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15 Great Health and Fitness Websites

Updated on August 6, 2021

With the ever-growing interest in health, fitness and well-being, more men and women are now searching for useful resources online. Unfortunately, many misleading "health websites" are actually venues for selling fad diet products, and don't offer much beneficial information. The good news is that there are a number of excellent, helpful health and fitness sites, like the ones listed below.

1. FitnessZone.Com
It offers useful articles and practical tips on general health, fitness, exercise and weight loss.

2. The Fitness Jumpsite / Fitness Partner
Certified professionals put together relevant information in one site. As your online fitness partner, it also helps you discover healthy options for yourself by taking into consideration your current lifestyle.

3. FitWatch
Fit Watch advocates knowledge on effective weight loss and diets. It also provides a calorie counter and other tools, including an online tracker that helps you monitor your progress.

4. Mayo Clinic
This professional site provides extensive information on conditions, diseases and first aid, gathered from various health care experts. It also has great sections on healthy living and general well-being.

5. Fitness Online
An online guide to losing weight, building muscle, eating healthy and getting fit. It also offers great expert advice, including workout guidelines for pregnant women.

6. Web MD
Web MD is a thorough guide to health issues, with special sections on diet and fitness. It ensures current, accurate and detailed content, as researched and provided by experts.

This site is an excellent resource for articles, recipes, exercises and fitness tools. It also provides a forum and an online shop.

8. National Institutes of Health
It's a reliable source for health-related news, including cutting-edge scientific research and discoveries.

9. Fitness Magazine
Fitness Magazine is an online community. It gives you access to articles, media and tools relating to health, exercise and beauty. It also features enlightening blogs, as well as a fitness tracker that can help you reach your body goals.

10. Muscle and Fitness
This is an online guide to muscle-building and body-toning. It has training resources, a shop and a discussion forum.

11. Body Positive
Instead of providing workouts to attain someone else's body, Body Positive helps you appreciate the body that you do have. It advocates dieting for wellness instead of weight loss, as well as developing a positive self-image, whatever your body type.

It seeks to promote a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle by providing helpful resources like articles, blogs and news. It also features a convenient directory of doctors and clinics/hospitals in major U.S. cities.

An online tracker, this useful resource helps you reach your health and fitness goals by monitoring your progress. It keeps you motivated by keeping a perspective of your workout and weight loss.

14. High-Energy Fitness /
This site provides hype-free resources on women's fitness, exercise and nutrition. It helps you start from your own level of fitness to work toward your goals.

15. Health and Fitness Index is a well-trusted source of articles and professional advice. Their section on health provides excellent guidance for topics related to physical, sexual and mental well-being - from allergies to cancer, from healthy lifestyle choices to health care.


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