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16 Ways to Add Adventure to Your Routine

Updated on November 17, 2022

Although having a steady routine everyday is necessary, doing the same things everyday a certain way, can lead to boredom and without no adventure and excitement. Here are ways to liven up your life and break free from routine.

1. Change up your morning routine-What can you differently? instead of taking a shower when I get up, I would brush my teeth first, do 10-15 minutes of exercises, drink strong breakfast tea instead of coffee, eat breakfast, then take a shower and get dressed. Sometimes I would play some upbeat music to wake up, or some soothing music for the morning, read a book full of inspirational notes and helps for the day.

2. Take advantage of opportunities that come your way. Say yes to when friends and family ask you to go out and do something fun or different. In this way you will develop new experiences, meet new people, and treasure exciting moments in your life. So yes to that date, to a cruise, losing weight, going to a movie, music concert, travelling to different country, ball game or the sleep over.

3. Spice up your breakfast.- don’t just have the same thing for breakfast everyday- toast, English muffin and coffee or no breakfast at all because you are rushed to go to work or with the kids. Have a variety of choices to create a healthy breakfast everyday. Take a look at what people of other countries have for breakfast and try that.

4. Go to Different coffee shops or places to get your coffee- You may tend to go the same place to get coffee, like Starbucks. Venture out and try different coffee from local bookstore coffee shop, ( Barnes and Nobles, Books-a-Million) Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts, 7-Eleven, a new coffee shop opening in your city or town or a coffee shop that is close to your work.

5. Look for different routes - when you are going to work, going to the mall, supermarkets, movie theaters, favorite restaurants and the house of friends and relatives. Do not take the route you usually take every time, explore different ways to get there. This will get you exposed to different stores and places you probably did not know existed.

6. Explore different foods for lunch/ dinner- don't have the same soups, sandwiches and salads for lunch. Try a variety of different things and explore more. Watch more cooking shows for ideas or take a recipe out of a magazine or online recipe site.

7. Visit International restaurants- visit Caribbean restaurant, Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Malaysian restaurant, European, Greek food, restaurants, Vietnamese, Japanese, Ethiopian, etc. - Learn to experience the flavor of other cultures. This can be one way to build friendships with people from different cultures.

8. Spice up your shopping- check out different clothing stores that you normally would not, you might be surprised that you can get some awesome deals. Also, do not just shop at the same supermarket every week or every month. Check out the different supermarkets and food stores, even organic food stores, international supermarkets and the farmer's market.

9. Strive to learn a new fact or information everyday- it can the capital cities of countries in the world, type of fruits in other countries, things about computers, video games, about celebrities, music, food, health tips, etc.

10. Do something You wanted to do- It can be taking photos, voice lessons, learning different types of dancing, playing a musical instrument, home decorating, cake decorating, having a garden, cooking, baking, learning a foreign language, painting, sewing, scrapbooking, write a book or an article in magazine, reconnecting with old friends from childhood, high school and college.

13. Do some things differently in the evenings- don’t let evenings only be chores, watching television, and the same old, but see what you can do differently. Take a walk around the block, alone or with your spouse, have a picnic with the kids on the carpet, play a video game with your child, give 5 minutes to dancing with your spouse, etc.

14. Talk to strangers when shopping- this can be small talk when doing grocery shopping, you are in the same aisle, or at the check out line.

15. Time Away from the Noise- Take some necessary time away from family, friends, noise of daily living, television, to listen to music, sing a song, read more books on a topic that interest you or read novels, also to write in your journal, focusing on goals, soak in hot tub, etc.

16. Follow on Twitter or subscribe on Facebook to inspirational people or quotes, sayings that will bring inspiration and great insight and wisdom.


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