your nose for a count of 5;
  • hold the air in your lungs for a count of 8;
  • and then exhale through your mouth for a count of 10;
  • imagine yourself getting rid of all the anxiety in your mind and the tension in your muscles as you breathe out.

Do the exercise for 10 minutes whenever you feel very anxious or worried and you will feel calm and relaxed.

Do Gardening When You Feel Anxious

Growing flowers, tending fruits, taking care of food crops, or looking after small animals will give you an opportunity to slow down your life so that you can ease your stress as you connect with nature. Additionally, admiring the flowers you grow or the food crops will fill you with a sense of calmness which will help your heart rate to drop.

Do Something Helpful For Someone

Making yourself the center of the world and focusing on your challenges and problems will make them seem insurmountable and that can worsen your anxiety.

However, when you focus on others, when you help people in need, it will help you to take your mind off your worries and fears and that you will give mental relief. Additionally, you may learn about experiences and stories that will encourage you and give you hope for tomorrow.

Accordingly, find a physically challenged person, a sick person, an elderly man or woman, an orphan, single mother, lonely teenager, abandoned child, poor man or woman, homeless person, or grieving person and offer your help.

As you help the person and as you try to encourage that person, you may begin to see different perspectives of your problems which you may not have considered earlier—you may see that your problems are not insurmountable or you may see ways in which you can solve your problems which you may not have considered previously and that will take away the fear from your heart.

Listen To Burbling Sounds

  • Lie in your bed and tense and relax the muscle of your body alternately for 5 minutes so that you can get rid of the tension in your body.
  • Then, close your eyes and listen to burbling water sounds, sounds of water flowing gently, or the sounds of rain falling, on your earphones. Alternatively, watch videos of peaceful scenes and focus on the sense of calmness in those scenes.
  • Relax your body consciously as you listen to the sounds, breathe in deeply throughout this period and breathe out slowly through your mouth.

This exercise will help your heart rate to slow down. Furthermore, the exercise will help you to breathe slowly and that will make you calm down. Additionally, it will help to decrease physical tension in your body and that will make you feel relaxed.

Spend Time In Nature

  • Go to a quiet, serene area such as a park, woods, botanical garden, lake, or farm and walk around slowly, focusing all your attention on the trees, water, flowers, or shrubs before you and ensuring that you take in the scene before you.
  • Try not to think about your family, work, responsibilities, children, or anything that will make you feel anxious so that your mind can get a rest.
  • Let all your senses participate in this exercise—listen to the sounds that are being created around you, smell the air, enjoy the serenity and calmness.
  • Stop after every 5 minutes to shake your hands and your legs so that you can release tension in your muscles.

This exercise will help your brain to take a break for a while, you will lay aside anxieties and worries, and that can give you peace of mind.

Remind Yourself That The God Who Helped You Yesterday Will Help You Tomorrow

In Deuteronomy 7 v 17, God said to the Israelites, “If you say in your heart, ‘These nations are greater than I; how can I dispossess them?’ you shall not be afraid of them, but you shall remember what the LORD your God did…the signs, the wonders…” In other words, God is saying to you that when you face challenges that scare you and make you feel anxious and worried, remind yourself of the good things He has done for you in the past, the ways He saved you from trouble, the ways He provided your needs when you were in distress in the past, the ways He protected you from harm and so on and that will remind you that just as God, who has not changed, helped you yesterday, He will help you today and tomorrow too. That can be comforting—it will make it easier for you to let go of your worries, to place them in God’s mighty hands so that He can give you peace of mind.

Read And Meditate On Matthew 11 V 28 Often

Meditation is one tool you can use to deal with anxiety. One kind of meditation you can do is Bible-based meditation.

For example, remind yourself of the fact that Jesus commands you to come to Him so that He can give you rest, by reading Matthew 11 v 28, which says, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,” every day and meditating on it.

Furthermore, go to Jesus through prayer and supplication, tell Him your problems, and ask Him to give you peace of mind and mental rest. Doing that can give you a sense of comfort, which can help reduce your anxiety and fears.

Additionally, close your eyes when you feel anxious and imagine Jesus hugging you. It will help you to feel connected to Jesus and that can give you peace and rest for your mind and your soul, which can help you to feel relaxed.

Praise God When You Are Anxious

When you praise God, He makes His Holy Spirit strengthen your spirit. As a result, you feel this sense of joy in your heart which gives you peace.

Additionally, praising God, focusing on God and not on yourself or your problems, helps to distract you so that you can fill your spirit with hope, which makes you feel more relaxed—it helps to diffuse tension in your mind.

So every day, praise God by saying something such as, “Bless the LORD, O my soul! O LORD GOD ALMIGHTY who made me and who made every living thing, You are very great! You are the merciful and gracious God who is clothed with majesty and honor. Almighty God, You are the GREAT I AM who covers and clothes Yourself with light. GOD, You are the Great Creator who has stretched out the heavens like a tent. O Mighty One, You have made this Earth and set it on foundations that never shake. Kind and good LORD, You are the God who makes the springs gush forth in the valleys so that the animals can get water to drink. Kind GOD, You have created the trees so that the birds will find somewhere to lay their heads when it is evening. You made my fearful wonderful body. When I consider my hands which help me to manipulate objects, when I look at my legs which help me to move from place to place, when I consider my eyes which make me appreciate all the wonders of Your hands, when I carefully consider my ears which allow me to listen to sweet sounds and melodies, when I think about my nose which enables me to appreciate the scent of the flowers You have made, and when I think about the fact that my heart started beating when I was a child without any prompting from anyone, all I can say is that You are marvelous, You are wonderful, You are fabulous, You are incredible, You are excellent in good works, You are an amazing Creator, Savior, Deliverer, Helper, Defender, Provider, Protector and I praise You. May Your glory endure forever!”

Worship God

Worshipping God from the bottom of your heart produces joy in your heart which makes you feel hopeful about life.

So, every day, worship by saying something such as, “LORD, I will bow to You this day and worship Your majesty, King Jehovah. You are the King of kings and the LORD of lords and I worship You. You are the Alpha and Omega, the Righteous Judge and I worship You. You are the holy God who hates sin but who loves the sinner and I worship You for forgiving me for my sins. LORD, You are the Great Potter who is able to work clay into another vessel when the clay gets spoiled and I worship You. You are the kind God who gives me food to eat every day. You are high and exalted above the Earth, Holy One. LORD, You are faithful in all Your words and You are gracious in all Your deeds. You are just in all Your ways and kind in all Your doings. You are the kind and good God who protects the widow and provides for the orphans. You are the Helper of the helpless, the Hope of the hopeless, Friend to the lonely, the despised, and the rejected. You are pure, holy, perfect, immortal, invisible, invincible. I bow down to You and to no one else or nothing else. I worship You alone.”


To deal with anxiety, do the things that give you happiness regularly, don’t try to be a perfectionist, try to get enough sleep every night, do group singing often, write down the bad thoughts that come into your mind, face facts instead of imagining the worst, and talk to loved ones or a professional, if you find it difficult to handle the situation alone.

Ways to Deal With Anxiety

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