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18 bad habits make you unemployed

Updated on May 5, 2016

Many people before you find a suitable job to go through the interview many times and failed because of bad habits.

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According to Business Insider, here are 18 bad habits make you lose points from the interview.

1. Crane drop

Ms. Rosalinda Oropeza Randall - ritual expert, author of Do not Burp in the Boardroom - shared:"The curriculum vitae is the first thing employers attention.

If suffering from a slightest error in spelling and grammar in the CV, make sure that your first impression is not good. Many employers fastidious guy hands can type your CV. "

Interview experience of many people's blood should not smoke or drink right before the interview.

2. Do not learn ago

"Employers often pay attention to candidates learn thoroughly about the company and the position they apply for.

This shows that you have decided to choose a job after careful consideration, rather than selecting randomly " - Rosemary HAEFNER, HR director of CareerBuilder, said.

3. Try to attract attention on unnecessary things

According to Randall, if you want your resume to really stand out, please pay attention to the content and presentation CV. Use colored paper with a multitude of fonts, even the confetti of course cover will make your resume stand out, but it is the other way.

4. Smoking, alcohol

Interview experience of many people's blood should not smoke or drink right before the interview.Employers do not feel comfortable when interviewing a candidate with mouth odor or vapor cigarettes alcohol concentration anonymously.

5. Loss of hygiene

Whatever your area of ​​the country has been cut or not, remember to clean wash before going to the interview. Lack cared about looks will make employers understand that, with work, your attitude is similar.

6. Arrive Late

Punctuality is important for any other employer. If candidates are late, how can they believe you will go to work on time in the latter days?

When interviewed, it's best to arrive earlier than the scheduled 15-minute appointments. You should sit a cafe or stroll, before walking into the interview process.

7. Texting while waiting

If you arrive earlier interview appointment time will be very good. However, you should not be texting while waiting. This will make you look like being distracted, mind somewhere else.

8. Grooming in public

Bring a hair care kits or makeup convenience in the interview is highly recommended. However, instead of the bowl lip or hair brushed back in the reception area, you can arrive a few minutes early and grooming in the bathroom.

You should not grooming, makeup in the reception area while waiting to turn the interview.

9. Bring overzealous

In the interview, you should bring your resume and related documents. Unnecessary items like phones, bags, water bottles, you should leave the car, to avoid entanglement embarking employer.

10. Dress inappropriate

Dress Style employers also scrutiny. Many candidates do not notice their appearance, but always thought, knowledge and new experience is the deciding factor.

However, the dress is too sleazy or too picky ... also makes employers estrange. They think that, you do not respect, nor does it fit the company culture.

11. Say no to think

This is a bad habit and detrimental during the job search. For example, say miscellaneous reception staff can make the chance of finding your zero.

Front like eyes and ears of the company and what you say to them can be transmitted to the human resources director.

12. Interrupts while speaking

While interviewing, you absolutely can not interrupt the interviewer. It shows you do not respect them or impatient.

Selecting the wrong time can cost you talking point in the eyes of employers.

13. Tell a bad company, former colleagues

During the interview, if you speak ill of the old company means you are "dug his grave."Employers must surely worry if people say bad things about hiring a company, former colleagues.

Or accidentally, the former company boss knew who was interviewing you, you even lose points, lost the opportunity. If you have not truly satisfied with his old company, it is also best to silence.

Defame the company and former colleagues are taboo not to mention during the interview.

14. Talking too much

Many candidates often vulnerable to this bug. They talk too much, do not focus on key topics, making the answer becomes shaky. A golden rule here is to never leave your answers are too long.

15. Vang continue

When interviewed, either face any situation, you absolutely can not swear, swearing. This is a bad habit, should not be seen in the new acquaintances, especially employers. They will appreciate you are a rude, thoughtless, or lose your temper.

16. Lying

As reported by a recent survey, 69% of employers do not like the candidates lie, self-embellishing things no.

Employers are the seniority in the industry. Of course, they know more than you.

Lying is just "swing through the eyes mechanic". Please answer honestly, openly questions the interviewer.

17. Do not know how to use body language

All the interviews were made everyone tense and pressure. So in the process answer the question, you can use body language to express, as the air in the room became more comfortable and show to potential employers that you are very interested in the position to recruitment.

18. Do not send a thank employers

Another important thing is that you need to write a thank recruiters after an interview for a job, especially in the second interview. Send a thank you note after the interview is to emphasize measures your excitement with the location and create a positive impression with employers.


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