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15 Ways to Create a Happy Life

Updated on January 27, 2016

1) Sunshine-Spend at least 30 minutes outside every day. The sun raises vitamin D levels and eliminates depression.

2) Exercise-get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5 days a week. Exercise has been clinically proven to raise dopamine levels in the brain.

3) Maintain a low sugar, low salt and low fat diet. Observe how eating the wrong foods makes you feel physically. Try not to focus on taste only when eating. Also, as we know, a poor diet leads to disastrous health consequences.

4) Avoid Alcohol-While we have fun enjoying a few drinks, the next day we often feel depressed or we lack energy. I've heard this referred to as "PADS"-Post Alcohol Depression Syndrome. Avoid the alcohol and avoid the PADS.

5) Replace Negative Thoughts-Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, replace it immediately with an uplifting and positive one.

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6) Give-practice giving, especially money. When you give money, you are saying to yourself "I have plenty and plenty more will be coming my way." You are cultivating an attitude of abundance. Money is also something that is hard to let go of, so by giving money you are expressing the ability to "let go."

7) Express Gratitude. Always be thankful. Find the things that you are able to be thankful for and express and feel gratitude for them throughout the day. Expressing gratitude has also been found to raise dopamine levels. So, there is scientific evidence behind the "attitude of gratitude."

8) Pray for others-Send out positive energy for others in prayer. Do not focus on negatives. Rather, pray for the well-being of others. If you know someone is suffering, pray that they will be well. Don't express feelings of pity for others in your thoughts or prayers.

9) Don't watch the news. Of course, you may feel a need to be updated. But, just get a little update. There is so much in the news that brings us down. Along with this, try not to spend too much time surfing the internet. A lot of the stuff we read online takes up our time and isn't very uplifting.

10) Engage in FLOW activities. Find activities that occupy your mind and conscious energy fully. Flow activities are the activities that we find most fulfilling. They tend to have clear goals and objectives. Reading a book is a very simple FLOW activity.

11) Do not engage in conversations where you criticize, condemn or complain. Observe how these conversations make you feel afterward. Notice also that these types of conversations become addictive. We indulge in this negative talk. If something is so negative avoid it. This includes quitting your job. If you are working for a paycheck only and always indulging in negative talk about your work, the job isn't worth it.

12) Listen more than you talk. People can't say bad things about a person who listens. Learn how to enjoy listening to what others have to say, rather than feeling good about talking all the time. A good listener never lacks friends.

13) Do something you love. Your calling will not be a "job" if you really enjoy what you do. Don't chase a paycheck or make up your mind that you "will never make any money doing that." If you love it, you will never work a day in your life and the money will take care of itself.

14) Rest. It has been clinically shown that you must sleep at least 7 hours a night to lower stress levels.

15) Say goodbye to guilt and shame. Eliminate feelings of guilt and shame from your life. Whatever happened in the past happened. Accept it and move forward. This does not mean that we should live hedonistically or use people. It means that we recognize mistakes we've made and move on, not continue to beat ourselves up over them.


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