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20 Best Rapid Weight Loss Tips

Updated on June 3, 2012

There are many things out on the market today that are geared towards losing weight quickly. Yes, some of them work some do not work. However, most of them require the use of pills, starvation, or other unhealthy regiment that is not good for you or your body. So, I decided to put together the 20 different healthy and safe ways that you can lose weight just as fast without the worry of doing harm to your body.

1. Water: I cannot stress this enough. Water is the giver of life. It makes up almost 70 percent of our total body. So, the first thing you need to do to lose weight is drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

2. Fruits & Vegetables: It is essential that we eat enough fruits and vegetables to give our body the nutrients that we need. It is second most important thing to do besides drink lots of water.

3. Hungry?: If, you’re not hungry do not eat. It’s pretty simple logic. However, many people turn to food when they are bored or depressed. If, this is the case go and see a doctor and see if there is anything they may suggest helping you from feeling that way.

4. Midnight Snacks: Also, known as after dinner snacks, stay away from these snacks. If, you eat at nighttime after dinner, this is the time when your body is getting into rest mode. Which means, that all that food you ate after dinner will be left undigested until morning. Giving your body more time to store it as fat cells. EW!

5. Favorite Foods: This one can be a little tricky. If, you have the will power to avoid your favorite foods then do it. If, you have the will power to only eat them in moderation then do it. If, not then I suggest you avoid them altogether until you have a good grasp on your new diet.

6.Take a Break: sometimes when we push too hard to fast it can cause more issues like added stress and depression. So, always take a break for a day and have a cookie or a few chips. However, eat them in moderation and fat free if you can find it.

7.Small Meals: One of the most effective ways to lose weight is through the consumption of small meals. If, you eat 4 -5 healthy meals or snacks throughout the day then just one big meal, you will lose a lot more weight faster.

8.Spices: believe it or not the trick to weight loss is to help you feel fuller with less. One way to do that is through the use of spices in your cooking. Spices have an added benefit to flavor and helping you feel fuller faster. Another, added benefit is they will help you indulge in some extra water!

9.Surround yourself: Surrounding yourself with healthy foods is a great way to keep you eating them. Having nothing but the best foods around will help you increase your diet of these types of foods. Make sure the healthy meals are easy to make. It will prevent you from spending money on fast food.

10.Kids Meals: When you are at a restaurant when you are searching over the menu for that perfect meal try the kids menu. It will lower the amount of food you eat and reduce the number of calories your body is consuming. Effectively allowing you to lose weight.

11.Seasoned Vegetable: If, you find it hard to ea vegetables why not try seasoning them with different herbs and spices. Herbs and spices are good for you too and can add some great flavors to your vegetables.

12.Potatoes: I love French fries as much as the next person. However, they are one of the foods that are full of tons of calories and fat. So why not eat mashed potatoes, backed potatoes or grilled potatoes instead? It is much healthier for you than the French fries.

13.Stress: Is the number one reason people start to over eat. However, we have to get out of the mindset that food solves problems because it doesn’t do anything. Try walking, bicycling, or trail walking for a healthier alternative.

14.Exercise: To lose weight quickly as you want you have to begin a routine of exercise. It will help you feel better, in shape, and allow you to sleep better. Which, results in having more energy every day to expend on things you care about.

15.Diet: Believe it or not the United States diets are usually not the best ones to lose weight. You have a whole world of people who eat regularly and healthy every day and stay in shape. So, take some time on the internet to research Chinese cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, or another cuisine you think you will like.

16.Alcohol: Avoid consuming too much alcohol because all it does is adding a lot of extra empty calories to your diet.

17.Eating protein is very important in your diet. However, the best source of protein is not red meat it actually comes from fish and chicken. So, makes sure you eat plenty of both.

18.Fiber: When you change your diet your body will protest and probably fight you for the first few days. One way that you can help ease the adjustment to your body is intake a lot of fiber and drink lots of water!

19.Remember the four food groups the government told you should eat every day. Well it’s the only thing I can say they got right. You need to eat from those four food groups every day and have a little of each of them to maintain a balanced diet.

20.The biggest thing people who are trying to lose weight forget is breakfast in the morning. Whether, it is a simple vitamin shake or some fruit always have something in your stomach for breakfast.


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  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 

    6 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    Great Hub with lots of suggestions to help people.


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