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2 Harsh Truths on the Law of Attraction

Updated on October 28, 2019

Law of Attraction works on the "alike attracts alike" law.

It asks you to bring yourself to the vibration of what you want to attract by acting like you already have what you want. For example, if you want a $500 raise in your income, you should act and think and feel like you already have gotten your raise and you're keeping it. By vibrating at this level, according to LOA, Universe will serve experiences that match your vibration. So, acting like you already have the money, will attract the amount you want and more.

There is also the law of "opposites attract", and we shall not forget about that either. For example, if you have a certain amount of money and you are living well, you should donate some to a person in need. By doing this, you will lose some but attract some more. Why? The physical experience is that you lose money, but you are raising the good vibration: you feel good about yourself, you did a good deed and the other person's vibration will lift because now he may afford a meal and he'll believe there’s some good in the world still, he'll be more open.

That's why it is important for you to be grateful and share blessings.

However, there are a couple of harsh truths that nobody really talks about, but you may plateau in your LOA journey, not start at all, or attract worse situations of what you wanted in the first place.

1 Truth of the Law of Attraction: Real Attraction Comes Through Spiritual Growth.

Sometimes, before you attract what you want, you have go through what you don’t want, but most certainly need, in order to grow, to be able to hold what you wanted in the first place, which in fact, in most cases, it is something better.

You have raised your vibration, you believe you are entitled to what you want and what you want is already yours. It happens that not only that does not come true, but down the road, opposite experiences approach.

What happens is not that you applied the LOA the wrong way. It is that for what you want, you have to become the person that owns it. It is not that you did not raise your vibration high enough, but it is that before you raise your income, you may need to learn the value of money, how to save money, how to spend money and what to spend it on. It is not only about a good income, because no matter how good the income may be, if you don't know what to save and what to spend, no income will ever satisfy you. By the end of the month, you will be broke.

That's why, before you achieve that promotion or income you want, you go through difficult experiences like losing a job. You have to see beyond this situation, in a couple of months, you may find another far better job opportunity, or you may start your business, which in the long run will bring you a higher income that maybe you did not even think it was possible. The thing is that at your old job, you would never had that income, so because you asked, Spirit made you lose your job, find another or build another, so as an end result you have the income you asked for in the first place.

2 Truth of the Law of Attraction: Sacrifice!

You have to give something to get something. That’s the oldest law of nature, and it always applies in every situation. You have to keep the energy going in cycles. If the cycle breaks, what’s the point?

For LOA application you certainly are using energy to attract what you want. The Energy goes in cycles, which means, it is always balanced, it is always changing, and to keep the cycle going, you have to balance yourself out. There is black and there is white, there is giving and there is getting, there is low and there is high, so why would you think that you have to just take? You also have to give back. Not only will you raise your own vibration and those of the people around you, but you won't create blocks around your abundance.

It happens that when you want to just take for yourself and pile the good things at your home, and keep earning other good stuff, it comes from a place of lack. If you don't share, your subconscious will receive the message: “I don't have anything or enough, so I have to keep asking and take more”. This thought and feeling lowers your vibration, which then results in you attracting less and less.

Ever witnessed how much money billionaires and millionaires give for charity or for anything? Yes, they have plenty to cover for +10 generations of their family, but this is not the idea. Yes, they want to market themselves as philanthropist, but this is not the case either, at least for our LOA article.

You may perceive them as greedy men and women that just keep piling their money, finding each day new ways to earn more and they take it seriously.

Why do not they create blocks by being greedy?

Because they are in the state of mind of "I am wealthy", "I can afford anything", that's why they give money, that's why they buy islands, because they stay in the vibration of 'wealthy'. I know it is hard for you to stay at the same vibration, because you don't own the wealth that they do. The fact is, that mindset can be shaped however we like. It takes work, but what doesn't?

Second, because of this mindset, and because they know for sure that they have to keep the cycle going, they keep giving and attracting more.

So it comes down to simple steps:

  1. The Vibration

  2. The Cycle

If you want more, you have to give some. By giving, you will shape your mind that you also have more than enough, because you are giving away some of it.

Disclaimer: I may earn commission from the product advertised, but it won't affect your price and payment in any way.

© 2019 SangrealGoddess


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