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15 Amazing Benefits of Sea Vegetables

Updated on May 29, 2014

Do you think vegetables only grow in soil on the land? Think again! You are wrong, as sea vegetables are also consumed. They are very easy to cook and can be the best accompany to your best dishes. Sea vegetables are very rich in flavour that can add more taste to any of your dish. They are widely consumed in many parts of the Asian countries in their cuisines. Sea vegetables are also used in Food manufacturing companies to thicken or stabilize many products like pudding or even toothpaste.

Sea vegetables are filled with rich amount of chlorophyll and even dietary fiber that gives a salty flavour to your dish. This has very balanced amount of sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, and minerals that are naturally obtained from the ocean.


Let Us See Some Health Benefits Of Sea Vegetables:

1. Maintains Good Thyroid Level:

Sea vegetable can be best for healthy thyroid functions. They are packed with essential mineral iodine that manufactures required levels of thyroid hormone. This helps in regulation of proper metabolism and good life. People with a large goitre have more risk of being with the deficiency of iodine. In such case fresh sea vegetables can be very beneficial to add this to their diet. This is best to maintain good thyroid health by optimizing the thyroid function.

2. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Brown seaweed with many other sea vegetables is filled with biochemical called as fucoidan. This chemical has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce inflammatory response, which can lead to many chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma and cancer.

3. Useful For Detoxification:

Sea vegetables have a component called as alginate, which is bets to treat exposure to any heavy metals and harmful radiation. Alginates can effectively bind and flush out the heavy metals and radionucleotides out of your body. Hence, this reduces the risk related to any DNA damage and disease. Kelp is considered the best natural way to fight heavy metal and can be easily available in stores.

4. Lowers The Risk Of Cancer:

Sea vegetables have shown positive effect to reduce the chances of breast cancer in many postmenopausal women. Sea vegetables contains good amount of lingams that can easily bind and block your estrogens receptors. This function on the breast lowers the ability in the growth of breast tissue. Fucoidan obtained from kelp interferes with the cancer cells to kill them effectively.

5. Reduces Chances Of Heart Disease And Hypertension:

Sea vegetables have very good content of potassium that is needed to maintain good level of blood pressure. This maintenance of blood pressure levels in normal ranges gives lower amount stress on your heart to lower the risk related to heart disease.

6. Consume Them:

You can avail many health benefits from sea vegetables by adding them to your diet. But, they also have many benefits when added a seasonings to any prepared foods.


7. Prevents From Any Birth Defects:

Folic acid content in sea vegetables has many beneficial roles. Good amount of folic acid in your diet are required to keep some birth defects like spina bifida at bay. Folic acid can easily break down any intermediate harmful chemical known as homocysteine. This chemical directly damages your blood vessel walls; where as more of this homocysteine can significantly improve the chances of getting diseases like cardiovascular problems and Strokes.

8. Acts As A Stress Relief:

Seaweed is best to support any stressful situations due to its good content of magnesium, pantothenic acid and riboflavin. These are required nutrients for the production of energy. Pantothenic acid is best for your health especially for the adrenal glands. The adrenals help in controlling various body functions and play a vital role to reduce stress. When required nutrients such as pantothenic acids are not sufficient, you can get stress and the adrenal glands can exhaust leading to chronic fatigue. This can also cause lower resistance to allergies and much infection with anxiousness.

9. Benefits Of Irish Moss:

This sea vegetable contains good amount of vitamin A, iodine, and minerals. Irish moss is sued to make Gelatins that soothes ulcers. Irish moss is also used to get relief from respiratory problems.

10. Good For Pregnancy:

Hiziki is black sea grass that is often added to side dish, soups, salads, or sandwiches. Hiziki can be Soaked for 10 minutes and consumed raw. This is filled with calcium, iron and vitamin A that are often recommended for pregnant women in normal amount.


11. Calcium Absorption:

They are useful to help in calcium absorption from your gut. Magnesium content in this boosts the production of calcitonia that is helpful to increases calcium in your bones.

12. Useful In Herpes And Hiv Condition:

Researchers have proved that red algae act as an anti-viral in the conditions like herpes and HIV.

13. Good Quality Salts:

Sea vegetables are salty in flavour that can be a best substitute as a good quality salt.

14. Diuretic Action:

These vegetables also have diuretic action in the body.

15. Weight Control:

This is best for weight watchers by adding them to the diet. They contain good amount of fibre, but no calories. This also has very balanced content of required minerals.

List Of Sea Vegetables:

 Nori

 Mozuku

 Dulse

 Hiziki

 Kelp

 Arame

 Bladderwrack

 Carrageen Moss

 Chlorella

 Ogonori

 Rockweed

 Sea Grape

 Sea Lettuce

 Spirulina

 Wakame

 Winged Kelp

 Agar Agar

 Aonori

 Oarweed

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