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8 immaterial gifts for yourself

Updated on February 10, 2015

We get to feel so much stress in our everyday life that sometimes it looks like we are going to collapse everywhere, in our personal life and work. You could think that it is normal to feel like that for a human being from time to time and you can not do anything about it, but you are wrong. Sometimes it is so easy to ease your bad feelings. Lets talk about some simple immaterial gifts you could present yourself to make your day brighter, after all a peaceful walk in a park with your best friend could fix all your problems, you just have to understand the importance and say YES to opportunities like that.


8 immaterial gifts

1. Create your goals and objectives. Planing usually helps to understand yourself. Think of some simple things that could increase quality of your life, think of something that you are lacking right now and set an objective for yourself to try and get those. Remember - nothing is impossible, and your life will never be fulfilled if you know you haven't tried to get something you always really wanted.

2. Use your lunch breaks. They are supposed to help you refill your energy? Aren't they? But think about mental energy, not physical. Use your lunch breaks to take a walk around, communicate and relax mentally. Don't just stay at your office table, you've spent enough time sitting there already!

3. Invite someone over. Break yourself through it. Invite some friends to your place. But remember, your aim is to have a good, entertaining time. Your friends are not recycle bins for your complains of your problems. A conversation about movies, music, hobbies will help you forget your problems much more then complaining about them.

4. Study. A new language or something. Say YES to developing yourself. You will not only be more interesting in conversations with your friends or colleagues, but you will feel better for yourself also. Knowledge is the best immaterial gift as it gives you so much mental freedom and out-of-the-box thinking.

5. Sleep more. Never underestimate sleeping. Having full tank of energy is the most important thing in your daily routine. You'll always do things much more passionately, so in the end your results will be more satisfying and you'll end up being proud of your own work, which is always a good immaterial gift for yourself.

6. Release your emotions. Never, never hold your emotions inside for too long. That's one of the most self-exhausting things you could ever do. Don't be afraid to cry, don't be sing loudly. Say YES to yourself when you feel like dancing. Turn on the music and dance, jump, move, shake everything you have!

7. Enjoy waiting for something good. Everybody knows that waiting is sometimes such a good feeling. Buy yourself your favorite chocolate and leave it at home. You will work all day having in mind that there are good things waiting for you in the near future. Enjoy that moment, you have a bright future!

8. Find your fragrance. All scents has unique characteristic - to remind you of something good. If you're having a bad day, just breathe in your favorite fragrance.


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    • hassann profile image

      hassann 7 years ago

      Some very good advice. Definitely, life would be much better if we all took some of this advice. Especially goals and objectives part. So many of us are living with no prospect, no aim to strive for. I think people must find goals in life if they truly want to feel they are living. Thank you for sharing this.