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12 Awesome Benefits of Minimalism

Updated on May 10, 2017
Live simply
Live simply


Minimalism can assist you in living a purpose driven life. It is a tool that can be used to cultivate freedom. Freedom from material possessions, freedom from anxiety, freedom from fear, freedom from depression, and freedom from feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis. It is not about getting rid of all your stuff and moving to the desert.

However, it is about being conscious of what you possess, being conscious about eliminating unnecessary things, or distractions that pull you away from focusing on your life's purpose. There are a number of well known advocates of living a minimalistic lifestyle such as, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists, Leo Babauta of Zenhabits, and Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle. In this article, we are going to outline 12 awesome benefits of minimalism! Enjoy, take a seat, grab a cup of hot coffee, and assimilate.

How You Can Become a Minimalist by Rachel Aust

Financial Freedom

When you acquire less, you are able to save more, it is that simple. If you want to reach that ultimate destination that is financial freedom, why not minimise your life.

Less Stress

When you own less, you feel less stressed. Studies have shown that the more possessions we acquire, the more stressed we feel. Having a house packed full of “stuff” is in no way conducive to stress free living.

Reduce Decision Making Fatigue

When you have less, your decisions are greatly reduced. For example, if you have a very small collection of clothes, it eliminates the time you need to spend on deciding what to wear every day. For example, if you create a minimal wardrobe whereby you simplify your style, and focus on a few key pieces, you can use that time you usually spend deciding what to wear, to focus on other important things.

Less is more
Less is more

Less is More

More Productivity

Minimalism is not just about owning less, it also about trimming the fat in all areas of your life. So, if you look at your things to do list, and you have far too many things to do, it might be causing unnecessary overwhelm. Therefore, eliminate the overwhelm by trimming your things to do list. Multi-tasking is the enemy of productivity, so if you want to increase your productivity, get more work done in less time, allowing you the freedom to enjoy other things, then minimise.

Better for the Environment

Overconsumption is having a detrimental effect on the planet. For example, more than 11 percent of clothes donated to the Goodwill in the United States end up in landfill. This is having a detrimental effect on the environment. Millions of dollars are wasted every year on transporting unwanted clothes to landfill depots, recycling plants and sending unwanted clothes abroad. About 20 percent of unwanted clothes are shipped to Subsaharan Africa, Asia and South America. These are sold to local merchants who often cannot cope with the quantity, half of this clothing usually ends up in landfill also. There is obviously a problem, you can do your bit to reduce this problem by consuming less.

Less to Clean

If you have a minimalistic home, it will just mean that you have less to clean. Therefore, more time for other important things.

Minimalism:How to Get Started

More Awesome Benefits of Minimalism

Better Example to Kids

By teaching your kids to focus less on material possessions, you are teaching them a valuable lesson in life. So, instead of teaching them to place a high value on material goods, you teach them to value spending time with family, and friends instead of focusing on the latest game console to purchase.

Clarity of Mind

You will be surprised at how clearly you begin to think when you clear out the clutter. You begin to open up to new ideas, making decisions becomes much easier, everything is just easier.

More Time

With a less cluttered life, you will have more time on your hands. Clear your life, give yourself more time.

Fulfil Your Purpose

When you remove the unnecessary, you leave more room for the purposeful. The things that really matter to you, the things that you really want to do to fulfil your life's purpose.

Minimal Interiors

More Wonderful Benefits of Minimalism

Better Relationships

When you live a minimalistic lifestyle, you will most certainly cultivate better relationships. Why? Because you will be less stressed, you will have more time for your family, friends, spouse, partner. You will be a happier,calmer individual, which could eventually lead to better relationships.

Focus on you

Be who you want to be, focus on you, don't let society dictate to you. Being free from owning lots of stuff, free from being busy all the time, free from always wanting to impress everyone around you. When you free yourself from this, you can focus on you, focus on the kind of individual you want to become.

Minimalism is simple, it is living a simple life, eliminating the things that don't matter, and focusing on the things that do, in order to live a purpose-driven life.

Are You a Minimalist ?

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To Sum it Up!


  1. Less stress
  2. Reduce decision making fatigue
  3. More productivity
  4. Better for the environment
  5. Less to clean
  6. Better example for kids
  7. Clarity of mind
  8. More time
  9. Fulfil your purpose
  10. Better Relationships
  11. Focus on you
  12. Better for the environment


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    • tomsmithnow profile image

      Tomi Smith 10 months ago

      You made some good points in this article. I always try to clean my kids' rooms a little so they can think better without all the clutter. It is supposed to help them do better in school.